Tourists fled in horror from the water

A shark scares vacationers on a beach in France.

Tourists fled from the water in horror

Tourists fled from the water in horror

The two-meter animal was spotted on Saturday near the beach in Les Barcarès, in southern France bordering the Mediterranean Sea.


David Simian, the beach's chief lifeguard, said a precautionary evacuation was ordered after a dark figure was seen in the water. He said: “The rescuers lifted the boat and saw that it was a shark. It was a blue shark, which does not pose a danger to humans.

Blue sharks rarely bite people, but the rescuers raised a red flag and forbade people from swimming.

David explained: “It was made to protect the animal and prevent swimmers from approaching. People had already begun to gather at the water's edge, so we cleared the area as a precaution.”

Swimming was banned for one hour, according to local news sources.

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