Top 16: what to see in Bangkok on your own? Our Review

Top 16: what to see in Bangkok on your own? Our review

Bangkok always was an elusive city for us. At the beginning of your trip to Thailand, you do not want to waste valuable vacation time on tall “glasses”, at the end – you are already too tired to look at them. Eternal stuffiness, smells, noise – such a direction for relaxation.

This time we literally forced ourselves to stay for 3 days in Bangkok. Explore all the sights of the city (and come to the conclusion that there really are not so many of them!), And make the best itinerary for what to see in Bangkok on your own to share with you in this article.

The main sights of Bangkok

Bangkok is a huge city in which the cultural heritage of Siam is adjacent to modern buildings, skyscrapers and high-speed trains. For many, a holiday in Thailand begins here.

It feels like a futuristic, robotic city of the future – with its multi-level interchanges of roads, one above the other, skyscrapers – but the whole impression evaporates when you see native Thai macaroons, massage parlors and hammocks stretched between trees, with sweetly snoring Thais.

In a word, the capital of Thailand is an interesting city. There is clearly something to see here. So, where to visit in Bangkok?

Tip: if you are afraid of huge megacities, where food is languishing in carts in the heat near the track, flocks of motorbikes ride in an endless stream, and sidewalks tend to end in the most unexpected places … but you still want to explore them, these cities, you still want to take an excursion on Tripster. In Bangkok, with its exhausting heat, they are great!

Wat Arun Temple of Dawn

Top 16: what to see in Bangkok on your own? Our review

1) that to visit all the temples in Bangkok without exception, you will need to cover your knees and shoulders. A separate warning for men – they will not let you in shorts. You need to either bring something of your own, or hope for free handkerchiefs at the entrance (but most often they are paid).

2) The currency of Thailand is Thai baht. Approximate exchange rate to the ruble: 1 baht = 2 rubles.

There are two main, most popular Buddhist temples in Bangkok. They stand exactly opposite each other, separated by the Chao Phraya River.

The first one, Wat Arun Temple of Dawn, differs from the standard image of a Thai temple. Its facade is decorated with ceramics and fragments of Chinese porcelain, and the unusual shape of the spire is visible from afar. At night it shines like a Christmas toy! Despite the inviting staircase, it is impossible to climb to the very top of the temple.

Whether you get to the Temple of Dawn after Wat Pho or vice versa, you will in any case have a mini-adventure of sorts: you need to cross the Chao Phraya on an ancient ferry. The starting point is Tah Tian Pier, the cost is 5 baht, the travel time is 5 minutes.

An incredible number of tourists are circling in Wat Arun, and it seemed to me that it was much more pleasant to admire the temple from the opposite side, or while swimming by boat – it is wonderfully visible from the water.

Ticket price: 100 baht. It's cheaper than Wat Pho or the Royal Palace.

Wat Pho

Top 16: what to see in Bangkok on your own? Our review

Top 16: what to see in Bangkok on your own? Our review

Top 16: what to see in Bangkok on your own? Our review

Equal to the aforementioned famous temple, standing on the opposite bank of the river – Wat Pho Temple. An attraction, without visiting which I do not advise leaving the capital of Thailand. One has only to start reading reviews about what to see in Bangkok, and Wat Pho will immediately catch your eye.

  • The fact is that here is the famous statue of the reclining Buddha. I missed this moment and looked at everything except the main element! Now I regret it a little.

Another good reason to look at the territory of the complex is the oldest school of Thai massage. The glorious Thai massage was born here, and it is from here that the best massage therapists in the country graduate. You can also test the skill on yourself (more precisely, on the body), but for this you will have to stand in a live line for about an hour. The price of a session here is slightly higher than the average in Bangkok – 320 baht for 30 minutes and 480 baht for an hour.

A little advice if you really want to try a massage: come to the temple at the opening and go immediately for a massage. You pass the line, and look after the reclining Buddha – he will still remain in the same place.

Under the short name of Wat Pho, not only the temple is hidden, but also 30 other buildings. This is not a place where you can quickly run in, click a photo and rush on. I spent about half an hour here.

Entrance fee to Wat Pho temple: 200 baht.

