The most unusual excursions in the world

We talk about excursions where you will learn all the information about UFOs, vampires and much more.

The most unusual excursions in the world

The most unusual excursions in the world

1. UK Crop Circle Tour

Where are all the X-Files fans? That's right, in the UK, because there are excursions that are dedicated to crop circles. Not much is known about how these huge circles form. Some believe that these are UFO tricks, others are sure that for the most part this is a falsification. The tour costs about 700 thousand rubles and has quite specific restrictions for those who decide to take part in it. The tour itself lasts almost a week, all participants must sign an agreement to participate, and those with pacemakers are advised to forego the tour due to the unpredictable nature of the area.

2. Grand Baie Underwater Walking Tour

Underwater walking tours offered in Mauritius last about 20 minutes and allow tourists to swim underwater. It is likely that you will see several types of fish that are not afraid to swim right up to your diving helmet. Feeding the fish is also part of this excursion, and just in case, there are professionals with you in the water.

3. Garbage Tour in London

On these tours, visitors will learn all about garbage. Believe it or not, the city has a long history with what is now considered “garbage”, for example, tourists can learn about how dog feces were once used to tan leather. In addition, the participants of the tour will get a complete picture of the city, passing by various landfills and historical landmarks associated with a modern garbage disposal system. Sounds weird, but maybe trash can still be interesting.

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4. Bollywood tour in India

Bollywood makes twice as many films as Hollywood, so it's no wonder there's so much hype around it. For those who are true connoisseurs of Bollywood, Bollywood Tourism offers unique tours. Fans will have the opportunity to observe all the internal processes of the film industry on a real film set. Also, depending on the type of tour you are looking for, you can add options such as a film class and meeting famous Bollywood directors.

5. Vampire Hunt in Louisiana's French Quarter

It's no wonder you can take the Vampire Tour while visiting New Orleans, as the city is famous for its folklore and legends. Moreover, the city is known for having a reputation deeply rooted in the mystical arts. New Orleans is also home to the world's only real “vampire store.” After learning about vampire-related crimes, nightlife, and vampire habitats, take a stroll around the store and get some custom-made fangs.

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