Tourists in Sochi were scared by tornadoes and heat

Ministry of Emergency Situations constantly warns about natural disasters

Tourists in Sochi were frightened by tornadoes and heat

Tourists in Sochi were frightened by tornadoes and heat

The Ministry of Emergency Situations once again makes tourists resting in Sochi worry.

The high season in the Black Sea region of the Russian Federation ended at the end of August. But some tourists, not bound hand and foot by the beginning of the school year, came to rest on the sea in September – in the velvet season. At this time, the water is still warm, and there are much fewer vacationers.

But this month, rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations do not allow tourists to relax in Sochi. They constantly warn vacationers about natural disasters, making a mass mailing to all numbers in the region.

Alarming SMS received tens of thousands of people – both local residents and tourists. First, they were warned about tornadoes approaching Sochi, a storm warning was announced. On September 15, everyone was forbidden to enter the water, the beaches were closed.

As a result, the tornadoes never reached the shore. Two whirlwinds were visible from the Lazarevsky region, which hovered over the sea at the border of thunderclouds far from the coast. But they moved along the coastline and did not pose any danger to people.

On September 18, the Ministry of Emergency Situations informed Sochi residents about a new danger – extreme heat. It is expected that the thermometer will rise to +36-37 degrees. A storm warning has been issued again, tourists are advised not to leave their homes.

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In social networks, they complain that the rescuers, albeit out of good intentions, do not allow people to enjoy their vacation. Specialists of the Ministry of Emergency Situations warn that natural disasters should always be prepared in advance.

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