Khaosan Road

Top 16: what to see in Bangkok on your own? Our review

Can you say that Khaosan Road = the center of Bangkok? To some extent, yes, because this is the most popular street in the city. She has a special atmosphere – the kind that is sought on Bangla Road in Phuket or on Walking Street in Pattaya.

Khaosan Road tends to come alive in the evening and at night. Bars, cafes and restaurants huddle along the entire street, the smells of various street food and local delicacies in the form of fried cockroaches and scorpions are multiplying. All this is complemented by loud music coming from the establishments, so much so that the legs themselves rush into the dance.

  • Here you can also get a temporary tattoo, braid, buy a bus ticket, have a Thai massage, foot massage and book a tour. I did all of the above there – as they say, we take everything from life at once!

And Khaosan Road is also the place where entertainment is organized on a grand scale in Bangkok and on the traditional winter New Year, and Thai spring. If you like to have fun, then come here. True, be vigilant with personal belongings – there are no guarantees about their safety.

Advice: I advise fans of walking to walk to Khaosan Road from Wat Pho on foot, be sure to catch on the way an attraction that does not reach its personal section, but is still entertaining – The Giant Swing. In addition, Jay Fai, which is amazing for me and legendary for catering in Bangkok, is located near the swing, which was featured in a show on Netflix. This is a canteen that serves Thai food with a price tag of 800-1000 baht (yes). So popular that you have to join the waiting list. We record in unusual places in Bangkok and move on.


Top 16: what to see in Bangkok on your own? Our review

Looking at Bangkok from a bird's eye view is oh-by-a-th-th-but. During my travel experience, I realized that there are cities that are not very pretty from a height. Bangkok, unfortunately for our wallet, is not one of those!

In the capital, skyscrapers are on every corner. But those who watched the movie “Bachelor Party in Bangkok” and were, in fact, in Bangkok, will be advised to go to the Lebua at State Tower hotel first of all. Why? You can guess: shots were filmed here with Bradley Cooper and his men's company! Take in the views of the city on the 61st floor from either the Sky Bar or the Sirocco Restaurant – order a cocktail (900-1300 baht) and get ready to make remarks to everyone who stands in front of your table, blocking the view. Due to its super popularity, I don’t like this place (and you can drink a cocktail at a height much cheaper).

Let's talk about other observation decks in Bangkok – much more successful, in my opinion:

  • Vertigo Bar– a very pleasant open-air rooftop bar on the 63rd floor, from which Bangkok is perfectly visible. Admission is free, cocktails cost 500 baht. But, to be honest, all the staff are so busy with numerous guests that they do not pay attention to you innocently taking pictures of the views and not ordering anything. The bar opens at 6:00 pm and security is allowed through a specific dress code: no barefoot sandals, slippers, short shorts or T-shirts.
  • Baiyoke Sky Hotel– offers both rooms with stunning views and two public observation decks. The first is covered on the 77th floor, and the second is an open revolving one on the 84th floor. After sunset, the platform stops spinning. A single ticket for viewing and costs 400 baht. The opportunity to get in is free of charge for hotel guests – from Russian services, the hotel is on the Ostrovok search engine. Tickets for the site can be bought both at the entrance and in advance. I bought on arrival, there were no special queues.
  • MahaNakhon Tower– by the way, it is considered the best observation deck. You can see all of Bangkok! I advise you to immediately run from the elevator that stops at the 74th floor to the 78th, to a two-level open-air platform. You can grab a cocktail, find a seat on a bean bag chair, or stand in line for a glass bridge where you can see Bangkok unfolding beneath your feet. Entrance fees: from 10:00 to 17:00 – 880 baht, from 17:00 – 1080 baht.
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And also … ⬇️

Wat Saket Temple

Top 16: what to see in Bangkok on your own? Our review

Or Golden Mountain. A temple with a gilded chedi that looks like a huge bell overlooking Bangkok. I won't be lying if I say that the view rightfully competes with Baiyoke Sky.

