Top vacation spots in Russia in autumn

We talk about the most picturesque places in Russia that show themselves from the other side in autumn.

Top places to stay in Russia in autumn

Top places for holidays in Russia in autumn

1. Putorana Plateau

The Putorana Plateau is a huge basalt plateau and is considered the geographical center of Russia. This region does not have roads and habitual settlements, however, here you can find many places where the human foot has not set foot yet. 

The Putorana Plateau is considered one of the most inaccessible areas, but, nevertheless, it is possible to get here. Autumn on the Putorana Plateau is completely different from the city. In September, the transition from summer to winter begins: the forests are painted with bright sunny colors, in which fog hides. You can see the first snow and many frozen blueberries. At this time, you can watch the northern lights.

A trip to this place should be well thought out and organized. Holidays on the plateau in autumn are suitable for people who prefer free time without excursions and rich programs. In one week on the Plateau you can see an incredible variety of nature: from the forest-tundra to the northern taiga, lakes and impregnable mountains, canyons and huge waterfalls. There is a poor connection with civilization, but a harmonious unity with nature.

2. Altai

In autumn, lakes and rivers in Altai are gradually covered with ice, but during the day the weather is still warm. This is a time of unpredictable weather mixing frost and sunshine. Autumn in Altai is a great time for hiking and quad biking across the expanses of the region. Hiking is considered the best option for traveling in Altai, suitable for outdoor enthusiasts who walk in the mountains with backpacks and spend the night in tents.

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It is also possible to travel on horseback to visit one of the main attractions – Mount Belukha. Here you will find a magical variety of colors of the Altai meadows, picturesque passes and places with a special energy. Altai is ideal for an autumn holiday in Russia.

3. Karelia

Autumn in Karelia begins at the end of August and opens access to all types of recreation. Lovers of solitude should go to camp sites and go fishing, go hiking or pick mushrooms in early September. You can also visit the Kizhi Museum-Reserve. on the island of the same name.

For those who prefer a more active holiday, it is recommended to ride a jeep or go on a quad bike safari through the ancient Karelian villages. The off-season is perfect for fun off-road riding. Such trips usually last from three days to a week with overnight stays in tents or at recreation centers.

4. South Ural

Horseback riding, catamaran rafting, visiting the reserve and excursions to the main sights of Ufa can be combined into one trip to Bashkiria. The best places for hiking in the republic include the Inzerskie gears and the Atysh waterfall in the Beloretsky district, the “Monomakh's Hat” in the Meleuzovsky district, the Khazinsky gorge and the Askinsky ice cave with relict ice. At this time of the year, museums also open their doors to visitors.

5. Crimea

Autumn Crimea is suitable for a relaxing holiday. The flow of tourists is declining, you can still swim in the sea, and it is easier to walk along the mountain paths. Popular places continue to work only in large resort towns. Golden autumn comes in the Crimea closer to mid-October. This is a great time to enjoy all the colors of nature characteristic of the mountain peaks of the peninsula: Demerdzhi, Ai-Petri, Chatyr-Dag, Ayu-Dag, Kara-Dag. In autumn, access to other sights of Crimea is opened: the ancient Tauric Chersonese, the cave city of Chufut-Kale, the Vorontsov Palace, the Nikitsky Botanical Garden. Every September, the military-historical festival “Russian Troy” takes place in Sevastopol.

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