Without “Swallows” and “Peregrine Falcons”? Germany spoke about sanctions against Russian Railways

First of all, comfortable trains are canceled in the regions


Without “Swallows” and “Sapsanov”? Germany spoke about sanctions against Russian Railways

German portal Deutsche Welle writes that the German Russia, in particular against the Russian Railways company, is gradually making itself felt.

For many years, Sapsan trains have been running in the Russian Federation; and “Swallow”. These are passenger trains created specifically for Russian Railways of the German Siemens. After the conflict in Ukraine and the imposition of sanctions, Siemens left the Russian Federation. Maintenance of current and delivery of future trains has ceased.

According to DW, now the Russian authorities are doing everything so that residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg do not suffer from sanctions. Therefore, first of all, “Swallows” canceled in the regions. The Perm-Ekaterinburg route has already been cancelled. Plans to launch a high-speed train from Barnaul to Novosibirsk have been cancelled.

From June 1, Sapsan no longer runs between Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. He was replaced by “Swallows”. They also replaced the Spanish trains "Strizh" Talgo company on the same route.

According to DW, every four years the “Sapsany” need to be sent for maintenance to Germany. This means that they will not be able to safely travel to the Russian Federation after 2026.

Russian Railways has already announced that they will replace comfortable German trains with domestic counterparts.

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