If you are not interested in temples at all, do not want to spend time on 3-4 “mandatory” temples in Bangkok and need a recommendation of only one, then, for my taste, this is Wat Saket. Before the construction of the city with skyscrapers, this temple was one of the highest in the capital (only Wat Arun from the first section is higher).

Wat Saket is better to visit early in the morning or late in the evening, since it is necessary to overcome the rise of 300 steps ( or rather 318) at the height of the day – a dubious pleasure. But the view of Bangkok is really impressive. And suffering from the heat can be leveled with a bottle of coconut water or lemonade, which are issued after descending with an entrance ticket.

Entrance fee: 100 baht.


Top 16: what to see in Bangkok on your own? Our review

Chinatown is a very colorful place in Bangkok, which I advise you to definitely see. Red paper lanterns, shops with souvenirs and strange food, hieroglyphs … As befits Chinatown, there is a luxurious gate (The Chinatown Gate) at the entrance to it.

If you are not afraid of experiments, then try bird's nest and shark fin soup. It is unlikely that this will become your favorite dish, but an interesting gastronomic journey is guaranteed. Not tuned in to such large-scale discoveries? Stop by Woodbrook Bangkok, a coffee shop with views of the Chao Phraya River and ferries and boats zipping back and forth.

Tip: you can (but not necessarily) get out of Chinatown by the best transport in the world – a ferry or a boat for 16-20 baht. From Ratchawong Pier you can sail away to, for example, the IconSiam shopping center or the relative central Sathorn Pier.

Lumpini park

< p>Top 16: what to see in Bangkok on your own? Our review

The sights of Bangkok are not complete without Lumpini Park. It is very pleasant to wrap up here after no matter how long a walk through a hot city. Many compare Lumpini to Central Park in New York, but this, of course, is an exaggeration.

  • But the history of the park is interesting: this territory belonged to the King of Thailand, on which he ordered a park. No less interesting is the fact that at that time – almost a hundred years ago – the district was considered the periphery of the city, and now it is a business center.

Tourists mostly come here to relax from the heat by the pond. I advise you not to relax and be sure to find at least one monitor lizard near the water. They are huge and sometimes intimidating when they crawl across the road.

Tip: There are a lot of great establishments in the center next to the park. The Spotted Pig (Mexican cuisine, especially tacos), Toby's at Sala Daeng (avocado and salmon breakfasts from Australians), Peace (matcha), The Smokin' Pug (beer and barbecue).

Floating markets

Top 16: what to see in Bangkok on your own? Our review

Any Asian country is famous for its floating markets, which function for both locals and foreigners. If this is your first time in Southeast Asia, then it is advisable to go for reconnaissance early in the morning.

  • There are only about five floating markets in Bangkok, the most famous of which is the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. But it is located 80 kilometers from the city, so this is more of an answer to the question “where to go from Bangkok.” How to get there? The easiest way is by car or taxi. The road lasting 1.5 hours will cost 1000 baht one way. For the same amount, you can rent a car for a day at Localrent.

In the market itself, you will have to pay for a boat to ride on it, and pleasure is not cheap – prices go back and forth from 2000 to 3000 baht per person (you can bargain). As for us, we did not go to floating markets in Bangkok, as we had already visited them in Vietnam.


Top 16: what to see in Bangkok on your own? Our review

The infrastructure in Bangkok is built in such a way that a person – whether a tourist or a local – does not melt from the heat on the street. And because the number of shopping centers here rolls over, Dubai will envy. One flows into the other, cool, rippling in the eyes from the choice.

Shopping in Bangkok holds a special place in my heart, because it was there that my favorite things were bought, which delight my friends every time. Bangkok's malls offer both items from the world's most famous brands and stylish options from local designers. Designers in Bangkok, by the way, are what you need.

One of the most popular and largest shopping centers in Bangkok is Siam Paragon. For family tourists, the plus of this giant is that Sea Life Bangkok Aquarium is right there (1190 baht if over 12 years old; 990 baht if younger) – you can shop while the other parent has something to do in Bangkok with children.

Shopping center also deserves attentionTerminal 21, in which each floor is stylized as a different country. At least it's interesting to visit. I think IconSiam is the most pleasant and modern shopping center – it can be reached by a free ferry from Sathorn Pier.

