The ex-wife of rapper Guf got into an accident in Bali

Blogger hit a man on the road.

Reper Guf's ex-wife got into an accident in Bali

Reper's ex-wife Gufa got into an accident in Bali

Blogger Aiza-Liluna Ai, also known as her ex-wife rapper Guf, got into an accident on the island of Bali, which she described in detail in her personal blog.

The incident occurred when Aiza was driving to pick up her children from school. On a narrow section of the road, she had to back up to let an oncoming car pass. At this time, a collision occurred.

“I heard a loud crunch and realized that I had collided with a pedestrian. I got out of the car, heard Russian speech, obscene expressions, and thought: Thank God! ”- the blogger briefly described what happened.

The injured Russian was also surprised that a compatriot was driving. The injuries were not serious, and the guy, according to Aiza, refused any compensation. Now they keep in touch.

Earlier, Aiza spoke about the “most terrible day” that she had to endure, and many immediately thought of her ex-husband Guf. However, surprisingly, this time the rapper became a hero. In Thailand, a blogger was attacked by an inadequate armed man, fortunately, the conflict was resolved.

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