UAE in June: how to survive the heat and enjoy your vacation

While the sea off the coast of Spain or Greece is only warming up, the water in the Persian Gulf already resembles fresh milk. True, + 35 ° C is attached to this in the shade, and it is better not to appear in the sun during the day. The conditions for recreation are not the simplest, but is it possible to keep someone who wants to go to the sea?

Let's open a little secret: early in the morning in the UAE you can sunbathe and swim, and in the hottest hours – take your soul on the rides or walk around the malls. Everything you need to know about a family holiday in the Emirates in June, you will find in the Kid Passage review.

UAE in June: how to survive the heat and enjoy your vacation

Recreation in the UAE in June: pros and cons

the beaches of Dubai or Sharjah – October-November and March-April. But judging by the huge number of reviews about holidays in the UAE in June, tourists are not afraid of the crazy heat. What attracts people to this country so much?

First, the luxury of cities that have grown between the sea and the desert. Bulk islands, modern hotels, skyscrapers – the urban landscape seems truly fantastic.

Secondly, magnificent beaches. Most of them belong to hotels and beach clubs, and this is not just gloss and comfort, but banal peace and security.

Thirdly, hotel service. Here Sharjah let us down a bit, where they overestimate the star rating, but the hotels of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are impeccable.

Travelers with children are especially comfortable in family hotels, where they have mini clubs, a children's menu and other important services.

Fourthly, incredible entertainment. In Dubai alone, there are 4 amusement parks, each one is cooler.

But the weather in the UAE in June is already, perhaps, a disadvantage. Most of the day you can not be on the beach, you will have to make a program so that this time is filled with other activities. True, the sea is delightfully warm: swim early in the morning, swim before sunset and have fun.

Lost the desire to travel? Then you can sort through the options where to relax in the UAE in June. You want everything at once, or you only dream of a lazy vacation, the country has something to offer guests.

The weather in the UAE in June

The weather forecast for June-July sounds something like this: today is even hotter, than yesterday, the sun is baking, no rain is expected. Yes, summer in the Arabian Peninsula is relentlessly hot, you need to stay out of the sun and close to the air conditioner.

The weather in early June is comparable to September. The air is hot, not a cloud in the sky, the sea is not refreshing. In some places, stuffiness is felt, although the air humidity is low.

The weather in the UAE at the end of June is no different. It is better not to be outdoors during the day so as not to get heatstroke.

If you are going to the UAE in June with a child, we recommend that you find a hotel where there is children's entertainment located under a canopy or in a building. This will make it easier to organize leisure activities during the hottest hours.

Air and water temperature

Desert climate of the Emirates – a test even for lovers of the heat. In summer, asphalt melts in cities, and local residents try not to appear on the street during the day. Even average air temperatures seem scary:

< /tr>

  Day t Night t t of water
Abu Dhabi +39.2°C +31.7°C +32.1°C
Dubai +38.5°C +31 .8°C +31.9°C
Sharjah +38.5°C +31.8°C +31.9°C
Fujairah +37.8°C +31.4°C +32.4°C

In fact, the air temperature in the UAE in June exceeds +40°C, and +35°C is considered cool. At night, thermometers show +28-34°C.

This weather is typical for the Persian Gulf, where most resorts are located. In Fujairah, on the coast of the Gulf of Oman of the Indian Ocean, the figures are slightly lower.

The water temperature in the UAE in June ranges from +29°C to +34°C, in the Gulf of Oman it is usually slightly higher than in the Persian.

Beach holidays

< img title="UAE in June: how to survive the heat and enjoy your vacation" src="/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/oae-v-ijune-kak-perezhit-zharu-i-nasladitsja-otdyhom-42e20c1.jpg " alt="UAE in June: how to survive the heat and enjoy your vacation" />

Where to go in the UAE in June, if not to a beach resort? If you are never ready to swim in cold water, you will find a real gift – warm, almost hot sea. There are no waves in June, jellyfish swim very rarely, so swimming is very pleasant.

The beaches of the resorts are respectable, and often downright luxurious. On private beaches, guests are surrounded by care, however, among the municipal ones there are good places to relax.