Tip: in shopping centers it is easy to be tempted by understandable McDonald's or CFS. I suggest trying something more interesting. For example, delicious ramen (Japanese soup with meat and noodles) at Bankara Ramen in Siam Paragon. Great latte or cappuccino at Arabica coffee shop at IconSiam. Or the incredible variety of Thai food at Terminal 21's massive Pier 21 food court.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

If the offer of a day trip to the market and shopping makes your heart beat faster with joy, this is the place for you. Hanging around in the traditional open market, which, by the way, is also considered one of the largest in Asia, is an activity that not everyone likes, but many.

  • The market is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 9:00 to 18:00, but on Friday – from 18:00 to 00:00. Closed on Monday and Tuesday.

What do they buy here, having carefully examined all 15,000 stalls? Souvenirs, textiles, leather goods, spices, household items. They say that the prices are really lower than in stores. I read that there is nothing to do in this market… There really is nothing to “do” on it, if there is a goal, it is necessary to “do” something. And if you are interested in gawking at thousands of different goods, gawking at the locals selling and maybe buying some trinket, then you are in the right place.

Tip: adult members of the company who do not share the love of markets can be left for a cup of black coffee in Talen Coffee Drip or in a massage parlor. And the smaller ones at the free Children's Discovery museum.

Jim Thompson House Museum

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Top 16: what to see in Bangkok on your own? Our review

Museums are not Bangkok's forte, but there is one that I would definitely recommend visiting. Even despite the fact that the Jim Thompson Museum is more popular among foreigners than compatriots (I attribute it to the fact that the museum does not have a Russian-language audio guide).

The concept of a house-museum is interesting in itself, and when its owner was reputed to be one of the most influential foreigners in Thailand of the 20th century, it is already difficult to resist buying a ticket. Jim Thompson was an American by birth and an adventurer by nature, who managed to build an empire in the production and trade of Thai silk. He was fond of collecting art, and in order to demonstrate it beautifully, he moved six old Thai houses to Bangkok, where he placed everything.

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Jim Thompson was also a spy and disappeared without a trace in broad daylight in Malaysia at the time trips. And all that remains is a complex stuffed with works of art from Southeast Asia, where you can (and should!) get into now. The territory of the house is very green and pleasant, this is a great place to go in the midst of Bangkok hell.

Entrance fee: 200 baht.

Loha Prasat cast-iron temple

It is unlikely that you will find this temple in the top 10 main attractions of Bangkok, but that's why it is beautiful! If you are tired of crowds of tourists and want to be in peace and grace, then welcome to a small but very pleasant temple.

In Bangkok, it is called the Cast Iron Temple. Each floor has its own atmosphere, the postulates of Buddhism are hung on the walls. Here you can see people praying and meditating in different parts of the building, or you can be completely alone – how lucky I am.

The top floor offers a beautiful view of Bangkok with the sound of bells waving in the wind. A great place to take a break from the noise of the city, think about the eternal and be alone with yourself.

Entrance to the temple is free, but you can make a donation.

Ko Kret Island

< p>A city within a city, if I may say so, Koh Kret is an island in Bangkok, on which there are seven different villages, the most numerous of which is the village of the Mon tribe.

  • Interesting places are always fraught with some kind of difficulty, and in the case of Koh Kret, this is the way to get there. Here you will need a ferry (15 baht) from the Wat Klang Kret pier, 30 kilometers from the city center.

The island is very interesting – quiet, green, completely without transport! What to do here? Ride bicycles, walk around the market, try local interesting things (for example, chhau quoi – a kind of jelly dish), buy souvenirs, look at temples, get acquainted with local life and pottery.

After half an hour on the island, you can forget that you are in Bangkok, because the difference in the rhythm of life and atmosphere is incredibly great.

Asiatique embankment

Top 16: what to see in Bangkok on your own? Our review

Why is it worth visiting the Asian promenade? Firstly, the night market opens in the evening, secondly, you can take a ride on the Ferris wheel, and thirdly, this is a place that has retained its charm – the malls are designed in the form of warehouses, which historically were located here.

