The Russians were told about the reduction in airfare by 30 times

Tourists are urged to rethink about traveling abroad

The Russians were told about a 30-fold reduction in airfare

The Russians were told about a 30-fold reduction in airfare

Association of Tour Operators of Russia ( ATOR) reported a sharp decrease in prices for air tickets from the country abroad to popular tourist destinations.

In September, after the announcement of mobilization in the Russian Federation, many Russians went abroad. Airfare prices have skyrocketed. Queues formed at airports across Russia.

Since then, the situation has returned to normal. According to ATOR, tickets from Moscow

    to Yerevan – 30 times cheaper from 380 to 13 thousand rubles, to Tashkent – 18 times from 322 to 18 thousand rubles, to Dubai – 5, 5 times from 173 to 31 thousand rubles, to Istanbul – 7 times from 179 to 26 thousand rubles.

Experts attribute the decline in airfare to falling demand for outbound flights. Tourists are encouraged to think again about planning holidays abroad at budget prices.

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