The secret of a slim figure of Natalia Senchukova

The singer shared a photo in a bathing suit from her vacation.

The secret of Natalia Senchukova's slim figure

The secret of Natalia Senchukova's slim figure

In the summer, Natalya Senchukova and Viktor Rybin prefer to relax on their own boat, making river cruises. The couple bought the boat in disrepair and restored it.

Recently, Senchukova delighted fans by sharing a photo on her personal blog. In the picture, she is posing on the deck in a spectacular bikini.

Natalia showed a chiseled figure and also showed a tattoo in the abdomen. In the comments, fans expressed admiration for her appearance and figure.

To maintain her shape, Senchukova monitors her diet. She prefers light dinners, often eats fresh vegetables and fish. The singer does not completely exclude sweets and fried foods from her diet, but limits their consumption. She only allows herself sweets once a week in small quantities.

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