  • Most tourists visit this promenade because of the Asiatique Sky Ferris wheel, which is spectacularly illuminated from the outside, although the view from the inside is not so impressive. The cost is THB 500 per adult, THB 200 per child.

You can dine on the embankment – it is filled with numerous cafes and restaurants – and take a walk. But I advise you not to buy anything, as the prices are much higher than the market ones. The market itself is very pleasant, as is the waterfront atmosphere.

Tip: The nearby restaurant Tuang Dim Sum is the best place to try dim sum (Chinese dumplings). Also 50-60 baht per serving! Very cheap for Bangkok. Open from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Chao Phraya River Cruise

Top 16: what to see in Bangkok on your own? Our review

In every new place, I try to look at the city from the water. In Bangkok, there are plenty of opportunities for this on the river that stretches through the entire city – Chao Phraya. You can take a day cruise (and watch monitor lizards splash in the water), or you can take a night cruise and admire the city in lights at dinner. Or you can even buy a ticket for the longest round-trip city route at any pier.

It's important not to fall for the popular Bangkok 'scam' which is this: a friendly Thai man stops you on the street and kindly asks where you're going and how to help you. Then he says that the particular attraction you are heading to is now closed, but will open in a couple of hours, but for now you can look at it from the river. With a wave of his hand, the Thai stops the tuk-tuk, which, without further ado, takes you to the boats, where you will be charged 10 times the actual cost of the cruise. I succumbed, but you be careful!

The Grand Palace

Top 16: what to see in Bangkok on your own? Our review

Yes, the main item of all “what to see” lists, and for some, the main attraction in Bangkok, the Royal Palace is in last place in my rating.

To be honest, I did not like the cost of the ticket (500 baht per person), the architecture of the Thai temple, despite the title of the palace (and by that time we had already seen three temples, and somehow got bored) and the inability to hide from the evil sun in the open area. Well, and the fact that my companion was not allowed in knee-length shorts, and I didn’t want to buy pants for 150 baht.

If you are interested in the architecture and history of Bangkok, then this is a must-see place. And if you are, in principle, not the person who first of all runs to explore the town halls and palaces in a new city, then it is quite possible to skip this item and save baht.

What to see in Bangkok in 3 days?

Top 16: what to see in Bangkok on your own? Our review

Below I have left a plan of what to see in Bangkok in 3 days. I compiled it for myself and put it into practice – it turned out very well!

So, what to see on your own in Bangkok:

1 day.
The ideal program for 1 day in Bangkok or for those who are in general for the first time in Bangkok is to combine cultural heritage and modern entertainment. Therefore, I propose to proceed in this way.

  • We go for a morning cup of coffee at Roots. There are coffee houses of this network in many parts of the city.
  • We move by taxi, bus or metro to the Rattanakosin area. After all, the first thing that comes to mind when asking “where to go in Bangkok” is temples (and lookouts, but it’s better to leave them at sunset), and in Rattanakosin they are on every corner. Let's go and study Wat Pho.
  • We move further to the temple Wat Arun, sailing on a boat to the other side of the river.
  • We return and in 10 minutes we reach The Grand Palace (Royal Palace) .
  • Go to the Flower Market and take some cool pictures.
  • Taxi back to downtown and choose a place for lunch (recommend Khua Kling Pak Sod with amazing pad thai!).
  • Around 17:00 we move towards the observation deck to watch the sunset, drink cocktails and take pictures. Mahanakhon Tower or Vertigo Bar, whatever you like!
  • End an exciting day at the massage parlor with a Thai or foot massage. There are a lot of salons in Bangkok, choose according to reviews. In the Silom area, we went to Plumeria Spa.

Budget per day per person: 2000-3000 baht (depending on the choice of viewing room).

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Top 16: what to see in Bangkok on your own? Our review

Top 16: what to see in Bangkok on your own? Our review

Day 2.< /strong>
The beginning of the second day should be given to something farther away. It can be the island of Koh Kret or a floating market. You can also consider renting a car so as not to spend money on a taxi. Important! There are several floating markets in Bangkok, and some of them are open only on weekends – check the opening hours.

