Turkish “all inclusive” will no longer include alcohol

Turkish hoteliers asked to ban alcohol from all inclusive.

Turkish all inclusive will no longer include alcohol

Turkish all inclusive will no longer include alcohol

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Turkey intends to revise tour prices and create basic all-inclusive packages with less alcohol or without it. This offer, which comes from Bentour's CEO, can help support family vacations.

Turkey must remain competitive, according to his statement. Many hoteliers are planning to raise prices after they were already increased in 2023. However, for families with children, it is important to maintain the availability of holidays in Turkey.

This year, the cost of hotels in Turkey turned out to be higher than in other Mediterranean destinations. This is due to the confidence in demand after a successful 2022 season and inflation in the country.

Rising prices are also attributed to the fact that alcohol is included in the all-inclusive system, and in Turkey the tax on alcohol is quite high. Therefore, it is proposed to introduce a similar system as on cruise ships, where alcohol is not included in the package price and can be purchased separately at the bar.

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