The best sights of Abu Dhabi (PHOTO)

Top attractions Abu Dhabi (PHOTOS)

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The style of rest in Abu Dhabi is distinguished by respectability. There will be no fuss and traffic jams like in Dubai. All the sights of Abu Dhabi are located on Yas Island. Therefore, you do not need to explore the entire hot desert in search of something memorable. The great tourist demand is explained by the huge number of all kinds of entertainment and shopping centers, as well as affordable prices compared to Dubai. As the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is rich in attractions: architectural monuments, museums, galleries, picturesque parks. Therefore, you will never ask yourself “what to see in Abu Dhabi”.

Visiting the sights of Abu Dhabi

Tourists are offered all kinds of sightseeing tours that can interest even the most passive tourist. The Emirate has beautiful mosques, long embankments, picturesque oases, artificial islands. Everything is so well-distributed throughout the territory that there are no “dead spots”, so you won't be bored.

Top attractions in Abu Dhabi (PHOTOS)

Abu Dhabi – the capital of the United Arab Emirates

Excellent transport interchange makes it easy to get to the desired place, sometimes you can even walk on foot. The center of the capital can be seen and appreciated literally in a day's walk, more impressive places are located outside the city. Tours in Abu Dhabi include the following in their itinerary

A list of must-see places for every tourist:

    Sir Bani Yas, which is a key historical monument of the island. Being the palace of Sheikh Al-Jafar, this place is complemented by a reserve with rare species of animals and birds;

Top attractions in Abu Dhabi (PHOTOS)

Sir Bari Yas Reserve in Abu Dhabi Lostraveller

    Ferrari park. Relatively new entertainment for locals and visitors. The Formula 1 track and the Ferrari exhibition are located on the territory. This place is included in the list of the best attractions in the UAE. Be sure to visit this park if you come to Abu Dhabi with children.

The best sights of Abu Dhabi (PHOTOS)

Ferrari Park Abu Dhabi Aziz J.Hayat

Official site:

    Khalifa Park at Al Bateen Airport – famous green area, complemented by delightful architectural objects. The Museum of History is open on the territory of the park, where you can see wax figures, an aquarium and the local “Time Tunnel”, which allows you to plunge into the past of the United Arab Emirates. To get acquainted with the beauties, you can use the sightseeing train;
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Official site:

    in the center of the island, Al Ittihad Square with symbolic pedestals: a coffee container, a smoking bowl, a water vessel for flowers, a lid for closing food, a fortress and a cannon;

The best sights of Abu Dhabi (PHOTO)

Sculptures-symbols on Al Ittihad Square Mathias Apitz (München)

    the hand-crafted island of Lu-Lu. It will soon be the official opening of a huge water amusement park. It will be connected to the capital by a tunnel under water; the Liwa oasis and its sand dunes; Corniche – the famous eight-kilometer street stretches along the seashore. It is always crowded and loud;

The best sights of Abu Dhabi (PHOTOS)

Abu Dhabi's Guilhem Vellut

    Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the only Muslim temple in the city that is open to all visitors;

Top attractions in Abu Dhabi (PHOTOS)

Sheikh Zayed Mosque Werner Bayer

Official site:< /p>

    palaces-hotels amazing in their beauty and scale. Even a walk through their corridors leaves a lot of impressions;

Top attractions in Abu Dhabi (PHOTOS)

Qasim Al Khuzaie

    palace hotel in Abu Dhabi among the most fascinating museums is the Ethnographic Village and the UAE Machine Museum.

Every tourist comes from Abu Dhabi with a lot of photos of attractions. Therefore, in the capital, everyone can feel like Schumacher, a real sheikh, asking the price of camels in the colorful market, and also enjoy amazing landscapes in the Liwa oasis and the gardens of the capital.

Official website: http: //

The best sights of Abu Dhabi (PHOTOS)

Abu Dhabi Automotive Museum Abdulla Al Muhairi

Combining beach holidays and sightseeing in Abu Dhabi

The emirate has a wide variety of beaches. From urban areas with all the advantages of a developed infrastructure and the charms of civilization within walking distance, to suburban areas, characterized by spaciousness, picturesqueness, and solitude.

