UAE in November: the holiday season without any reservations

At the end of autumn, it seems that the whole world has plunged into dullness and cold. But it is worth opening the application with the weather in Dubai or Sharjah to make sure: November can be hot, sunny, with sea bathing and all kinds of entertainment. What will you open next? An app where you can buy flights, or an aggregator of accommodation in resorts?

Whatever the decision, in our article you will find all the important information about a family vacation in the Emirates in November. Find out why you should wait until this month, what to fill your trip with and how to avoid embarrassing misses.

UAE in November: holiday season without reservation

< h2>Holidays in the UAE in November: pros and cons

When it is difficult to decide on a trip, you just need to open reviews about holidays in the UAE in November. The mood appears by itself, because people write about the sun, the warm sea, excellent service and a lot of impressions. And the shortcomings in the reviews are rarely mentioned, because their – in any case, essential – and no.

But it's nice to list the main pluses:

  • constantly warm and dry weather without wild heat;
  • a sea you don't want to leave;
  • well-groomed beaches, including those marked with a blue flag;
  • great hotels and apartments, not necessarily expensive;
  • unimaginable range of entertainment.

MinusUAE in November – this is a slightly increased price for the rest. Late autumn is considered the most favorable season here.

One more feature of – short daylight hours. In November, its duration is only 9 hours.

It seems that now the question, is it worth going, is changing to the question of where to relax in the UAE in November? There are not so many resorts here, but they differ from each other – we will help you choose the one that will meet your needs.

Weather in the UAE in November

So, winter is coming in the Emirates. This means that a comfortable summer has finally come here: the weather in November-December is about the same as in Spain or Greece in July-August.

The weather in early November still brings a portion of heat, from which it saves sea ​​and refreshing breeze. The weather in the UAE at the end of November becomes milder, and the water cools down a bit, but still remains very warm even for babies.

For a trip to the UAE in November with a child, you need to pack several sets of light clothing. But you will also have to take warm clothes – you will read about the reason in one of the following sections.

Air and water temperature

In late autumn, the climate of the UAE finally shows itself on the good side – the heat becomes moderate, although the sun shines just as relentlessly. Vacationers are spending more and more time on the beaches and less and less sitting under air conditioners.

  Day t< /th>

Night t t water
Abu Dhabi +30.2°C +24.7°C +27.4°C
Dubai +30.1°C +24.8°C +28.2°C
Sharjah +30.2°C + 24.8°C +28.2°C
Fujairah +27.8°C +23.2°C +27.8°C

The air temperature in the UAE in November practically does not fall below +25°C during the day and +20°C at night. A little cooler on the shores of the Gulf of Oman, if you can call cool the average temperature is about + 28 ° C during the day and + 23 ° C at night. In the resorts of the Persian Gulf at this time, the average daytime temperature is even higher than + 30 ° C, and the night – about +25°C.

The water temperature in the UAE in November is the most pleasant: +27-30°C.

Is it possible to swim

UAE in November: holiday season without reservation

When is the best time to swim in the UAE? In November, the weather is just perfect – the temperature of the water and air equalize, and the sun is no longer so scorching to burn through the water.

Nevertheless, without sunscreen, you should not appear on the beach, and for children who love to splash in the sea, it is advisable to choose a waterproof product.

On all the beaches where people swim in November, the sea is quite calm. In Abu Dhabi and Dubai, there are almost never high waves, and on the open coast of Sharjah and Fujairah, waves can rise in windy weather. However, this is not very typical for November.

Beach holidays

Inquisitive tourists also have something to do in the Emirates. But if the main purpose of the trip – lie on the seashore, forgetting about all the worries, then you can’t find a better place. The beaches of the hotels are impeccable, the infrastructure is tailored for a relaxed holiday, and water activities are simply innumerable.

Staying at the hotel, you can use the beach belonging to him for free or, for an additional fee, relax on the beach of another hotel. Public recreation areas are free for everyone, but on some days only women with small children can relax by the sea.

What undoubtedly pleases – “blue flags” began to appear on the coast of the country, confirming the cleanliness, equipment and safety of the beaches. In 2018 there were only a few, in 2020 – already more than twenty, and the number is gradually growing.

