Yamal. Digital guide series “Russian guide. Polyglot”

AJAX-PRESS publishing house presents Russia's first digital guide to Yamal. It can already be purchased on the Litres digital platform or on the websites of its partners

Yamal. Digital guide of the Russian guide. Polyglot series

Yamal. Digital guide of the series “Russian guide. Polyglot”

With this guide, published in the series “Russian guide. Polyglot, you can safely go to the very ends of the Earth. After all, that's right – the End of the Earth – translated from Nenets Yamal. Before you is the first Russian guide to the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, the locals of which simply call it YAMAL, collecting under this name not only the peninsula of the same name, but also the Taz Peninsula. most of the Gydan Sea, as well as the adjacent islands of the Kara Sea.

The guidebook was published in close cooperation with the Agency for the Development of Regional Tourism and the Tourist Information Center of the YNAO, which means that the routes here are the most verified, the addresses are the most relevant, and the news is the latest. The Tourist Information Center has attracted the best photographers who are in love with these lands, thanks to which you can not even read the guide, but just look at the illustrations.

So, the Yamal polyglot invites you on an exciting and impressive journey through the kingdom of permafrost, through the endless tundra with its bizarre and, contrary to expectations, very rich flora and fauna; along the edge, where the polar night lasts more than 40 days, periodically being painted with violent colors of the northern lights – from acid pink and light green to bright yellow, poisonous blue and purple-red shades. Aurora Borealis is a win-win option for hunters of bright shots!

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The guide will not only guide you along one or another of the nine routes (by the way, marked on maps), but also tell you where the route is best to start, how to get there, how long the journey will take, what are the main attractions (museums, parks, monuments, restaurants and hotels) will meet on the way. With the guide, you will definitely not miss a single interesting place, and we will definitely tell you more about the most interesting, mysterious or historically important places in the “Note” section.

&bull ; Six routes out of nine pass through the cities – Salekhard, Novy Urengoy, Noyabrsk. Each is designed for about 2-3 hours of an interesting walk.
• And for those who prefer outdoor activities (climbing, kayaking, rafting, skiing, fishing) or want to get to know the nature, culture, history and life of the small peoples of the north – two unique Routes by region are offered. Please note that each one will take at least a week to complete.

First of all, the guidebook recommends visiting Salekhard – the capital of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, its administrative and cultural center, and also the only city in the world located on the Arctic Circle, by the way, certificates that you have crossed the Arctic Circle are also issued here, as expected, with seals and signatures. You can try the delicacies of the Yamal cuisine in the Okhota restaurant, and if you don’t have enough exotic, the guide will tell you how to get to the village of Gornoknyazevsk (it’s 15 km from Salekhard), where you can install your own tent at the Natural and Ethnographic Complex.&nbsp ;

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Yamal. Digital guide of the Russian guide. Polyglot series

In Novy Urengoy, the largest city in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, the owner of the largest oil and gas fields in Russia and one of the largest in the world, you will find out that this is also the cultural capital of Yamal. City Museum of Fine Arts – his calling card. The museum introduces visitors to the work of artists, culture and art of the indigenous peoples of the North. There are thematic and personal exhibitions, creative workshops and training courses for children and adults.

In Noyabrsk, be sure to visit the City Park – one of the city's main attractions. In the evening, the paths of the park and art objects are beautifully illuminated – admiring the park from the observation deck, equipped on the top of the hill, is an unforgettable pleasure. Northern Romance…
And here are the Routes for the region – Original Yamal – designed for a long time and suitable for those who want to break away from the modern bustle and feel the spirit of the Far North, join the life of its indigenous peoples. And these will not be staged role-playing stories, but a real immersion in everyday life, acquaintance with traditions, beliefs, lingering songs.

But if you are traveling with children and are not ready for the extreme (for a modern person) life in a yurt, you can get acquainted with the life of the inhabitants of the north by visiting the Village of Muzhi,  Shuryshkarsky Museum Complex. G.S. Puzyreva, House-Museum «Komi Izba» or the Zhivun Nature and Ethnographic Park-Museum.

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Also take your kids to the Yamal Iri (Yamal's grandfather) Residence – this is the Yamal Santa Claus, the main ruler of the fabulous northern country Lukomorye. His residence is located in the Natural-ethnographic complex in the village. Gornoknyazevsk on the Ob, 15 km north of Salekhard. During the month before the New Year, Yamal Iri travels around the cities and towns of the YaNAO and congratulates the local children. Hitting the tambourine drives away evil spirits from the guests of Yamal Iri, gives them vigor and strength.

The guide is rich and well illustrated. Format pocket — very comfortably! We hope that it will help you plan your trip and become a reliable assistant in discovering Yamal!  Sawa senja ӈei! With these words, the Nenets wish you a happy journey)


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