Tourist beats wife to death on holiday in Turkey

Hotel guests noticed the noise and screams from the next room

Tourist beat his wife to death on vacation in Turkey

< i>Tourist Beats His Wife to Death on Vacation in Turkey

In the popular Turkish resort of Kemer in the province of Antalya, a tragedy broke out. A couple of tourists quarreled in a hotel room, which led to the death of one of the spouses.

42-year-old Mikhail Sadrin arrived from Estonia with his wife Jelana, who was 41 years old. He rested in Kemer for several days, enjoying the beaches, the sea and the sun.

One evening, the couple returned late to the room where the quarrel began. It escalated into a fight, during which the man seriously injured his wife.

Other hotel guests drew attention to the noise and screams from the next room. The administration immediately called the police and an ambulance. The man was detained and an investigation into the incident was opened.

Celana was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Bruises, cuts were found on her body, several teeth were knocked out. In the hospital, the woman soon died from her injuries.

It remains unknown what exactly led to the outbreak of her husband's aggression in the midst of the rest.

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