Yerevan Attractions: Top 30

Sights of Yerevan: Top 30

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Don't know what to see in Yerevan, but are you already planning a visit to this hospitable city? Then read our review about the most popular sights of Yerevan, and you will be able to make a sightseeing route yourself.

What to see first of all in Yerevan?

1. Cascade complex

Sights of Yerevan: Top 30

Complex “Cascade” of five open terraces

A unique architectural composition that unites the two parts of the city. This attraction of Yerevan, located on the top of the Kanaker hills, includes flower beds, artificial fountains, sculptural compositions (including a monument to the architect Tamanyan) and stair structures, artistically designed and ordered according to a certain system. There is also a main building and a memorial erected in honor of the Armenians who fell from the 1915 genocide.

Official website:

2. Tsitsernakaberd Memorial Complex

Sights of Yerevan: Top 30

View of the Tsitsernakaberd memorial complex

More than 50 years ago, a memorial was erected on the top of Mount Tsitsernakaberd in honor of one and a half million Armenians who died from the Turkish genocide. Today it is a sacred place of pilgrimage for many thousands of believers from all over the world.

Official website: http://www.genocide-museum

3. Republic Square

Sights of Yerevan: Top 30

Oval Square of the Republic with fountains singing in the evenings

The real decoration of the square is the main clock of the state with bells and 2750 small fountains. If you do not know what to see in Yerevan in 1 day, come here. Within walking distance from each other are: the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Central Post Office of Armenia, the Government building with the city chimes and the National Museum of History. By the way, if you are interested in the best hotels in Yerevan, Marriott Armenia will offer its services here.

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4. Armenian government building

Sights of Yerevan: Top 30

The facade of the Armenian government building overlooks the Revolution Square

Luxurious polygonal building with a spacious courtyard. The building with a basalt base was erected from white and pink felsic tuff. The interior space is reserved for a reception hall, a press center and rooms for government meetings. In addition to the meetings themselves, exhibitions are often held here for residents and guests of the city.

5. Charles Aznavour Square

Sights of Yerevan: Top 30

Charles Aznavour Square is named after the famous chansonnier GeoO

We will continue to make a rating from the story of that sight of Armenia, which is especially loved not only by tourists, but also by the residents of Yerevan. About 15 years ago, the beautiful semicircular square was renamed in honor of an honorary citizen of the country – Charles was personally present at its re-opening. The central part is decorated with 12 fountains. There are also majestic statues of a bull and a spider, a huge chessboard. In good weather, youth holidays, shows and performances of rock bands are held on the square.

Watch the beautiful places of Yerevan in this wonderful video!

6. Northern Avenue

Sights of Yerevan: Top 30

Northern Avenue – a pedestrian street for shopping enthusiasts Dmitry Karyshev

The entire avenue is entirely a zone for pedestrians. On the left and right sides there are high-rise buildings with bars, souvenir shops, restaurants and business centers. All high-rise buildings are finished with pink tuff and travertine. The width and length of the pedestrian street is 10 m and 1.5 km. respectively. We especially recommend shopping along this avenue.

7. Blue Mosque

Sights of Yerevan: Top 30

The Blue Mosque symbolizes the strength of the Armenian-Iranian friendship

The territory of the temple complex is about 7 thousand square meters. m. This includes: a library, a minaret, a dome, an exhibition hall, a ritual building and a well-groomed courtyard. The only Muslim cathedral in Armenia got its name due to the lining of the corresponding color. Whatever religion you are, you should not refuse an excursion in Yerevan to the Blue Mosque. As the reviews say, every tourist feels calm and happy here.

Official website: http://yerevanmasjed.

8. Cathedral of St. Gregory the Illuminator< /h3>

Sights of Yerevan: Top 30

The Cathedral of St. Gregory the Illuminator in one of the picturesque parks of the city

Your trip to the capital cannot be complete until you visit one of the most imposing and significant sites in the city. Inside the cathedral, relics are kept, formerly located in the Naples monastery and associated with St. Gregory the Illuminator. The buildings of the temple have a picturesque and incredibly breathtaking view, including because they are located against the backdrop of mountain peaks.

9. St. Zoravor Church

Sights of Yerevan: Top 30

Altar in St. Zoravor Church Diego delso

An ancient medieval temple with a well-groomed territory has a strict appearance and no less ascetic interior decoration. In the halls of the three-nave basilica without domes, under the foundation slab, the relics of the Apostle Ananias, who founded the church of St. Zoravor in the 7th century. The vestibules are decorated with domed belfries, the walls – with khachkars of the 17th century.

