Why did Anna Zavorotnyuk return to Russia?

Netizens wonder if Anna's return is related to her mother's health.

Why did Anna Zavorotnyuk return to Russia?

Why did Anna Zavorotnyuk return to Russia?

< p> The daughter of actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk returned to Russia from Dubai, where she now lives. It is very hot in the UAE at the moment, so the young heiress decided to spend time in a more comfortable climate. However, many of her followers suspect that Anna may have had more personal reasons for the trip, related to the health of her mother, who has been battling brain cancer for five years.

Relatives do not give any information about the current condition of the actress from the TV series "My Fair Nanny", and she herself has not been in touch with the public for a long time. Thus, fans are only forced to make assumptions based on the little information provided by Zavorotnyuk's eldest daughter and husband, Pyotr Chernyshev, on social networks.

Immediately after arriving in Moscow, Anna went to the country house where the actress lives in seclusion. She spent several days there, and then moved to her metropolitan apartment. Now she meets friends, attends various beauty treatments and also helps her grandmother.

Today, the daughter of the actress shared incredibly touching shots. She met little ducklings while walking near the shore. Carefully approaching, she captured them on video, which caused a wave of sympathy among her subscribers.

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