Top Tourist Attractions in the World

Top 3 of the world's top tourist attractions

Top Tourist Attractions in the World

Top Tourist Attractions in the World

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Tripadvisor, a popular travel service, has published a list of the best attractions in the world. The rating was compiled based on the reviews of travelers from around the world, collected from May 2022 to April 2023.

1. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, ​​Spain

The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, ​​also known as the Sagrada Familia, is probably the most significant work of the great Spanish architect Antonio Gaudí.

In 2005, this building was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The construction of the Sagrada Familia began in 1882, and it has become one of the most famous long-term construction projects in the world and the main attraction of Spain. Every year, millions of tourists come to see its unusual architecture. The construction of the temple is planned to be completed by 2026, the day of the 100th anniversary of the death of Gaudí.

To purchase tickets to the Sagrada Familia temple, you can contact the box office or purchase them online on the official website. It is recommended to purchase tickets in advance to avoid large queues at the box office.

Some ticket types include an audio guide service that allows visitors to listen to a 45-minute tour in 12 languages, including Russian. Children under 12 are not allowed to use the audio guide. If you do not speak foreign languages, the use of an audio guide would be ideal, as the guides, as a rule, do not speak Russian.

2. Colosseum, Rome, Italy

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An icon of Rome and Italy in general, the Roman Colosseum was so named because of the giant statue of the mad Nero placed in front of it, although it was originally known as the Flavian Amphitheatre. Built in the 1st century, the amphitheater became the largest building for mass entertainment in the entire Roman Empire: the diameters of the building's oval are 156 and 188 meters, and the height is almost 50 meters. This area could accommodate more than 50 thousand spectators, eager for the spectacles of the Romans.

During the year, the Colosseum is closed to the public for only two days: December 25 and January 1.

The cost of entry and excursion program is 12 euros for adults and 7 euros for children. A reduced ticket is available for schoolchildren, students and pensioners, subject to the presentation of relevant documents. Buying a ticket can be a daunting task. Most tourists decide to pay entrance right at the walls of the Colosseum, so by 10:00 there are long queues at the box office.

If you want to save time and money, it is recommended to purchase tickets on the official website of the complex or in pre-sale places.

3. Anne Frank House, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam — a special place that preserves the memory of one of the most terrible tragedies of the 20th century — genocide of the Jewish people. The diary of a Jewish girl, Anne Frank, which was published, tells how she and her family, as well as friends, hid from the Nazis. This diary became an important document testifying to the terrible events of those years. In the museum you can see the original diary, photographs, documents and household items of that time. Before visiting, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the diary or history of people who found temporary shelter in the building that now houses the museum.

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The Anne Frank Museum, being small, often cannot accommodate everyone, so tickets are sold in advance, and only through the official website. It is recommended to purchase them at least 2 months before the planned visit.

The cost of tickets for adults is 16 euros, for children (10-17 years old) — €7, children under 9 are free to visit the museum.

There is also an additional €1 booking fee.

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