We stuck to the road. In the Caucasus, a stream of mud blocked tourists

People had to spend the night at the place of emergency

Stuck on the road. In the Caucasus, a stream of mud blocked tourists

Stuck to the road. Mud flow blocks tourists in the Caucasus

A group of tourists traveling through the Caucasus is blocked in the middle of the road sat down due to the gathering, i.e. soil and stones mixed with water.

The incident occurred in Kabardino-Balkaria on a mountainous section of the road from Kislovodsk to Elbrus. In the area of ​​the Djily-Suu tract, a mudflow descended onto the highway, which blocked traffic.

Four cars with tourists were completely blocked by mud and literally stuck to the road. Fortunately, the flow did not sweep the cars into the abyss. Neither the drivers nor the passengers were injured.

The stranded people had to spend the night right on the spot. The temperature at night dropped to +5 degrees. Only in the morning, road workers arrived at the place of emergency, who began to clear the road from dirt.

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