10. Monument “Mother Armenia”

Sights of Yerevan: Top 30

The “Mother Armenia” monument was erected in 1967 in honor of the victory in the Great Patriotic War

To search for this architectural and historical monument, you do not need the recommendations of a navigator and guides in Yerevan. The statue, 22 meters high, rises on a pedestal more than 50 meters high: you can see it from anywhere in the capital. The pedestal is made of black granite with carved patterns, “Mother Armenia” itself is made of forged copper.

Official website:

11. Matenadaran

Sights of Yerevan: Top 30

Institute of Ancient Manuscripts Matenadaran named after St. Mesrop Mashtots

It is impossible to call the Matenadaran an ordinary museum. The ancient exhibits presented are examples of ancient medicine and art, handicraft and science, and the first written language. It is in this research center that the most ancient manuscripts of the Armenian people are kept.

Official website: http://www.matenadaran

12. Sculpture “Smoking woman”

 Sights of Yerevan: Top 30

Sculpture “Smoking woman” in the Cafesjian Art Center (Cascade) Dmitry Karyshev

One of the three sculptures by the famous master Fernando Botero, made in the form of a rather well-fed naked lady, reclining with a cigarette in her hands on her stomach. If you are interested in the best sights of Yerevan, by all means come and see it, the Colombian Botero is one of the highest paid contemporary sculptors in the world.

Official website: http://www.cmf. am

13. ArArAt Yerevan Brandy Factory

Sights of Yerevan: Top 30

The building of the Yerevan brandy factory “ArArAt” Vicuna R

Visitors are invited to buy and taste local alcoholic drinks, observe the process of their production and listen to the history of the founding of the legendary company. Even if you have no desire to inspect cognac barrels in the cellar or visit tasting rooms, come to this factory by all means. You can walk along the alley of evergreen trees of the courtyard, planted by the honored guests of the plant.

Official website:

14. Yerevan Railway Station

Sights of Yerevan: Top 30

Yerevan Railway Station stands on David of Sasun Square Clay Gilliland

The majestic monument of Sasuntsi David, a masterpiece of Armenian architecture, rises on the forecourt square. The modern Yerevan railway station can be called a complex with a long history. The main building with an administrative building and side porticos is made of pink tuff, which is familiar to the capital. External cornices and columns attract attention with their decor – stone bunches of grapes and national Armenian ornaments.

15. History Museum and Art Gallery of Armenia

Sights of Yerevan: Top 30

Historical Museum and Art Gallery of Armenia on Republic Square Rita Willaert

One of those sights where you should go in Yerevan with a guide. The fact is that almost all the signatures of the expositions are presented not in English or Russian, but in Armenian. The museum shares a common area with a gallery of unique paintings. Its territory is divided into several departments, including the department of historical architecture, numismatics, ethnography and archeology. The samples belong to completely different eras – from the Stone Age to the end of the 19th century.

Official website: https://historymuseum

16. Armenian Opera and Ballet

Attractions Yerevan: Top 30

The southern facade of the Armenian Opera and Ballet Theater and Freedom Square

A wonderful place for those who are passionate about music and do not know what to visit in Armenia. If you don't want to buy fairly inexpensive tickets for opera and ballet performances, enjoy the unique architectural look of the building. Nearby there is a beautiful square, many outdoor cafes, playgrounds and the most beautiful Freedom Square in the city.

Official website:

17. Sergei Parajanov Museum

Sights of Yerevan: Top 30

The museum is dedicated to the avant-garde director who made Armenian cinema famous all over the world Սէրուժ

It is most interesting to visit this private museum as part of an excursion group. The two-story building is located above the gorge, thanks to which wonderful panoramic views open from the windows. The house was built for the great director, but he did not have time to live there. More than one and a half thousand exhibits and exhibition archives are related to the life, work and thoughts of Parajanov.

Official website: http://parajanovmuseum.

18. Art Dalan Gallery

 Sights of Yerevan: Top 30

Entrance to the Dalan Art Gallery Armineaghayan

In addition to permanent exhibitions of post-Soviet masters of art, temporary exhibitions of artists of our time are held here. The art halls offer not only to enjoy paintings, but also to taste national dishes and buy traditional souvenirs.

Official website:

< h3> 19. Megerian Carpet Museum

Sights of Yerevan: Top 30

Armenian carpets from different schools Lori-m

The collection features over 50 rare ancient carpets, including a unique hand-woven carpet from the 17th century. During the tour, you can hear a lot of fascinating stories about the production of products, as well as buy your favorite carpet from natural materials or place an order for its creation (the cost of offers is different). All products are woven exclusively by hand. Master classes are held for those wishing to try their hand at weaving carpets. The complex combines a restaurant, a museum, a shop and a factory. You can try baking lavash, or just enjoy national dishes and drinks, dance and listen to music.

