Will Russians be able to fly to India for free?

The State Duma proposed organizing free tours to India for Russians.

Can Russians fly to India for free?

Can Russians fly to India for free?

< p>State Duma Vice Speaker Vladislav Davankov suggested that the government organize free tours to India for Russians using rupees unclaimed by the government, and also offered direct support to entrepreneurs. He sent his request to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin.

The appeal says: “I ask you to consider the possibility of developing a free tourist program for citizens of retirement age and families with children who are interested in visiting India, and also to share unused rupees to Russian entrepreneurs who cannot use them for other purposes.

The Vice Speaker of the State Duma noted that since 2019 the number of people traveling abroad has halved. He also pointed to covid restrictions, sanctions and the weakening of the ruble as reasons. Davankov noted that India is a friendly country with a good climate.

According to Davankov, unused rupees can also be used to support entrepreneurs.

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