Where to go in the UAE in November? Each resort has its own character – one of them will definitely match your expectations.


UAE in November: holiday season without reservation

Chic, unthinkable entertainment, and even the sea to boot – Dubai dazzles and enchants tourists even more than the capital of the Emirates. This is an expensive resort, but it can satisfy all whims.

At the end of autumn, Dubai is ideal for relaxing. During the day, thermometers show from + 25 ° C to + 35 ° C, and more often the temperature is kept at + 30 ° C. At night, the indicators decrease to + 21-25 ° С. The data of long-term meteorological observations indicate that 5 mm of precipitation falls in the city, but most likely there will be not only rain, but even clouds in a bright blue sky. The average wind speed is 4 m/s. The water temperature in the Persian Gulf in early November is +29-30°C, at the end of +26-27°C.

Beach holidays in Dubai – real fairy tale. The infrastructure on the beaches of the hotels is well developed, security is ensured, and soft sand and a smooth entry into the water are suitable for small children. Excellent conditions await vacationers not only on the “blue-flag” Jumeirah, but also on other beaches.

All autumn and winter, windsurfers ride on the Dubai coast. If you only dream of mastering this type of outdoor activity, you can contact one of the schools (it is desirable to speak at least spoken English). But the diving season in the Persian Gulf never ends.  It may not be the most picturesque region, but there is something for beginners to admire.

But do you want to just lie on the beach when there are so many temptations around? You'll have to carefully plan your time: rides today, tomorrow – aquarium, the day after tomorrow – flower arrangements, and then thousands of sweets, or a children's play center, or even, if you miss the snow, a winter entertainment complex.

It is especially nice that in extreme heat you can relax in indoor complexes.

Dubai's coastline is lined with five- and four-star hotels, and it's not difficult to find a hotel that provides ideal conditions for families with children. They have thought of everything from cribs in the rooms to meals for babies, from playgrounds to mini clubs.

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  • ul>

    Abu Dhabi

    From the point of view of a beach holiday, the capitals often have more disadvantages than advantages. Abu Dhabi can be considered a pleasant exception. The sea here is calm, the sand is the most delicate, and the number of “blue flags” even more than in Dubai. Of course, there is everything else that is needed for a comfortable and varied family vacation.

    In November, the summer heat, when the air is heated to +40 ° C, is already forgotten. During the day on thermometers + 25-35 ° C, at night + 20-26 ° C, the weather is clear, there is no rain at all. The wind speed is about 4.2 m/s. The water temperature drops from +29°C at the beginning of the month to +25-27°C at the end of November.

    The beaches of Abu Dhabi are varied. You can soak up the property, visit the very well-groomed public beaches, or go to the islands of Futasi, Yas, Bahraini for the whole day.

    Beaches are often located behind artificial islands, so the water is always calm, clear . The bottom within the landscaped areas is even and clean, the depth increases slowly.

    You can’t call a boring capital either. Do you want an old fortress? Please. Interested in wildlife? At your service – flamingo colonies and mangroves. Do kids love rides? They will be delighted with two stunning amusement parks. There are places for walking, non-trivial museums, and indoor playgrounds for children.

    The level of services in Abu Dhabi hotels is very high, and here you can find a good place to relax for any budget. Animation in hotels is rare, but you can count on a mini-club, or, if you need to leave the child for a while, use the services of a babysitter.

    Also in the capital, apartments are offered for rent, but you need to clarify how suitable the accommodation is for kids.


    A resort near Dubai has a lot of advantages. Most often, perhaps, they note the absence of noise, regularity, peace. This is a manifestation of the peculiarities of the emirate and just a gift for tourists who dream of taking a break from the hustle and bustle. At the same time, the journey will not be monotonous, because Sharjah – it's not just beaches.

    November in Sharjah is sunny, dry, hot, but the heat is not exhausting like in summer. In the daytime, the air is warmed up to +25-35°C, at night the temperature drops to +20-25°C. The wind speed reaches 4 m/s. Precipitation – an incredible event: if in mid-November you find it raining, it can be considered very lucky. The air temperature during the month drops from +29-30°С to +25-27°С.