  • Determining what is more interesting, Damnoen Saduak market on the water or the island of Ko Kret where the tribes live, and move in that direction. You can have breakfast and lunch there as well, but you will most likely finish your study by 12:00.
  • Another option to dine next to the next point of the second day in Bangkok is a nice family restaurant < em>The Family. From the taste of Thai dishes and prices, you can burst into tears of happiness (70 baht for pad thai or shrimp rice!). During the day, it works strictly from 13:00 to 15:00, to match our schedule.
  • After lunch, we take a walk to the cast-iron Loha Prasat. And then we cross the road and climb to the top of the Wat Saket temple.
  • Spend the evening on Kaosan Road or in Chinatown – all in the same area, we also have dinner there. Or, if we have such a task, we go to a new lookout (Bike Sky or Lebois from the Bachelor Party).

Budget for the day per person: THB 4,000 (of which THB 1,000 for car, THB 300 for petrol).

Top 16: what to see in Bangkok on your own? Our review

Day 3.
Spend the day bohemian – inspect the rest , dive into the bowels of the shopping malls of Bangkok, have breakfast and dinner beautifully!

  • Starting with breakfast: in the Khaosan Road area, I like the rooftop cafe Rue de Mansri. Near the Mahanakhon tower I love European brunches in Not Just Another Cup or Luka, and near the Sathon Pier – Sarnies.
  • K At 10:00 we arrive at the Jim Thompson House Museum and spend about an hour here.
  • Fifteen minutes walk and welcome to the seemingly endless Siam Paragon >. You may not notice how you have already moved to the neighboring Siam Square One, and Siam Discovery, and MBK Center, and CentralwOrld. In the latter, by the way, there is a cool cinema with all the new films in English. I don’t dare to guess how many hours they spend here, but I know for sure that …
  • …after shopping and the general hubbub, it is very pleasant to relax in Lumpini Park.
  • In the evening book a river dinner cruise or stop by for a couple of cocktails at the famous rooftop bar Octave.

Budget per day per person: 1400 baht + nth amount for shopping.

Best Tours in Bangkok (and from Bangkok)

Top 16: what to see in Bangkok on your own? Our review< /p>

If you have already seen everything in Bangkok, the question arises – where to go from Bangkok? Group and individual excursions in Bangkok and beyond can be found on Tripster with payment by a Russian card or on Viator if you have a foreign card.

Here are five excursions that we have visited ourselves or would like to visit in the future.

1. Ayutthaya (or Ayutthaya)
An excursion to the second capital of Siam will not leave you indifferent. Especially if you like walking through the ruins of ruined cities and imagining how the inhabitants once walked here. The Old City of Ayutthaya is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and includes about 12 temples. During the tour, they usually visit the Bang Pain Palace, the Ayutthaya floating market, the Phra Sisanphet temple and Mahathat and examine the ancient ruins of the temple complexes.

Tip: if you drive a bike, then go to Ayutthaya on your own (by train or bus ) – almost on the platform you will be offered to rent a bike, on which you can drive around all the temples and ruins in your own mode.

A group tour to Ayutthaya from Bangkok with an English-speaking guide for $50 can be booked here (you need a foreign card).

2. Erawan National Park and Kanchanaburi
You will climb all seven levels of the park's waterfalls and swim in one of them. Then you will plunge into the tragic history of the construction of the Thai-Burmese railway and visit the historic bridge over the River Kwai.

The cost of such an excursion in English will vary within $80 per person. But there is always the option to make the trip on your own by taking the train and booking a floating house in Kanchanaburi for one night.

3. Tour of the Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Wat Arun
It doesn't always make sense to waste time wandering around the temples in search of the best route – there are tours in Bangkok for such a case. An experienced guide will take you to three iconic places in Bangkok as quickly and informatively as possible.

Russian-language overviews of Bangkok are collected on Tripster ⬇️

4. Pattaya: Elephant Sanctuary Day Tour
Well, where in Thailand without elephants! Only, of course, if they are not tortured and forced to ride tourists. You need to look for reserves where elephants are taken care of and elephant riding is not carried out – only washing and bathing together.

