Travelers can save on stopovers in Dubai

Experts reveal how you can save money on long layovers in Dubai.

Travelers can save on stopover in Dubai

Travelers can save stopover in Dubai

Over the past year and a half, Dubai has become one of the most popular transfer destinations from Russian travelers traveling to third countries.

When flying with Emirates, passengers can make a transit stop for free, according to ATOR experts.

To stay in touch, you can use a local SIM card, which can be obtained free of charge at the international airport. In this case, you will be provided with a gigabyte of mobile traffic for 24 hours.

Also, purchasing the Dubai Stopover Pass (from 229 dirhams or 6 thousand rubles) will allow you to save up to half the cost of tickets when visiting two, three or four of the most popular tourist attractions within 36 hours.

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