“The best KFC”: what did British Airways passengers eat?

During the 12-hour flight, the passengers of the plane had to eat wings from KFC.

«The best KFC»: what they fed the passengers of the plane British Airways?

“The best KFC”: what did British Airways passengers eat?

The crew of a British Airways flight en route from Turks and Caicos to London encountered a food shortage problem over the weekend. The airline was unable to offer standard meals due to “unforeseen circumstances”.

“Our staff got to work right away and made sure our customers had something to eat,” British Airways said. Although the airline did not specify what exactly it provided to passengers, there were reports on social media that airline employees ordered snacks from KFC during a scheduled stop in the Bahamas.

BA Flight 252 departed Providenciales on July 23 for Turks and Caicos Islands, stopped at Nassau in the Bahamas and flew to London.

The airline refers to its “unconventional in-flight menu” in its punning statement.

“We apologize to the customers that their full meals were not available, and in this case we had to act with “wings”. We are sorry if we were rude to anyone,” the statement said.

The airline did not respond to questions about what circumstances led to the lack of in-flight meals. A social media post mentions a refrigerator problem.

A netizen posted: “British Airways just landed at Heathrow Airport after a 12.5 hour BA252 flight from Turks and Caicos Islands without nutrition! BA had to order from KFC in Nassau, some lucky passengers got 1 piece of chicken. The catering container on the plane was not refrigerated, so everything was thrown away!!!"

Another user also commented on the situation: "This was the best KFC I have ever eaten."

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According to the airline, British Airways issued snack vouchers to passengers upon arrival in London.

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