The husband of Christina Orbakaite brought the singer to tears

The star family spends their holidays by the sea.

Kristina Orbakaite's husband brought the singer to tears

Kristina Orbakaite's husband brought the singer to tears

Kristina Orbakaite and her family spend the whole summer in Europe. The singer started her journey from Italy and then went to her hometown, Palanga, in Lithuania. There she visited her father, Mykolas Orbakas, and walked around the places of her childhood.

Then Orbakaite and her family came to Jurmala, Latvia to visit Alla Pugacheva, and thus completed their journey through the Baltics.

On vacation, the family spends their days enjoying the beach and having fun. Kristina filmed the moments when her daughter Claudia Zemtsova and Liza Galkina ran along the coast, and Mikhail Zemtsov tried to catch the girls in the frame.

At one moment, Orbakaite even burst into tears with laughter, because the situation was so carefree and cheerful.

Recall that Kristina and her husband Mikhail Zemtsov have been happy together for 18 years. Both believe that their meeting was fateful, and love arose at first sight. We met at Mikhail's birthday party, where Christina was a guest star.

“Christina came to the club where I celebrated my birthday. And that's all … “, – Mikhail briefly said. Christina added: “Actually, I just sat on the sofa, suddenly a very tall man appeared in front of me, and I immediately remembered him in the crowd”

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