    The resort's beaches are located along the open coast, so waves are possible there in November. However, the sea is often calm, with clear water of an amazing blue hue. Another specific – pronounced tides, the schedule of which is usually posted in hotels.

    The coastline stretches for many kilometers. Partially it is divided between hotels, another part is occupied by public beaches. Pay attention to the sections of the sea marked with ropes: they are intended for scooters and jet skis.

    If you are going to the municipal beach, you will have to take care of closed clothes for women – the laws of Sharjah are harsh in this sense.

    It is difficult to call the resort an entertainment center. If you dream of water parks and amusement parks, you need to go to Dubai – Fortunately, the road is fast and comfortable. But what Sharjah is famous for is the abundance of parks where there are playgrounds for children.

    The choice of accommodation in the city is very good, but here, like nowhere else, it is worth considering the reviews of tourists. The fact is that the declared star rating is higher than the level of services.  A good solution would be “five” and “fours”, focused on holidays with children.


    If you do not strive for luxury and do not like to show off, this is a reason to choose a resort away from the main tourist region, on the coast of the Gulf of Oman. The Emirate of Fujairah is not imprisoned for the satisfaction of whims, but is able to give summer and the sea at a time when the calendar is in deep autumn.

    The weather in Fujairah is slightly different from that of other resorts in the Emirates. In November, the daytime temperature often fluctuates between +25-30°C and only occasionally rises to +35°C. At night it can be both +25°С and +18°С. The days are mostly sunny, but once or twice a month clouds creep in and even a short rain occurs. Travelers look at him as a miracle, and he does not violate plans.

    The coast of Fujairah is occupied by small resort towns with neat beaches. Gentle bottom and fairly calm sea – between Dibba and Khor Fakkan. Khor Fakkan is also interesting for snorkeling, and not far from it stretches a coral reef where divers aspire to.

    The city of Fujairah itself is best suited for families with children. There are good hotels, supermarkets with baby food departments, opportunities for family leisure. “Fives” are usually located on the first line and offer everything you need for little guests, while the price of rest is lower than in Dubai or Sharjah. Please note that not all hotels are by the sea, and transfers to the beach may not be provided.

    Excursion holidays

    Excursions in the Emirates are as unusual as the whole country. You can leave aside traditional museums and head, for example, to the wildlife conservation center (Abu Dhabi). There, animals live in their natural environment, and visitors will learn how lions, cheetahs, and crocodiles are saved from poachers.

    The beauty of the nature of the Middle East is also revealed by the Sir Bani Yas Nature Reserve and the Eastern Mangrove Lagoon Park. in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah Desert Park. Magical underwater worlds are presented by the Dubai Aquarium and The Lost Chamber Underwater Museum.

    To see the city of Al Ain, which UNESCO has recognized as a World Heritage Site, you will have to go inland. The first thing that catches your eye is the gardens blooming in the desert. The excursion program includes a visit to the historical museum in the old fort and the complex of tombs at the foot of Jebel Hafeet.

    Entertainment for children

    A long list of amusement parks, and everyone wants to visit – it's about Emirates. How can you miss one of these centers:

    • Legolend Dubai
    • Img Worlds of Adventure
    • Motiongate Dubai
    • Bollywood Parks Dubai
    • Ferrari World
    • Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi

    But there are water parks built on an unprecedented scale. Imagine what sensations will be from the slides “Aquaconda” or “Zumerango” at Dubai Aquaventure.

    The attractions of Wild Wadi Park (Dubai) immerse you in the adventures of Sinbad the Sailor, and Yas Waterworld Park (Abu Dhabi) simply drives water lovers crazy because there are more than 40 slides.

    If the heat seems too strong, welcome to the indoor entertainment centers. In Dubai, little travelers are waiting for “KidZania” and «City of Children», in Sharjah – Adventureland, in Fujairah – fun city. But the Little World center in Abu Dhabi is designed not so much for games as for experiments and discoveries.