30″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/dostoprimechatelnosti-erevana-top-30-f65e0c9.jpg” alt=”Sights of Yerevan: Top 30″ />

Handmade dolls at the flea market “Vernissage”

Visiting such interesting places in Yerevan, it is impossible to leave the capital empty-handed. It offers handmade dolls beloved by tourists, national musical instruments, plates, dishes, paintings, carpets, ceramics, board games, wood products. There are also antiques. The cost of products in most cases is affordable and low (if we are not talking about collectible items, which are also quite a few here). Market hours are every day. However, we recommend coming here on Saturday and Sunday – the number of goods will be maximum.

Official website:https://www.iarmenia

Yerevan sights: what else to visit in Yerevan?

We have briefly told you about the main sights of Yerevan. Besides them, you should also visit:

21. Yerevan Zoo

Sights of Yerevan: Top 30

Vultures in Yerevan Zoo Tiia Monto

The zoo was built over 75 years ago. Now more than 200 species of various inhabitants live on an area of ​​​​25 hectares. You can look at animals and birds, take pictures with them. In addition, the landscaped park offers plenty of entertainment for guests of all ages. The zoo has an excellent reputation due to the cleanliness of the picturesque area, the well-groomed animals and the impressive size of their enclosures.

Official website: http://www.yerevanzoo

22 Lovers' Park

Sights of Yerevan: Top 30

Waterfall in the Park of Lovers iretina

A wonderful public place for recreation, in the amphitheater of which exhibitions, concerts, film screenings, and musical performances are regularly held. One of the decorations of the park is a sculpture in honor of G. Emin. The landscaped area has a small outdoor restaurant, fountains, sculptures and an artificial lake with several islands. Free Wi-Fi is distributed to all guests of the park of lovers. The main author of the project is the famous Swiss Pierre Rembach.

Official website:

23. Erebuni Fortress

Yerevan Attractions: Top 30

The ruins of the ancient city in the Ararat valley

The “bloody” fortress got its name due to the fact that it is located on the top of the Arin-Berd hill, covered with poppies. During the flowering of plants, the mountain seems to be covered in blood. Arriving to inspect the fortress city, you should visit its museum – here are exhibits that tell about the traditions and life of Urartu culture. At the foot of the mountain there are many unusual monuments (modern sculptural compositions). From the fortress itself you can see panoramic views of Ararat and the capital.

Official website: http://www.erebuni.

24. Khor Virap

Sights of Yerevan: Top 30

Khor Virap Monastery against the backdrop of Mount Ararat

Armenian temple, located near the border with Turkey. One of the reasons for its fame is its location near Ararat. It was at the foot of the biblical mountain that Noah ended up on his ark after the Great Flood. Visitors are invited to take part in the ceremonies of releasing snow-white doves, it is possible to visit the historical underground dungeon in which St. George the Illuminator, and to the Church of the Holy Mother of God.

Official website: http://www.armeniapedia

25. Church of St. Anna

< p>Sights of Yerevan: Top 30

Church of St. Anna in the Kentron district of Yerevan city Valen1988

The real treasury of cultural objects of Armenia and ancient monuments is the ancient city of Yerevan. The mountains surrounding the capital frame the urban landscapes with a picturesque frame, and the best way to relax in nature is to go outside of Yerevan. But having limited time to get acquainted with the city, it is still worth starting with the city's historical monuments and shrines. Church of St. Anne – a new building, 2015. The design of the temple of light stone in the traditional style of Armenian architecture conveys a certain spirit of antiquity. The building is located in the Kentron area next to the 12th century Katoghike Church. The original design of the building belongs to the architect V. Movsisyan – it was according to his idea that the church of St. Anna was located next to the old chapel, and visually, as it were, “embraces” the ancient shrine. The construction is a one-domed temple in the shape of a cross.

26. Freedom Square

Sights of Yerevan: Top 30

Freedom Square and the southern facade of the Opera House in Yerevan Spetsnaz 1981

Golden autumn is an epithet that best describes the second autumn month in Yerevan: yellowing foliage gives local parks and squares a special charm. And in October, the citizens celebrate the birthday of Yerevan – one of the favorite local holidays, when interesting events are held in various parts of the capital, and one of the epicenters of the holiday falls on Freedom Square. Knowing this, visitors do not hesitate for a long time what to see in Yerevan in October, and plan their trip in such a way as to visit Freedom Square on the days of the holiday. This is a cozy place in the very heart of Yerevan, where the main salt of the city's attractions is concentrated – for example, here you can see the Armenian Opera and Ballet Theatre, a number of monuments to cultural figures, there is even a small lake called Swan, which in winter becomes a large skating rink. There are also a number of cafes and restaurants – in a word, this is the best district of Yerevan for exploring the Armenian capital.

