The future is here: facial recognition will replace boarding passes

Berlin-Brandenburg Airport has launched a new digital service in test mode.

The future is here: face recognition will replace boarding passes

< p>The future is here: face recognition will replace boarding passes , which should simplify the procedure for passing through control, replacing boarding passes and eliminating the need to present other documents.

The service was called BER Traveler, and is currently being tested in cooperation with Lufthansa Group and FastID.

At the moment, it is reported that passengers with the status of Senator or HON Circle of the following airlines will have access to advanced technology at Berlin-Brandenburg Airport: Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Swiss, Brussels Airlines and Eurowings.

The Managing Director and COO of Berlin-Brandenburg Airport commented: “We are delighted to have convinced the Lufthansa Group, one of our most important customers, of the great potential of facial recognition to intelligentize the passenger experience at our airport. This is a good base to offer a new product “BER Traveler” and passengers of other airlines».

Airport representatives also stated:  “If the testing phase is successful, the function can be extended to other points in the airport.”

The use of this service is optional. Those wishing to experience it need to register in the application from the FastID developer, which will store their biometric and personal data.

Registered users will be able to decide before each trip whether they want to use the service on a particular flight. Only after that their personal data will be transferred. However, do not worry, immediately after the flight, all information will be deleted from FastID and stored only in the client application, so passengers can be calm about the confidentiality of their biometrics.

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