“You can’t pay with real money”: Lyubov Tolkanova in a bikini in central London

Lyubov Tolkanova spoke about her attitude to nude photos and her vacation.

“You can't pay with real money”: Lyubov Tolkanova in a bikini in the center of London

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Actress Lyubov Tolkanova shared fresh shots from her vacation with fans. She organized a cultural program for herself and is carefully exploring the ancient city, even finding a place where she can try on a swimsuit.

She flew to London to visit local attractions. There she fulfilled her old dream – to swim with swans in the lake. Lyubov said that 10 years ago she swam with the birds, but then it was free, but now she paid five pounds.

Despite the cloudy weather, the actress did not give up the idea and changed into a bikini to take a dip. She happily shared that she had fulfilled her long-time dream. She also noted that now it is no longer possible to pay “live” money to swim in the city center, only plastic ones. But the most important thing is that everything came true.

Earlier she showed how she spends her time in Italy. In Venice, she was photographed in a bikini against the backdrop of raging waves. She also posed nude in Yerevan, admitting that the surrounding area reminds her of Paradise.

The actress openly admitted that the idea of ​​u200bu200bposing naked could come to her mind at any moment. She does not pay attention to criticism and calls for it to be blocked if photographic material causes a negative reaction.

Her daughter Maria Mikhalkova-Konchalovskaya also responded to criticism on social networks, explaining that her mother’s photographs are works of art in which has a certain meaning.

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