27. Aram Khachaturian House-Museum

Yerevan Attractions: Top 30

The house-museum of the Armenian composer Aram Khachaturian in the center of the Armenian capital Yerevan Armineaghayan

The capital of Armenia is full of contrasts – the haunts of Yerevan coexist with cultural institutions, and a network of old streets with colorful oriental architecture is woven into modern city blocks. One of the precious pearls of Yerevan is the house-museum of the great composer Aram Khachaturian, who is especially revered in Armenia as the author of world-famous musical works and as a genius who opened a fundamentally new look at the ancient folk music of Armenia. The museum was created in 1982 after the death of the composer in the very center of the capital, so that the glory of the musical genius would not fade for many years. These walls contain the most valuable exhibits reflecting the life of the composer – these are things from his personal office, letters, and photographs. There is even a personal conductor's baton and a piano, behind which the composer worked. The museum has a library with a collection of scores.

Official website: http://www.khachaturian

28. Museum of Russian Art

Sights of Yerevan: Top 30

Central entrance to the Museum of Russian Art in Yerevan Լիլիթ Հրաչյայի Սարգսյան

Sights of Yerevan: Top 30

Exposition halls of the Museum of Russian Art in Yerevan Armineaghayan

Usually tourists try to come to Yerevan in spring or summer, but what to see in Yerevan in winter? Winter for Armenia is a low tourist season, but some tourists like it. Fortunately, in winter, the museums of Yerevan work as usual and you can combine business with pleasure, escaping from the winter cold during an educational excursion. For example, visit the Museum of Russian Art, whose exposition is based on the collection of the famous doctor and public figure Aram Abrahamyan. Here is presented the best period in the history of Russian art, in which the masters of the Russian art school of world renown created their masterpieces. The museum was founded in 1984, located on the first floor of one of the most beautiful city buildings. The basis of the exposition is the works of 120 painters of the period of the 19th-20th centuries, while many of the works are grouped according to the associations in which the artists were members during their lifetime.

29. Martiros Saryan House-Museum

Sights of Yerevan: Top 30

The house-museum of the outstanding artist of the twentieth century Martiros Saryan in Yerevan Sophie Sarian

Sights of Yerevan: Top 30

Collection relating to the life and work of the famous Armenian artist M. Saryan Armineaghayan

Another cultural institution deserves to be included in the top 10 sights of Yerevan – the house-museum of Martiros Saryan, which is a collection of works of fine art by the great Armenian artist. Saryan was a master of decorative landscapes, colorful still lifes, characteristic portraits, theatrical scenery and literary illustrations. For a special style of writing, this artist was called a master of solar art. In total, Saryan wrote about 5 thousand works, which are now presented in many museums in Russia and Armenia. But those works that are shown in the House-Museum are quite enough to study the creative path of the master. On the first floor of the building there are graphic sketches, illustrations, sketches for scenery, as well as a memorial room with the painter's personal belongings. The second floor – the main masterpieces of the author – landscapes, portraits, still lifes. The third floor shows the earliest period of his work.

Official site:

30. Museum of Modern Art

Sights of Yerevan: Top 30

Collection of Armenian sculpture and painting of the 20th and 21st centuries at the Museum of Modern Art Preacher lad

July is a sunny time in Yerevan, it's time for out-of-town trips to nature. Guests of the capital will not have to choose for a long time what to see in Yerevan in July – the choice of destinations is very large. These are the waterfalls of Dzhemruk, and mineral springs, and the enchanting forests of Dilijan, and much more interesting things. But a country trip can be supplemented with an evening promenade along city avenues, when the heat of the day leaves and the long-awaited coolness sets in. On Republic Square – admire the magnificent show of singing fountains, or dilute a serene rest with an educational visit to the Museum of Modern Art. Delving into history, it is worth noting that the museum was founded in the 1970s solely on donations from artists. Today, one of the largest collections of Armenian painting and sculpture of the 20th-21st centuries is kept in these walls. And the exposition is based on the works of the “sixties”, from which the museum collection was born.

Official website: http://www.mamy.

We we will be glad if the sights of Yerevan indicated by us, the photos with the names and descriptions of which you have just seen, will interest you and your family.


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