5. Wat Bang Phra Monastery
Finally, why not get a sacred tattoo at Bang Phra Temple? I confess I didn't, but I promise next time. Let's do it together? Price from $115 per person.

What to see in Bangkok with kids?

Top 16: what to see in Bangkok on your own? Our review

Bangkok is a city for all ages. Therefore, even when traveling with children, you can find a reasonable compromise between sacred places and children's fun. Below is just a small list of what to see in Bangkok with children.

  • Safari World is a world-famous zoo in Bangkok, which includes a nature reserve where animals walk without enclosures, a traditional zoo and a marine world. For a fee, you can go on a “safari” through the park by minibus. Not only children will be delighted, but also adults.
    Safari price: THB 1,000 for adults, THB 900 for children
    Marine Park entrance fee: THB 1,300/THB 1,100 respectively
    Combined ticket for both parks : 1500 baht/1400 baht
  • Siam Amazing Park – Do you like water parks? I love it, and I'm sure your kids will too. So go here without hesitation. We turn on the child mode and rush to the steepest hill – we compensate for the lack of beaches in Bangkok.
    Cost: adult 1000 baht, child 850 baht
  • Siam Ocean World is my favorite marine life, oddly enough, sharks. Here they are very beautiful. This aquarium is located in Siam Paragon Mall.
    Entrance fee: 1190 baht for adults, 990 baht for children.
    Children under 3 years old with supporting documents – admission is free.
  • Bangkok Butterfly Garden & Insectarium – a garden with butterflies. The main thing is free!

My review and tips for Bangkok

Bangkok is a very “different” city. Here you can find spirituality in sacred temples, and alcoholism on the walking streets, chic in hotels located in skyscrapers, and poverty in the slums. It all depends on the angle of your view.

Let's start with air tickets. A direct flight from Moscow to Bangkok will take about 9 hours – only Aeroflot flies for 30,000 rubles one way. But in addition, there are a large number of flights with transfers that we ourselves used – from Etihad, Oman Air, Gulf Air and Indian airlines. All flight options will be shown by Aviasales.

I will give a couple of tips that would be useful to me when I first visit Bangkok:

  • Immediately upon arrival at Bangkok airport (Suvarnabhumi or Dong Muang) buy a SIM card . The presence of mobile Internet will greatly facilitate your stay in the country. Sim cards can be bought immediately in the baggage claim area, or you can pre-order on KLOOK, and you can just get it there.
  • Tourists in Asian countries often prefer to use tuk tuks because it is an unusual mode of transport. But you need to understand that the cost of a tuk-tuk is usually much higher than the cost of a taxi. Use the local Uber, namely the Grab taxi application.
  • You can get to the very tourist area with temples on foot from the Khaosan Road area (20 minutes), by taxi (from almost any area of ​​the city the cost will not be higher 200 baht), swim to the pier near the Royal Palace for 15 baht or take city buses and the MRT.
  • Currency can be changed immediately at the airport – contrary to popular belief that airports have the worst exchange rates, it did not seem so to me.
  • When choosing where to live, consider what is more important to you. If you want to visit all the historical sights of the capital, then it is better to stay in the historical center of Rattanakosin. It is not necessary to live exactly on Khaosan Road, you can stay on the next street or a couple of blocks away. If you are mainly interested in shopping and the neighborhood of first-class restaurants, then the Siam area is what you need.

Where is the best place to stay in Bangkok?

Top 16: what to see in Bangkok on your own? Our feedback

Top 16: what to see in Bangkok on your own? Our review

I lived in different parts of Bangkok, but I realized that most of all I like the historical center 10 minutes from Khaosan Road. This location is perfect for me: Khaosan Road is not yet audible, but already within walking distance. And in 20 minutes you can run to Wat Pho or Wat Saket.

In general, in Bangkok, I always chose one of these hotels for myself:

  • 3* Ir- On Hotel
  • 3* iSanook Bangkok
  • 3* Ibis Style Sukhumvit
  • 3* Naga Residence
  • 4* Eleven Hotel Bangkok

One last thing: don't swear at the Thais. In this country, everything needs to be decided amicably. Although, I would say, as in any other. Relax in Thailand and remember that Thailand is spelled without Y.

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