Will the Russians have a new window to Europe?

Russians will be able to fly to Europe not only via Turkey.

Will Russians get a new window to Europe?

Are Russians going to have a new window to Europe?

The national carrier of Georgia, Georgian Airways, plans to create a new transfer hub for Russians. According to company representatives, Georgian Airways will launch flights to European destinations, which will be focused on Russian tourists. Tbilisi is expected to become an alternative hub to Istanbul.

The founder of Georgia Airways said that transit flights to 5 European cities will be launched for Russians on June 15: Milan, Paris, Vienna, Larnaca, Thessaloniki.

< p> Let's remind, Russians flew to Europe through Tbilisi earlier, using services of such airlines as Georgian Airways, Aegean and Lufthansa. In addition, Russian tourists traveled to Europe through Armenia.

However, it is worth noting that you can fly from Istanbul to any part of the world, which is why it is popular as a transit hub, but ticket prices sometimes plunge tourists shocked.

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