Whales may leave Teriberka because of annoying tourists

Ships get too close to animals to please guests

Whales may leave Teriberka because of annoying tourists

Whales may leave Teriberka due to annoying tourists

Locals and ecological activists of the Murmansk region are sounding the alarm: the influx of tourists to the region threatens one of its main attractions – whales living right near the shore. (2014). This picture often shows whales swimming in the sea, as well as a large whale skeleton near the shore.

For the sake of these views, hundreds of tourists began to come here. To please the guests, ship captains get too close to the whales and scare them. Ecologists are worried that animals may leave these places forever.

“Warning signals are coming from subscribers. This is not the first time that cases have been recorded when, during a boat trip, some ships drive whales to the shore, surround them and do not allow them to leave. Soon with such a "photo hunting" whales can leave Teriberka,” writes the online newspaper “My Teriberka”.

Journalists have published the rules of behavior on the water near whales or dolphins.

Continuation and photos see Yandex.Zen

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