Some public beaches, along with private ones, receive “blue flags” every year. for meeting the standards of cleanliness and landscaping.

All the beaches of the Emirates are covered with sand. In summer, it gets very hot, and flooring for vacationers is laid on it. However, be sure to bring beach shoes with you.


UAE in June: how to survive the heat and enjoy your vacation

International Airport, «five» on the first line, entertainment for every taste – far from a complete list of the advantages of Dubai. You will have a good rest here, even if you realize that you were not ready for such heat.

Either at the beginning of June or at the end, the thermometers at the resort show +35-40°С during the day and +30-35°С at night. The weather is always sunny, the average wind speed is 4.5 m/s, the water temperature is +30-33°C.

The beaches of hotels in Dubai are well-equipped, picturesque and quite suitable for family holidays. In addition to all the benefits that make the rest comfortable, there can be playgrounds on the shore. The sea in Dubai is shallow and calm, the bottom is sandy and gently sloping.

Diving and windsurfing stations operate on the coast. In June, the conditions for surfers are not very good, but you can take diving lessons and make your first dive at any time.

But not even luxurious beaches make this resort the most attractive for tourists. Here you can fill your entire vacation with visiting water parks, amusement parks, oceanariums, observation decks on skyscrapers, green areas with incredible installations, and even the Candylicious sweets supermarket looks more like a sightseeing facility than a simple store.

Many Dubai hotels positioned as a family. In June, when you need to hide from the sun for part of the day, a mini-club, a games room or a playground, a pool under a canopy help a lot. The list also includes a children's menu and other important services.

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Abu Dhabi

UAE in June: how to survive the heat and enjoy your vacation

The capital of the Emirates seems to be dying out in the summer: from morning to evening, all working people prefer to be in cool offices. But tourists want to take everything from the trip and tend to the beach, amusement parks and excursions.

By the end of spring, the daytime temperature in Abu Dhabi never falls below +35°C, and by mid-June it exceeds +40°C. At night, thermometers show + 28-34 ° С. The average wind speed is 4.9 m/s. The sea temperature during the month rises from +29-31°С to +32-33°С.

The sandy beaches of the city are not as crowded as in the high season. Early in the morning in June it is pleasant to sunbathe and swim: the sea is warm, very clean, the bottom goes down smoothly, the children feel safe. The beaches of the hotels have all the necessary infrastructure, the state of the city beaches also deserves good reviews. Interestingly, the sand on the beach heats up less than in other resorts.

Abu Dhabi has a few less entertainment than Dubai, but there is a lot of interesting things for both adults and children. From here it is convenient to get to the Al Ain oasis and see the gardens blooming in the middle of the desert.

Hotels in the capital are praised for their decent service. For a vacation with a child, you can choose a three-four-star hotel, and this will be a great place. In summer, it is better to choose accommodation on the first coastline.

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UAE in June: how to survive the heat and enjoy your vacation

Half an hour from Dubai – and already another emirate, other rules and a different rhythm of life. Let all the temptations of the world wait, and the main thing will be a relaxed passive rest by the sea.

The weather in Sharjah is the same as in Dubai: sun, hot air, hot sea. During the day, the temperature is kept at + 35-40 ° C, at night + 30-35 ° C. The sea at the end of June warms up to + 33-34 ° С. Average wind speed 4.5 m/s.

Unlike Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where the coastline is indented by islands, in Sharjah the beach stretches along the open sea. This is rather a plus, however, the ebbs and flows are very noticeable in the resort. Their schedule can usually be found at the hotel.

Sharjah has several blue flag municipal beaches. It should be noted, however, that in public places one cannot appear in open clothes, and this rule also applies to the sea coast. Days can also be set when the beach is only open to women and children.

The city does not dazzle with entertainment, but there are playgrounds, green areas, and museums. A modern highway leads to Dubai, you can go to the most brilliant city of the Emirates and gain impressions.

Travellers often note the shortcomings of the hotel service in Sharjah. Indeed, stardom can be overestimated here, so the “triples” should be avoided, and we recommend that you study the reviews of tourists before the trip.

