The king of Russian stage continues to travel around Europe

Philip Kirkorov visited Rome for the first time.

The king of Russian pop continues to travel around Europe

The king of Russian pop continues to travel around Europe

After visiting Athens, Philip Kirkorov decided to continue his journey and went to Rome. It is known that the singer often travels, but, oddly enough, he first visited the Eternal City.

Kirkorov settled in the suite of one of the most expensive hotels in the city and has already examined one of the sights — Trevi Fountain. At the same time, the King of Russian show business went on his walk unaccompanied by security.

The singer could not help but share his impressions with subscribers: «Trevi Fountain— incredible beauty! I don't even want to leave. I have to toss a coin, but unfortunately I don't have one. I am in Rome for the first time. Now I want to come here again.

In addition to relaxing and visiting tourist sites, Philip Kirkorov also pampers himself with new purchases. It's no secret that he is an avid fashionista, which is why in just a week spent in Europe, the singer managed to buy several suitcases of new clothes and accessories.

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