UAE in December: summer at the beginning of winter

December – hard time. It's cold, snowing, the sun is rare, at work it's the end of the year, there are tests at school, and snot in the kindergarten. If sports and vitamins do not help much, you need to resort to a stronger remedy – a break from the winter blues. For example, in the UAE resorts in December, the weather is hot, the sea is warm, palm trees are green, and incredible entertainment is available here all year round.

How to plan a trip with children in December, where it is better to sunbathe and what to visit in the UAE, read in our review.

UAE in December: summer at the beginning of winter

Vacation in the UAE in December: pros and cons

Reviews of holidays in the UAE in December can both inspire and disappoint. Where does the negative come from? As a rule – out of mismatch between reality and expectations. If, before the trip, you study all the information and understand whether the conditions suit you, your vacation will be one hundred percent successful.

Here's what exactly awaits you at the resorts of the Emirates at the beginning of winter:

  • sunny, warm, but sometimes windy weather – most likely, there will be no problems in order to sunbathe;
  • comfortable sea – it is safe to swim even for children;
  • excellent accommodation – the choice of hotels and apartments is very good;
  • a lot of impressions – Whether you're dreaming of windsurfing, sightseeing or mind-blowing rides, there's plenty to do.

However, there are cons of a trip to the UAE in December too. Thinking about them in advance means avoiding trouble.

First, the evenings can be quite chilly. In addition, daylight hours end early, and as the sun sets, the temperature drops quickly. The wind can also create discomfort.

Secondly, the closer to the winter holidays, the higher the prices. If you are planning to celebrate the New Year in a hot country, you should book accommodation or buy a tour in the summer.

Thirdly, the festive period in Dubai – This is a huge influx of tourists. One can only dream of peace here.

However, there are places where you can relax in the UAE in December without the crowds around and without extra expenses. More about all this – in the following sections.

Weather in the UAE in December

It is fair to say that in the resorts of the Emirates, the weather in December-January is not always beachy. The sun will either warm up so that you want to run to the sea, then it will moderate the ardor – such a day is perfect for excursions and entertainment.

The weather in early December is usually conducive to relaxing on the coast. The temperature of air and water is approximately the same, the sun is not burning, and even babies will not freeze in the sea.

The weather in the UAE at the end of December can deteriorate a little, and mainly due to a rather noticeable wind. But it will still be much warmer than it is in winter in the middle latitudes. At this time, there are also days for beach bliss, and travel conditions are most favorable.

When going to the UAE in December with a child, put cardigans, light jackets, and a thin hat in your luggage. This will come in handy both in shopping centers, where air conditioners greatly cool the air, and on evening walks.

Air and water temperature

The climate of the Emirates provides for two summers: unbearably hot and warm. December belongs to the second option. The heat is moderate, and you can even feel cool in the evenings.

  Day t Night t t water
Abu Dhabi +25.7°C +21.3°C +23.6°C
Dubai +26.0°C +22.0°C +24.7°C
Sharjah +26.0°C +22, 0°C +24.7°C
Ras- Khaimah +25.7°C +19.2°C +25.2°C
Fujairah +24.4°C +19.7°C +25.2°C

The air temperature in the UAE in December during the day stays within +22-28°C, but at night it can drop even lower +20°C. Such a cold snap is most characteristic of Fujairah, located on the coast of the Gulf of Oman.

The water temperature in the United Arab Emirates in December is still quite high. In the first half of the month it is +25-26°C, but then it can drop to +23-24°C.

Is it possible to swim

UAE in December: summer at the beginning of winter

Despite the optimistic weather data, some tourists hesitate to swim in the UAE in December. Sometimes this is due to the fact that closer to the New Year holidays, the water cools down. Sometimes people report discomfort on the beach due to the wind, which intensifies in winter.

In general, the situation is different every year. It happens that December is just perfect for a beach holiday, and it’s nice to swim in the sea for a long time. But it happens that winter brings unexpected coolness. Where do they swim in December, if the weather let us down? In the hotel pools, the benefit is that the most comfortable conditions are created for vacationers.

