The first capsule cars of Russian Railways

In 2026, cars with capsule seats will appear on the Russian Railways network.

The first Russian Railways capsule cars

The first Russian Railways capsule cars

Vladimir Pyastolov, head of Russian Railways' subsidiary FPC, announced that capsule passenger cars will appear on Russian Railways trains in 2026. This was announced at the international railway show "PRO//Dvizhenie. Expo" in St. Petersburg. It is expected that tests of capsule cars will begin as early as 2025.

At present, work is underway to finalize the layout in order to ensure the convenience of boarding passengers.

Pyastolov emphasized that a model with a longitudinal placement was chosen capsules, when the shelves are located on both sides of the car. It is expected that the number of seats in capsule cars will be greater than in ordinary reserved seats.

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