Tourists did not survive the meeting with the hippopotamus on the river in Africa

The hippopotamus is considered the most dangerous animal on the continent

Tourists did not survive the encounter with a hippo on a river in Africa

Tourists Didn't Survive a Hippo on a River in Africa

On the Logone River near the border of Cameroon and Chad, five foreign tourists were killed. They were rafting on the water in a canoe when a hippopotamus blocked their way.

The animal attacked the boat and turned it over. Five tourists ended up in the water and died. Two more managed to reach the shore, but were seriously injured.

The Cameroon Wildlife Conservation Society explained that hippos become aggressive during the rainy season. At this time, people should not go into the places where they live and breed. This can cause a sharp defensive reaction.

The hippopotamus is a herbivore, but it poses a serious danger to humans. It is called the most dangerous animal in Africa: more people die from its attacks than from lions, buffaloes or leopards.

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