Beach holidays

Those who travel to the Emirates in winter want to spend at least part of their time on the beach. You will most likely be lucky with the weather, and as for the beaches – everything is in order here at the resorts.

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Most of the coast is served by hotels, providing cleanliness, comfort and safety. Some beaches in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, which meet the highest requirements, are marked with the “blue flag”: this award has appeared in the UAE relatively recently. Hotel beaches are free for guests.

On public beaches, admission is free for everyone, but you need to pay attention to the rules of conduct and the days reserved exclusively for women and babies.

So, where to go to the UAE in December, so that the sea and the sun are gentle in a summery way? Any resort will find something to please its guests.


UAE in December: summer at the beginning of winter

Holidays in Dubai are significantly more expensive than in other resorts in the country. But we can say that the price includes the international airport, high-class hotels, luxurious beaches, incredible architecture and amazing amusement parks.

In December, the daytime temperature in Dubai is within + 22-30 ° C, at night it is +18-25°С. The days are mostly clear, occasionally cloudy, and rain – an exceptionally rare occurrence. The average wind speed is 4 m/s. In early December, the water temperature in the Persian Gulf is +25-27°C, at the end of +23-24°C.

The resort's beaches are located both on the open coast and behind the artificial islands. Waves are possible in the open sea, but the islands protect quite well from storms. The water is clear, the bottom is shallow, while the shallow water does not last too long. It is forbidden to ride scooters and jet skis on the beaches of Dubai.

Even those who have never been to this wonderful city know about the entertainment of Dubai. Water parks, amusement parks, gardens – there is scope in all of this. The excursion is also quite interesting and varied, from visiting museums to a trip to the desert.

A's dominate in Dubai and “four”, where the level of service fully justifies the star rating. Many hotels specialize in providing services to families with children. This does not always include full animation, but includes a mini club, playground, swimming pool with small slides, baby food (sometimes for a fee), babysitting services.

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UAE in December: summer at the beginning of winter

Things are different in Sharjah than in Dubai – less gloss and entertainment, more regularity and peace. There are no problems with quality rest, and the stunning attractions of Dubai are only half an hour away.

The December weather in the resort is sunny and mild, except for the wind, which averages 4 m/s. The air temperature is +22-30°C during the day and +18-24°C at night. Slight cloudiness is quite rare and does not interfere with rest. The water temperature in the Persian Gulf at the beginning of winter is +25-27°C, and from mid-December it gradually drops to +23-25°C.

The beaches of Sharjah are long, sandy, the seabed is even, the depth grows smoothly. However, the rest has several features. Firstly, in December there may be waves – this is especially felt because the coast is not covered by artificial islands. Secondly, you have to reckon with the tide schedule. Thirdly, scooters and jet skis are not prohibited in the emirate, but fenced areas are allocated for them. Fourthly, women are not allowed to appear on public beaches in swimsuits or in revealing clothes.

Huge plus Sharzhdi for holidays with children – spacious parks with playgrounds. The waterfront of the Al-Qasba canal also serves as a place for family entertainment. And the children enjoy spending the hottest hours in indoor entertainment centers.

Travelers note that resort hotels somewhat overestimate the star rating. In order not to be disappointed in the service, choose the “four” and «five» world chains. Quite a lot of hotels provide conditions for families with children.

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Ras Al Khaimah

Those tourists who value rest without worries and fuss will rather choose the resort of Ras Al Khaimah than Dubai. This is a peaceful green emirate with everything you need for family vacations.

December in Ras Al Khaimah – these are sunny days but relatively cool nights. Daytime temperatures range from +22°C to +30°C, nighttime temperatures from +17°C to +23°C. The clear sky is sometimes covered with clouds, but you should not even hope for rain. The wind speed is about 3 m/s. The sea temperature drops from +26-27°C to +25-24°C in a month.

