The world's largest iceberg began active drift

What fate awaits an iceberg whose area is larger than the area of ​​St. Petersburg?

The world's largest iceberg began active drift

The world's largest iceberg began an active drift

The largest iceberg A23a, which broke away almost 40 years ago, is now drifting into the Weddell Sea along the coast of Antarctica at a speed exceeding 150 kilometers per month.

The Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI), which tracks the movements of the iceberg, reports that its area is more than 4 thousand square kilometers, which is twice the area of ​​St. Petersburg.

A23a broke away from the Filchner Ice Shelf in Antarctica in September 1986. Then three large icebergs arose, on one of them the Druzhnaya-1 base was located; Soviet Antarctic Expedition. The base had a large amount of equipment that was subsequently evacuated.

At the moment, the future of A23a depends on various factors such as currents, underwater terrain and weather conditions, but in the end, the days of this iceberg are numbered.


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