The family of rapper Guf was attacked

Guf's ex-wife spoke about the incident on her social networks.

The family of rapper Guf was attacked

The family of rapper Guf was attacked attack

Guf, who recently divorced Yulia Koroleva, immediately reconciled with Aiza. The ex-spouses, who previously insulted each other, are relaxing together by the sea. Their journey was not overshadowed even by the Thai attack.

On the trip, Guf rests not only with Aiza, but also with her sister Olga. They walk in beautiful places, swim and visit various attractions. The rest of the former could be called ideal, with the exception of one incident.

Yesterday they were attacked by a Thai with a gun. Isa spoke in detail about the incident. “For the first time, Sam felt the barrel of a gun pointed at him… I've been through this before. The man pointed the gun either at me or at his son,” the TV star said on her personal blog. “We got lost, Lesha drove in the wrong direction. I got out of the car to help turn around, and then a Thai appeared. We apologized, he brandished his weapon and shouted…»

Fortunately, everything ended well. Guf was able to cope with an inadequate man. “Lesha found a common language with him and protected us. He, although shouting, showed us the right path. It was a real nightmare,” added the 38-year-old blogger.

The reunion of the couple became known a few days ago, after Guf filed for divorce from Yulia Koroleva. Rumors indicate that Isa was involved in the breakup of the rapper's family.

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