We invite you to the first charity Festival in support of rural churches!

From March 1 to April 21, our foundation will hold the first charity festival “From Heaven to Heart” in Moscow. We invite adults and children to this holiday of kindness. The program includes master classes, concerts, performances, excursions, a drawing competition and other activities

We invite you to the first charity Festival in support of rural churches!

We invite you to the first charity Festival in support of rural churches!

Since 2016, our Foundation has been restoring unique rural churches in the Russian outback, — says the director of “White Iris” Olga Shitova. — During this time, we have prevented the destruction of 10 cultural heritage sites, attracted 800 volunteers.

What we are seeing is very depressing: a cultural catastrophe is currently taking place in our province. According to various estimates, from 5 to 10 thousand architectural gems are in disrepair. Together with them, villages are being destroyed, where “the Russian spirit, where it smells of Russia.” But, unfortunately, neither hands nor money are enough to save the ancient architecture.

Last year, we developed the Heritage Keepers social initiative, which won the competition of the Presidential Grants Fund. The project brought together 23 enthusiasts from 14 regions: Pskov, Tula, Tver, Ivanovo, Smolensk, Vologda, Lipetsk, Voronezh, Yaroslavl, Kaluga, Nizhny Novgorod, Leningrad, Saratov and the Republic of Karelia.

People took on a serious responsibility to restore the temples they loved. Experts conduct theoretical and practical classes, “keepers” absorb knowledge and apply it in practice according to a specially created roadmap.

We invite you to the first charity Festival in support of rural churches!

I am doing this for future generations, in front of my son and with his help. I believe that the revival of the temple brings hope to people, sends us to historical values ​​and fundamental joys, — explains project contributor Alexander Tartakovsky.

The project started in July last year, and the changes are obvious: in the village of Griboyedovo, Tula region, a roof appeared over the headless temple, in the village of Kamenka, Leningrad region, drawings are being created that will recreate part of the church, in Dunyan near Pskov, Karelian Lizhma and other villages, 3D scanning was carried out and conservation projects are already being developed. Somewhere the first divine services and village holidays were held.

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All festival participants can share their heartfelt warmth and help preserve the unique cultural heritage of our country. You can do this on a specially created site https://nebo-serdze.ru/.

When done of the festival, the funds will be transferred to the “custodians”: for the development of project documentation, the purchase of building materials, emergency and cadastral, as well as volunteer work.

We invite you to the first charity Festival in support of rural churches!

The festival includes more than 30 events that will be held at various venues in the capital. For example, you can attend the master class ”Speech and Voice” actress, teacher and producer Ekaterina Kazakova (by the way, her film with Yegor Beroev will soon be released in Russian cinemas. )

You can take an icon painting master class with icon painter Nina Zhiltsova. If you've ever wanted to try your hand at icon art, this is the perfect opportunity to take the first step.

You can go on a tour of new places in Moscow with Denis Romanov or learn to write fables on your own with an economist, professor, “man-orchestra” Evgeny Naumov.

Tickets are purchased right there, on the site https://nebo-serdze.ru/.

We believe that everyone can contribute to the preservation of rural temples — holy cover of the Russian land. And we want everyone, participating in their salvation, to be proud of the skill of their ancestors, the splendor and grandeur of churches worthy of the highest recognition in the whole world, — notes Olga Shitova.

We invite you to the first charity Festival in support of rural churches!

Partners of the festival are the Presidential Grants Foundation, Radio “Vera”, Orthodox magazine "Foma", TV channel “Culture&rdquo ;, Biblio-Globus | The main bookstore, studio “Art me up”, School of ancient Russian calligraphy “Gorlitsa".

The festival will be held using the presidential grant provided by the Presidential Grants Fund.
Header photo: Church of the Epiphany, 1836, p. Donskaya Negachevka, Khlevensky district, Lipetsk region. "Keeper": Svetlana Sklyarskaya

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