Trojan horse. Cruise ship brings 800 covid passengers to Sydney

Not all tourists were allowed to go ashore

Trojan horse. Cruise ship brought 800 covid passengers to Sydney

Trojan horse. Cruise ship brings 800 passengers to Sydney with covid . The global tourism industry is slowly but surely recovering and returning to its former performance.

However, outbreaks of the disease still occur here and there. For example, recently the cruise ship Majestic Princes arrived at the port of Sydney, Australia with 800 passengers infected with the coronavirus.

The ship was cruising around New Zealand. There were more than 4,000 people on board. About halfway through, some of them began to feel unwell. They were tested for covid, it turned out to be positive.

The sick were isolated in cabins, but soon there were too many of them. Fortunately, in most of them, the disease proceeded in a mild form, because. they were vaccinated. Some did not feel any symptoms at all.

The cruise was decided not to be interrupted, but all vacationers were required to wear masks. As a result, the liner arrived in Sydney with 800 people on board with confirmed covid.

About 3,300 passengers were allowed to land after receiving a negative test result. The rest were ordered to stay on board until they recovered.

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