    In the evening, have a good time in parks decorated with artistic lighting. Do not be alarmed if you wander into the Dubai Garden Glow: there, among the glowing compositions, you can stumble upon dinosaurs. And in this park, as in many others, there is a wonderful playground.

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    Holidays, events and festivals

    Muslim countries do not have the same number of festivals, concerts and high-profile cultural events as in Europe. But still, the calendar of UAE holidays in November is worth studying.

    The most noticeable item – Global Village Fair in Dubai. It starts in October-November and ends in spring. The richest program: acquaintance with the culture of different countries, attractions, exhibitions, sports competitions, music shows.

    Also in November, a stage of Formula 1 races can be held in Dubai, however, these dates change from year to year.

    Eminent musicians come to Dubai and Abu Dhabi with concerts, musical and theater groups perform here. Among the official dates, we mention UAE Flag Day (November 3).

    Prices for holidays

    The temperature is gradually dropping, and prices in the UAE in November, on the contrary, go up. The increase compared to October is not so significant, but there is a clear upward trend.

    Air tickets

    In the last month of autumn, the flight costs 1-2% more than in October. The cost of tickets for December increases by another 2-4%.


    It can be said that in November the price of housing corresponds to the high season. Compared to the previous month, it grows by 10-15%. In December, the prices will remain at the November level until the last week, when the resorts will be flooded with those wishing to celebrate the new year in a hot country.

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    Price analysis for tours shows a mixed picture. On the one hand, package holidays become more expensive, especially in the second half of November. On the other hand, there are quite a few offers at a price lower than in October – however, this is true if you book a ticket long before the trip or look for a last minute tour. On average, the cost of tours in October and November is comparable. But since December, prices have definitely increased, especially on the eve of the New Year holidays.


    In all-season resorts, the price of food does not change too noticeably. If you go to the market, then you can buy tomatoes for 2 dirhams per 1 kg, cucumbers – 3-4 dirhams each, tangerines – 3 dirhams each, bananas – 4-5 dirhams. Mangoes are sold by the piece (4-6 dirhams), as are avocados (up to 10 dirhams).

    In the Emirates, travelers are not always attached to food at the hotel, they often go to restaurants and try street food.< /p>

    The minimum price of lunch for 1 person – 30 dirhams, a visit to a more reputable establishment will cost 75-80 dirhams, in the most fashionable restaurants you can leave several hundred dirhams.

    Prices for street food are very democratic: 4-8 dirhams for a serving of shawarma or 25 dirhams for falafel with additives in pita. Supermarkets do not have any pronounced features, the price level in them is approximately the same as in Europe.

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    Reviews about holidays in the UAE in November often refer to well-purchased fur coats. Fur products are sold in branded stores, they are sewn with high quality, taking into account fresh fashion trends, and the price is acceptable.

    Vacationers also note that branded items can be bought much cheaper than in European boutiques. For these reasons, they often buy clothes, appliances, perfumes, jewelry.

    If you don’t want to burden yourself with luggage, you can please your loved ones with good coffee, essential oils or a box of sherbet.

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    Recommendations for traveling with children

    Those families planning a holiday in the UAE in November with children , for sure, everyone already knows about safe travel. Just in case, we will recall a few important points regarding climate change and nutrition.

    1. The sun in the Emirates burns even in winter, so sunscreen, hats and thin clothes made from natural materials are required for the beach and walks.
    2. In shopping and entertainment centers, in transport, you can freeze due to air conditioning. Bring clothes that you can wear in a cold room.
    3. Street food in the UAE is safe, but you need to treat your hands with antiseptic before eating. It will also come in handy in the cafe. Products from the market must be thoroughly washed.
    4. If the baby is not yet eating from an adult table, we recommend that you bring food for him at least for a couple of days, so as not to rush in search of a supermarket immediately upon arrival.
    5. < /ol>

      Sometimes travelers laughingly talk about how they bought oriental sweets as a treat on the first day and immediately ate them – had to buy a second time. And in order to competently approach the choice of gifts in the UAE, read the Kidpassage article about the best goods of this country. Enjoy your holiday!

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