Almost all the beaches of the resort belong to hotels and are well equipped. Sunbathing and swimming there is pleasant and safe. As in Sharjah, most of the beaches are washed by open waters, waves are possible there, the ebbs and flows are also noticeable. But some of the beaches are located in artificial lagoons, where the water is calm.

Ras Al Khaimah is not rich in entertainment and museums. It is good here with a small child, who has enough walks in the park and games on the playground. There is a fairly good water park nearby, and the road to Dubai with its temptations takes about an hour.

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The hotels in the resort are varied and, as a rule, pleasing with the level of service, even if we are talking about a budget option. There are hotels aimed at guests with children. Many find comfort in the fact that Ras Al Khaimah has an all inclusive concept.

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Go not to the resorts of the Persian Gulf, but to the other side of the country – this is a chance to see the Emirates in their various manifestations. Fujairah stretches along the Gulf of Oman, and here you can relax without overpaying for tinsel.

December in these parts is a little more capricious. While the daytime temperature is usually +22-28°C, sometimes it can drop below +20°C. The nights are cool, only +15-21°C. The weather is mostly sunny, but there are a couple of cloudy days and even, imagine, a short rain. But the sea remains warm for a long time, + 25-26 ° C, at the end of December its temperature never drops below + 24-25 ° C.

Long sandy beaches – this is the hallmark of Fujairah. Here you can swim, build sand castles, snorkel at the rocks of Khor Fakkan, or go to dive spots to coral reefs and underwater caves.

Intensive excursion and entertainment in the range of – this is not about Fujairah. There are several interesting places here that will diversify your vacation, but we recommend that lovers of impressions go to Al Ain or Dubai.

As for hotels and apartments, the best of them are located in the main city of the emirate. Another reason to stay there – availability of supermarkets and pharmacies selling baby food. In small towns, the infrastructure is weaker, but there you can completely get away from the noise.

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Sightseeing holidays

Most tourists do not strive to fully taste the exotic of the East and are cautious in choosing excursions. Luckily, the towns have traditional attractions, and you can touch the oriental flavor without any risk.

A child-friendly way to get acquainted with the history and culture of the country is offered in the Heritage Villages. There are such open-air museums in Abu Dhabi and Fujairah. Here the life and crafts of the Bedouins come to life – life appears as it was before the discovery of oil.

History museums in various cities may also be of interest to children. In Sharjah, such an exposition is occupied by the Al Hisn Fort, in Fujairah a similar fort is located next to the museum. And if you go to Al Ain, we recommend visiting the Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum – not ancient at all, but with unusual architecture and interior design.

Al Ain is generally considered one of the wonders of the Emirates. Settlements around the desert oases have existed since the Bronze Age, and ancient graves and remains of an irrigation system can now be seen in the Healy Archaeological Park. And the most surprising will probably be the lush gardens, behind which the bare desert stretches.

It takes several hours to get to Al Ain from any resort. If you do not want to waste time on the road, pay attention to museums closer – for example, the Dubai Film Museum, the Abu Dhabi Automobile Museum, the Maritime Museum or the Science Museum in Sharjah.

Children's Fun

There are so many temptations for young travelers in the UAE that the sea and the beach will recede into the background. How to resist when the best rides and water slides are nearby?

Amusement parks – it's really something special. There are four of them in Dubai, two in Abu Dhabi, and this does not include gaming centers! At Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi you can have fun in the company of famous cartoon characters, at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi – catch up with professional racers at Motiongate Dubai and Bollywood Parks Dubai – to be like on the set, in Img Worlds of Adventure – find all your favorite rides. Well, what is good about Legoland Dubai, and there is no need to explain.

Another temptation – water parks. In the Emirates, they are built, like everyone else, on a grand scale. Here, the championship is also held by Dubai, which captivates guests with the water slides of the Aquaventure Park. Dubai's Wild Wadi is more modest, but it's very good to relax there with preschoolers and younger students. But the water park Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi challenges all the daredevils, although the children's pools with slides are simply charming.

There are water entertainment centers in Umm Al Quwain, between Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah, as well as in Al Ain.

