The Russians overturned the bus on the border with Kazakhstan

Disgruntled citizens threatened the driver

Russians overturned a bus on the border with Kazakhstan

Russians overturned a bus on the border with Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan bus carriers have temporarily suspended regular cross-border buses Uralsk-Samara and Uralsk-Tolyatti due to an incident at the border.

After the partial mobilization was announced in the Russian Federation, tens of thousands of Russians went to Kazakhstan to avoid conscription. Many kilometers of car queues formed at the border checkpoints.

Buses drive past traffic jams along the green corridor and pass the border faster than cars. Therefore, many young people prefer this particular way to get to Kazakhstan.

On September 28, dissatisfied Russian motorists attacked one of the scheduled buses. According to the carrier, they threatened the driver, after which they turned him over. For the further safety of passengers, bus service was temporarily interrupted.

According to media reports, it has been restored again since October 1.

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