The first female flight was successful

For the first time in the history of QAZAQ AIR, a flight was operated in Kazakhstan, which consisted entirely of female crew.

The first female flight was successful

The first female flight was successful< /i>

July 19 “Historic Women's Flight” Qazaq Air plane departed. The Airbus team consisted of four women: flight commander Ekaterina Sverchkova, co-pilot Azhar Nesipbayeva, senior flight attendant – line instructor of the examiner Aida Kenzhebekova and junior flight attendant Daria Goncharenko.

The aircraft performed two sectors of the flight on the routes Astana – Petropavlovsk – Astana and Astana – Omsk – Astana. The flight commander said that the flight was a success thanks to the help of a woman planner, Damira Kanafina. She works in the crew control and selection department, where crews are assembled for scheduled flights a month in advance. She set herself the task of forming an all-female crew and successfully completed it.

According to Kanafina, planning such a flight required many factors to coincide, since the airline has only two female pilots. “My goal was to assemble a crew of local professionals, as they are in no way inferior to foreign specialists. And also to show that there are no gender restrictions in aviation, and that every girl who wants to conquer the sky has every chance,” she added.

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