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UAE in June: how to survive the heat and enjoy your vacation

Why choose a resort remote from the main tourist centers and almost devoid of entertainment? If only to just slow down and be with the family. And also – find a place where it is at least a couple of degrees cooler in summer.

June in Fujairah is still hot, but the daytime temperature here ranges from + 33 ° C to + 42 ° C, at night from + 27 ° C to + 33 ° C ;WITH. The Gulf of Oman warms up from +30°C to +34°C in a month. The wind speed is only about 3 m/s. The probability of cloudy days is zero.

Fujairah – this is a series of small resorts with neat sandy beaches. The coast is equipped with hotels, admission is free for their guests, but for a small fee you can get to any beach. The best place for a family vacation is Dibba, where the sea is calm and the depth grows smoothly. In Khor Fakkan, cliffs approach the shore, the depths here are interesting for snorkeling.

The fauna of the Gulf of Oman is much richer than the Persian one, it is an attractive point for divers.

The city of Fujairah is the most suitable for independent rest with children, as there are shops, parks, playgrounds. There are few family hotels in the emirate, but you can count on basic services. The plus of the resort – relatively recent modern development, good condition hotels.

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Sightseeing holidays

UAE in June: how to survive the heat and enjoy your vacation

Is it easy to overpower excursions when the heat is stupefying? Open-air facilities are best avoided, but museums will make you feel great.

The most museum, oddly enough, called Sharjah. There are solid expositions here, like, say, a maritime or archaeological museum, and there are interactive spaces for why-and-why children – this is how the science museum is organized.

The Arabian Wildlife Center is also worth a visit. Animals in it walk in the wild, and people watch them through the panoramic windows. The center also includes a natural history museum and a terrarium.

In Dubai, coolness and twilight must be sought in aquariums. At The Lost Chambers or Dubai Aquarium, the underwater world is visible through glass or through the bottom of a glass-bottomed boat, and the most daring are offered diving among stingrays and sharks.

One of Dubai's museums, as if in addition to the theme of amusement parks, dedicated to cinema. There are many items in his collection that can be used. Children look into the camera obscura, learn the techniques of shadow theater, and some people make fun of the simplest three-dimensional pictures created by a stereoscope.

Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan has a collection of cars on display in Abu Dhabi. Rainbow colored Mercedes for every day of the week are not the only quirks in this car museum.

An incredible contrast to the – nature reserve “Eastern Mangrove Lagoon”. They move around the lagoon in silent boats, and this does not frighten turtles and waterfowl. The boats are covered with awnings from the sun, and the tour lasts from half an hour to three hours.

In Fujairah, the city museum with halls of archeology and ethnography will seem curious. The reproduced scenes of everyday life give a special liveliness of the exposition.

City of Al Ain – also a unique item. It is located far from the sea, in the middle of the desert, and an oasis makes it suitable for life. In Al Ain, gardens bloom, there are playgrounds and places for recreation, walking and car routes to the mountain of Jebel Hafeet. The excursion program is provided by the Hili Archaeological Park, the National Museum and the Sheikh Zayed Palace.

Entertainment for children

UAE in June: how to survive the heat and enjoy your vacation

Water and amusement parks – one of the main attractions of the UAE. There is, however, a nuance here: many of them close quite early, when the heat is just starting to subside. But there is a way out even from this situation.

For example, the grandiose water park Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi is open until 19:00 on weekdays, and until 22:00 on weekends. Several hours without scorching rays and on the best water slides – Simply a delight.

Dubai's Img Worlds of Adventure, Motiongate and Bollywood Parks are open late. All of them are divided into thematic zones and all are somehow connected with the world of cinema, favorite characters of films and cartoons.

The Warner Bros World amusement park in the capital has another plus: it is located indoors, and there always a comfortable temperature. This is one of the largest indoor complexes in the world.

But the park “Legoland” closes early. However, one should not refuse a visit to the country of colored bricks, because most of its attractions are located indoors or under a canopy. There is only a water park in the open space.

Two other Dubai water parks, Aquaventure and Wild Wadi, are also located in the open air. The slides there, of course, are incredible, but during the rest you should be careful not to burn out in the sun.

