Third in a week. Blast hits Istanbul tourist center

A new incident occurred on Evliya Street in the Seyit Omer microdistrict

Third in a week. Another explosion in the tourist center of Istanbul

Third in a week. Another explosion rumbled in the tourist center of Istanbul

An explosion rumbled again in the tourist district of Fatih in the European part of Istanbul explosion. This happened just a couple of days after the terrorist attack on Istiklal Street, as well as the explosion of cars on Kojamustafa Pasha Street.

According to the preliminary version, the cause of the third incident was an explosion of household gas in a residential building during gas supply work . The explosion occurred on Wednesday evening on Evliya Street in the Seyit Omer district. A fire broke out on the basement floor of a three-story house, which quickly spread to the upper floors.

The flames were quickly extinguished. According to preliminary data, 10 people were injured. Three of them are employees of the Istanbul gas distribution company IGDAŞ.

Fatih is one of the central districts of Istanbul, where there are always thousands of tourists. A few kilometers from Kojamustafa Pasha Street is Sultanahmet Square and the main attractions of the city: the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia.

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