Top attractions in Abu Dhabi (PHOTOS)

Golf course in Abu Dhabi Jaguar MENA

With several islands, the emirate “allows” to explore its territory. Each can be reached by boat or by bridge. Theme parks, golf courses, diving stations are at the disposal of those who wish.

A beach holiday can be described as calm, as there is enough entertainment for every taste, but not in such abundance to destroy the blissful tranquility.

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The best sights of Abu Dhabi (PHOTOS)

Abu Dhabi Sarah_Ackerman

Local beaches are very clean and organized. The coral origin of the fine velvety sand prevents it from heating up. Thanks to the gentle entrance, the bottom without depressions and drops, the place is great for swimming with children.

The following beach areas should be noted:

    Abu Dhabi's Blue Flag Central Beach. It is fully zoned: paid, no holiday fees, family friendly, private hotel lots. On the territory there is everything necessary for a comfortable stay. Nearby are cafeterias, small shops, sports and children's areas;

Top attractions in Abu Dhabi (PHOTOS)

Corniche Beach in Abu Dhabi Achilli Family | Journeys

    Al Raha is a 20 minute drive from the capital and is not as crowded. There are plans to turn it into a beautiful embankment, known throughout the world. You have to pay for the entrance; Bahraini also has several swimming areas. One side of it is occupied by a rich resort, the rest of the area has wild beaches that are preferred by young people;

Top attractions in Abu Dhabi (PHOTO)

Beach on Yas Island. Abu Dhabi Sarah_Ackerman

    Yas Island is a great place for families with children. Hotel guests do not pay entrance fees. Visitors will have to spend a little;

    Jebel Dana is almost always not crowded, very clean. It's shallow and shallow here. But there are no signs of civilization.

Obviously, from all the variety you can choose a place for a beach holiday to your liking. Each beach has its own zest and is focused on a certain contingent of tourists.

Abu Dhabi attractions, holidays with children

Many people come to the Arab capital with the whole family, therefore they want to enjoy a full vacation. Experienced guides in Abu Dhabi recommend the following attractions and activities that are suitable for a complete holiday with children.

Top attractions in Abu Dhabi (PHOTOS)

Waterworld Abu Dhabi Sarah_Ackerman

Official site:

Among the interesting places is the garden city of Al Ain, in which there is a nature reserve and a wildlife park. It is used for the rehabilitation of injured animals. Younger guests can enjoy a full tour of the picturesque place. The park got into the Guinness Book of Records because of the large number of flower baskets, there are more than 10 million different flowers.

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Abu Dhabi Top Sights (PHOTOS)

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Sarah_Ackerman

On the territory of Al Ain there is a huge amusement park “Healy Fun City”, where you can enjoy local theater performances and animation programs. Near the National Theater there is a park for children Mushrif, where there are many swings and carousels. You can also go to the local zoo with an aquarium.

Official website:

Yas Island invites you to enjoy the amusement park « Ferrari World”, where everyone can feel like a real racer. There is also a large water park here.

Local shopping and cuisine

This Arab emirate is considered large and rich, so local shopping can be considered a tourist attraction. There are no boundaries between the traditional bazaars of the East and modern shopping centers, camel markets, Persian carpets and boutiques of world famous European brands.

Top attractions in Abu Dhabi (PHOTO)

Gold Souk in Abu Dhabi Jan Smith

Most people want to acquire unique oriental goodies and various items. Among the more serious and expensive options are jewelry: gold jewelry in European and Arabic style.

Handmade carpets and bedspreads are considered traditional goods. They are worth buying at the special Carpet Souk market. Be sure to ask the price and bargain, the seller will definitely reduce the price.

Abu Dhabi has a large number of shopping centers offering all kinds of goods. You can get a very good sale in summer or winter, as well as enjoy the spring shopping festival in March.

The best sights of Abu Dhabi (PHOTOS)

Marroush restaurant in Abu Dhabi pelican

In the capital, you can find authentic restaurant for all tastes. The price will depend on the preferences and popularity of the institution. The most luxurious option is to eat at a restaurant with a beautiful view. Alcohol is not available in every restaurant. In almost all establishments, you can taste fish and seafood, the famous dish is “briki”. Even street eateries will delight you with delicious local delicacies. After visiting Abu Dhabi, be sure to visit Dubai! We have prepared for you an overview of the best attractions in Dubai to inspire you on your further trip to the UAE.


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