“The most tired family” Dzhigan again tired on vacation

The rapper's wife shared with subscribers the details of what happened.

«The Tiredest Family» Dzhigana is tired again on vacation

“The Tiredest Family” Dzhigan is tired again on vacation

Model Oksana Samoilova and rapper Dzhigan regularly travel to different countries. Usually they are well prepared for trips with children and know how to cope with any illness. However, this time they were faced with complete unpreparedness for what was happening.

The couple decided to celebrate the birthday of the head of the family in Colombia. They went to this country in full force, including Oksana's mother and four children. The celebration went perfectly, but then the rest was completely and irrevocably ruined.

Oksana disappeared from her personal blog for several weeks and stopped publishing fresh photos. Today she got in touch with her fans and said that this vacation was the most terrible in her life. All family members fell ill with various ailments at the same time. The model herself felt so bad that she had to lie under drips.

Oksana complained that due to illness and treatment, the family could not enjoy the vacation. They planned many interesting walks, but nothing came to fruition. “We spent another day in the hospital. I jokingly say that we should have rented an apartment overlooking the hospital. Why do we need the sea if we are in the hospital all the time? The best vacation,” the rapper's wife ironically.

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