And even this is just the beginning of the list. It is complemented by gardens and parks, indoor play centers, oceanariums, dolphinariums, singing fountains. And the Candylicious store is perceived as a separate miracle of Dubai, in the windows of which thousands of types of sweets are laid out. In fairness, we note that there are a lot of healthy sweets.

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Holidays, events and festivals

It is known that in the Arab countries, most of the dates are associated with the Muslim calendar. One of the exceptions – UAE holidays in December. So, on December 2, the state celebrates independence day, and this is a large-scale event covering all the emirates. A particularly impressive program is prepared in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The month ends with the celebration of the New Year. In many ways, the events are designed for tourists, but the shows and fireworks on New Year's Eve are quite worth the price of the holiday.

In December, continuesGlobal Village fair in Dubai. This is not only profitable shopping and entertainment for the whole family, but also a varied cultural program.

And in the second half of December, the Camel Festival takes place. Its main events – camel races and a beauty contest among bactrians, but also dog competitions, performances with the participation of animals, exhibitions of traditional crafts.

Vacation prices

Prices in the UAE in December are slightly higher than in autumn. The first month of winter cannot be considered high season, but a series of holidays attracts tourists, and prices increase with increasing demand.

Air tickets

In December, the price of plane tickets is about the same as in November . The rise in price begins in the last decade of the month. On average, prices increase by 2-3% compared to November.

In January, the price stays the same until about the middle of the month, and then drops slightly.


Throughout December, the price of rental housing remains at the same level as a month earlier. But after December 20, hotel rooms and apartments become more expensive by almost one and a half times. Prices return to the previous level in mid-January.

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The situation with ready-made tours is almost the same as with hotels: the price does not fluctuate throughout November-December, a sharp rise before the Christmas and New Year period, and then a price decrease in the second half of January.


There are all-inclusive hotels in the UAE. But, firstly, there are not as many of them as in Turkey, and secondly, travelers often rent apartments and eat in restaurants or cook on their own.

Prices in catering establishments differ depending on the resort and the area. In this sense, Dubai is the most expensive: here, lunch in prestigious restaurants costs at least 500 dirhams per person. There are more mid-range restaurants in Sharjah where you can dine for 80 dirhams. A meal in inexpensive cafes outside the tourist area costs 30-35 dirhams.

It is safe to buy street food in the Emirates, thus getting acquainted with local traditions. Try barbary flatbread (price starts from AED 2), shawarma (AED 4-6), manakish (AED 14-15), falafel (AED 25).

The resorts have many supermarkets of different price categories. The assortment and prices there are approximately the same as in Europe.

Fruits in the country are mostly imported. But in December you can buy local strawberries, new harvest dates, citrus fruits, guava, physalis. The price for 1 kg starts from 5 dirhams.

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In reviews of holidays in the UAE in December, the Dubai Shopping Festival is often mentioned. The beauty of this event – grandiose discounts on many goods in December-January.

Discounts can be found not only in shopping centers, but also in markets. Dubai, for example, has a spice market, as well as gold, perfume and textile markets.

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Recommendations for traveling with children

It takes very little effort to organize a successful holiday in the UAE in December with children. We've put together a list of tips to keep preparation to a minimum.

  1. Moderate heat – no reason to forget about sunscreen and hats. For the beach and walks, also take drinking water with you and light natural clothing that covers the whole body.
  2. Light jacket, fleece, cardigan – a must-have item in your luggage. It will come in handy on evening walks and when visiting shopping centers with powerful air conditioners.
  3. The first hours and days of rest do not want to spend looking for a supermarket that sells suitable baby food. It is better to take a small supply of the usual mixture, cereals and mashed potatoes for the first time.
  4. Winter – during the SARS period, so renew stocks of antipyretics and other symptomatic drugs in the first aid kit.

Not every hotel in the Emirates has a children's menu, and it is interesting for guests of the country to get acquainted with local cuisine. Read Kidpassage's article about the culinary traditions of the UAE, and you will easily find out what you can order in a restaurant for a child.

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