TOP 5 ways to save on travel in May

May holidays are the best time for short trips. However, every year the trips become more and more expensive. Accordingly, Russian tourists have a justified desire to save money.

TOP 5 ways to save on May travel

TOP 5 ways to save on May travel

 1. Think ahead about transport

An obvious piece of advice that is often overlooked by tourists when they travel. When planning long-distance trips, it is imperative to think over the route 2 or even 3 months in advance in order to catch the opportunity to purchase tickets at low prices. Do not forget that discounts sometimes appear on the websites of carriers or aggregators.

At the moment, you still have the opportunity to buy cheap tickets to the following destinations: Arkhangelsk and Murmansk (4,000 rubles each from Moscow one way), St. Petersburg (4,500 rubles) and Yekaterinburg (5,000 rubles). And you can get from St. Petersburg to Moscow for only 2,000 rubles by slow train or 3,500 rubles by plane.


 2. Check accommodation promotions

Firstly, it is worth tracking promotions from individual services and departments responsible for tourism in different countries. For example, some may offer travel cashback (as Rosturizm used to do), others — discount or nice bonuses.

Secondly, do not forget about alternatives to hotels and hotels.  You can stay in an apartment or rent an apartment. An excellent option will help you choose the CouchSurfing app for finding accommodation or a special section on the Cyan website. With their help, you can forget about spending on housing, and as a bonus, learn something new about the city or country where your trip will take place.

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 3 . Explore local apps

Local apps can really help you save money. The following applications can help you out:

   Save on taxis with local carsharing;

 • We buy cheap tickets to cultural and entertainment places on Internet services (for example, like Klook in Bangkok or Afisha in major Russian cities);

 • Accumulating bonuses in shops and cafes;

 • We save with programs for students (for example, the international ISIC card, which gives a discount or free admission to museums).


 4. Don do spend money on roaming

Buying a local SIM card will help you avoid huge spending on cellular communications — at the station, or even the nearest supermarket.

Besides, don do not forget about the existence of public Wi-Fi and do not neglect applications with offline maps, because it requests in maps and  ;Routing is especially expensive when traveling. 


 5. Choose non-tourist destinations

Don't deny yourself visiting a famous establishment or buying an expensive popular dessert, but and don forget that if such expenses become daily, the trip can ruin you.< /p>

In order to save on food, it's best to explore the area and find out which places the locals prefer. Non-tourist establishments delight tourists with loyal prices and delicious dishes. However, they are usually hidden from the eyes of tourists on inconspicuous streets.

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