The best sights of Balchik (PHOTOS)

The best sights of Balchik (PHOTO)

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The Black Sea coast of Bulgaria is literally dotted with resorts that are full of iconic places, pompous parties and an active tourist life. Although the country's third largest resort is not endowed with such a cornucopia, it annually prepares to receive guests from all over the world. A special charm opens up to their eyes at the height of summer: the original architecture is literally buried in greenery and a riot of colors of flowers, and sea water ozonizes the air. Together, this creates a genuine atmosphere of relaxation and has a beneficial effect on the well-being of tourists.

What to see in Balchik in the first place

The uncrowded town is not suitable for gambling seekers of adventure, drive or extravagant monuments. Connoisseurs of nature and measured life find a special charm here, who expect complete recuperation and unhurried relaxation from their holidays. In addition, prices at the resort will be a nice bonus compared to Burgas or Nessebar. Balchik gained particular popularity among couples, but this does not affect the quality of rest of other visitors. Wealthy tourists will especially like the local yacht club and golf club.

The best sights of Balchik (PHOTOS)

A walk along the neat streets of Balchik Michał Paluchowski

The leisure program at the resort is quite classic: the combination of high-quality therapeutic mud, the cleanest sea, comfortable beaches, the widespread use of physiotherapy exercises and massage, an abundance of local fruits and vegetables in one place – allows people with problems of the musculoskeletal system and cardiovascular diseases to feel long-awaited relief and healthy travelers relieve stress and tension. Each walk along the neat streets among the houses made of white stone masonry gives a feeling of complete peace. If you work hard, you can find several outstanding and informative sights in the Bulgarian city of Balchik. They will suit visitors with a wide variety of tastes, and will tell a lot about the history of the city. In the meantime, let's take a quick look at each sight.

The beaches of Balchik: proven paradise places

The most ennobled and comfortable is the New Beach complex. Clean sand and a tidy view attract many vacationers, so sometimes it is crowded. Staying on its territory and enjoying sunbathing is free, and umbrellas, a swimming pool and other amenities are presented at a very loyal price.

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The best sights of Balchik (PHOTOS)

Cozy beach in Balchik vincentraal

If you are looking for privacy, the city beach will definitely suit you, as it is the largest. Even during the tourist season, you are provided with a feeling of lost in paradise, provided that the city's population is only 11 thousand people. Nearby is a source of hydrogen sulfide mineral water in the public domain.

Mud bath Tuzlata also serves for the benefit of visitors, allows you to improve your health and relax in a natural way. It is worth noting that it is located 5 km from the city itself, but getting to it is not difficult. Estuary mud is distinguished by high plasticity and delicate structure, its effect has a beneficial effect even on a child's body.

“The Lonely Nest” on the sea coast is the most visited attraction of the resort

The best sights of Balchik (PHOTO)

Palace in Balchik StefkaVasileva

We are talking about a historical place that has been amazingly decorating the city for almost 100 years. Its founder is the Romanian Queen Maria, a woman who had good taste and extraordinary hobbies, at that time she was interested in Islam. The three-storey building with a minaret looks modest, and at the same time it is subtly ennobled by the park; its windows offer a magnificent view of the sea, and the personality of the owner is reflected in literally every detail. The interior of the rooms did not survive any modernization, everything remained in its original form. In addition, there is an impressive art gallery on the ground floor. To plunge into the atmosphere of the past and dream about the life of the country's first people – what could be more exciting?

Official website:

The careful attitude of the local population towards history is felt not only in this palace. The original architecture of the city is not subject to reconstruction, and therefore is of particular interest to visiting guests. If exploring the flavors of other countries gives you real pleasure, Balchik is the perfect option for you.

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A wave of aesthetic pleasure: the graceful botanical garden of Balchik

The best sights of Balchik (PHOTO)

Flower alley of the Botanical Garden in Balchik Marcin Chady

All the same amazing queen had a tenderness for the flora. The botanical garden founded by her literally immediately fell in love with the beau monde of that time. Experienced travelers will certainly notice similar motifs with the Cretan labyrinth. The territory itself is quite organic, although it combines unique compositions of cacti, lotuses, roses.

6 hectares of Bulgarian property are kept immaculately clean thanks to first-class care. Greenery has the most pleasant color for the human eye, flowers of amazing beauty and their aromas can provide an excellent mood for a long time. That is why a couple of free hours should be taken to visit this iconic place, which will show the perfection of the plant world from a different angle.

Balchik sights: the spiritual aspect

Religious freedom is a priority for the state. Most of the local population is Orthodox, therefore the temples are not only a visiting card for tourists, but are also held in high esteem by the Bulgarians.

There are four churches on the territory of the city, built no earlier than the 19th century:

    church of St. George;

The best sights of Balchik (PHOTO)

Church of St. George in Balchik MrPanyGoff

    Church of St. Paraskeva Pyatnitsa of Tarnovskaya;

Best sights Balchik (PHOTOS)

Church of Saint Paraskeva in Balchik CvetanPetrov1940

    Church of Saints Constantine and Helena; church of St. Nicholas.

Best sights Balchik (PHOTOS)

Church of St. Nicholas. Charity Fountain in Balchik Mpb eu

Photos of the spiritual sights of Balchik in Bulgaria will help you choose the most interesting object to visit. Churches are a bit similar to each other, and at the same time each of them has a unique history. It is necessary to choose an attraction for acquaintance in order to provide yourself with versatile leisure time.

Armed with practical travel tips

Having finished your acquaintance with the main sights of the city, it is worth remembering that it is located in a country that has certain traditions and customs. The favorite saying “a chicken is not a bird, Bulgaria is not a foreign country” does not exempt tourists from careful preparation for a trip for their own comfort. Together we will debunk myths and learn about the peculiarities of staying in Bulgaria.

    – In addition to the necessary things for a great vacation, take care of the national currency – the Bulgarian leva. – Do not stock up on food – in Balchik they are inexpensive, and traditional delicacies are especially delicious. – Public transport justifies the wishes of customers for comfort, affordable cost and punctuality. Do not write off on arrival to order a taxi. – There is an opinion that Bulgaria is full of remnants of the times of the USSR, but this is far from being the case. The country is quite developed and has a presentable appearance; it will be of interest to visitors with different tastes. – Don't worry about language skills, because Bulgarian is very similar to Russian. The local population is quite friendly, but has its own strangeness: they express disagreement with a nod, but agree by shaking their heads from side to side. – If you are a fan of souvenirs, be sure to check out the Bulgarian rose cosmetics salon, silver shops or knitted scarves.
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In general, these simple key points can make your stay easier and enjoy it in colorful Balchik.


The best sights of Balchik ( PHOTO)

Souvenirs in Balchik anagh

Spending your holidays on the shores of the pure Black Sea in Bulgarian Balchik is one of the best decisions for a tourist. Thanks to its favorable location, the road to the resort will not be tiring, and the prices are affordable for any goods and services. The sights of Balchik in Bulgaria, although not numerous, are original. They capture the flavor of the indigenous people, one might say their soul. Leave doubts about a place to stay with meaning – hospitable Balchik has something to please and surprise you. Read also about the sights of Burgas and be inspired to travel further in Bulgaria.


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