Woman files lawsuit against Southwest Airlines over discrimination

Mary McCarthy decides to sue Southwest Airlines for racial discrimination

Woman files lawsuit against Southwest Airlines due to discrimination

Woman sues Southwest Airlines for discrimination

Mary McCarthy decided to file a lawsuit against Southwest Airlines, accusing her of racial discrimination. She claims that while traveling with her black child, she was unfairly accused of human trafficking. The lawsuit was filed in October 2021 and received wide publicity.

According to the report, Mary McCarthy and her black daughter arrived in Denver from California to attend the funeral of Mary's brother. However, the lawsuit alleges that during the flight, a Southwest Airlines employee called the Denver police and reported suspicions of child trafficking. The basis for this suspicion was the difference in skin color between the daughter and her mother.

After landing, Mary and her daughter were met by Denver police officers. The officers began interrogating Mary and stressed that they had been given information about a suspicion of human trafficking related to the difference in their skin color. The interrogation continued for a long time, as a result of which daughter Mary began to cry. Finally, the officers allowed them to leave, but caused emotional trauma to the mother and her child.

After the incident, Mary wrote a letter to Southwest Airlines, demanding an apology and compensation for the damage caused. In response, Southwest Airlines representatives stated that they would conduct an internal investigation into the incident and take steps to avoid similar situations in the future.

At this time, Southwest Airlines representatives do not comment on the upcoming litigation. Mary McCarthy seeks unspecified compensation for the emotional stress, suffering and inconvenience she and her child suffered as a result of the incident.

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