The coldest place in Dubai – Ski Dubai complex. There is snow even in summer, so that those who miss winter can go skiing and sledding.

In Sharjah, a child will enjoy playing in the Adventureland indoor center. And in the evening, the whole family can go to the Al-Kasba canal embankment, ride the Eye of the Emirates ferris wheel, take a boat ride and look at the dancing fountains. There are attractions and a small water park for children in Al Montaza Park.

In Fujairah, the Fun City indoor children's complex will brighten up the daytime hours. In the evening, head to the gardens of Ain Al-Madhab. There are playgrounds and folklore performances on weekends.

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Holidays, Events & Festivals

The list of holidays in the UAE in June is not consistent, as the solar calendar does not coincide with the lunar Muslim calendar. In tourist areas, the onset of important events for Islam is hardly noticeable, but government offices and banks are closed on holidays.

As for the cultural program, large cities also host concerts, performances, and sporting events in the summer. The poster is published on official and tourist sites

Vacation prices

UAE in June: how to survive the heat and enjoy your vacation

< /p>

Despite the low season, prices in the UAE in June are not the lowest. Flights are especially expensive, which is associated with a decrease in the number of charters.

Air tickets

Tickets to Dubai become more expensive compared to May by 5-10%, another 5% is added in July. In Abu Dhabi, on the contrary, there is a reduction in prices by 5%, although in July an increase of up to 15% is possible. In August-September, the cost is noticeably reduced.


Housing in resorts is somewhat cheaper: you can count on a difference of 5% compared to May. The price drops by the same amount in July.

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A package holiday is less profitable than in May, since its price in June is 10-12% higher. You can save on a long tour, its price is reduced by 5% compared to the previous month. Prices for holidays in July fluctuate, but on average they are comparable to June.


In the UAE, hotel complexes and beaches are located right in the cities, so the all-inclusive system is not very common here. Usually tourists eat at hotel restaurants or choose city establishments to their liking. The range of prices is impressive, from 30 dirhams in a cafe for local residents to several hundred – in a trendy restaurant. Lunch at an average establishment costs about 80 dirhams for one person. If you want to try street food, expect to spend between AED 5 and AED 25 per serving.

All resorts have many supermarkets with different price levels. There is a good selection of all products, including baby food. However, it is wise to take a supply of the usual food for the child for the first couple of days, so as not to worry about it immediately upon arrival.

Fruits and vegetables can be bought all year round in stores and markets. Products are mainly imported, but the choice is rich, from strawberries, watermelons and bananas to exotic fruits. The price for 1 kg of vegetables starts from 4-5 dirhams, fruits – from 7 dirhams.

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Shopping< /h2>

According to reviews of holidays in the UAE in June, shopping malls become a place of rest in the heat. And, of course, spending: the choice of goods is huge, and the prices are lower than in similar stores in Europe. The most profitable acquisitions – famous brands, electronics, jewelry, fur clothing.

From the end of June to the beginning of September, the Dubai Surprises Festival lasts. It is based on shopping and sales, but family entertainment is added to this.

If you come to rest immediately after Ramadan, which periodically falls in June, you can also find good discounts.

< ul>

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    Recommendations for a trip with children

    Vacations in the UAE in June with children must be carefully considered. Main – It's protection from the sun and extreme heat. Here are a few tips on how to adjust to the desert climate.

    1. During the day, wear light-colored clothing that covers your body. Cover your head with a hat, panama, baseball cap. Be sure to wear sunglasses.
    2. Safe time to tan – before 9:00 and after 17:00. Even at this time, it is better to be in the shade.
    3. Apply a protective cream with a high SPF level before leaving the room. Prefer a waterproof product if you are going to swim in the sea or pool.
    4. Keep drinking. Your child should be regularly reminded to drink.
    5. Pay extra attention to hygiene. Use hand sanitizer, wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly, and buy bottled water to drink.
    6. Bring a blouse and socks for your child to wear on an air-conditioned bus, mall, or play center.

    < p> Of course, you can't go on a trip without a first aid kit. Even in summer, an antipyretic may be useful, and other drugs should be at hand. In the article Kidpassage you will find a list of what you need to put in a children's first aid kit.

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