The best 4-star hotels in Turkey: rating and tips for choosing a hotel

The best 4-star hotels in Turkey: rating and tips for choosing a hotel

Any tourist wants to stay in a hotel that can offer the best value for money and service quality. The needs and possibilities of the average traveler are perfectly matched by the best 4-star hotels in Turkey, among which there are good options for children, for relaxing with a company or alone. It remains only to decide which one you like according to photos and reviews, and book a room for the dates of interest or buy a package tour from a travel agency. Remember that a high price is not always a guarantee of high quality service, so pay attention to the characteristics of the hotel in the complex.

The best 4-star hotels in Turkey: rating and hotel selection tips

There are various ratings of the best and best hotels in Turkey with 3, 4, 5 stars – mostly the lists are well-known tour operators, thematic information portals or well-known travel publishers. As a rule, the following parameters are taken into account:

    good location and distance from the sea; the size and well-groomedness of the territory; technical equipment and decoration of rooms; original design of public spaces and exterior; entertainment available to customers (swimming pool, gym, SPA center, water park, sauna and steam bath, tennis courts, etc.).

The best 4-star hotels in Turkey: rating and hotel selection tips

Not always, but in most cases, the best 4-star hotels in Turkey are on the first line and are inferior to their five-star counterparts in terms of rooms, the amount of entertainment and various little things like the number of towels in the bathroom and the filling of the mini-bar. If this is important for you, then it makes sense to initially focus on premium hotels, and for those who see no reason to overpay, we offer the TOP 10 best 4-star hotels in Turkey this year. The best 4-star hotels in Turkey in 2021 in Alanya, Kemer, Side and other resorts.

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In principle, good four-star options can be found in each of the Turkish resorts, but if we talk about the country as a whole, then the leaders are:

1. Lonicera World 4* in Alanya

Definitely the best all inclusive hotel in Turkey with 4 stars and almost 100 thousand square meters of territory. The complex is located in the village of Turkler, with almost 500 rooms of different categories (including 16 family rooms), three restaurants, four outdoor and one indoor swimming pools, water slides, two football fields and its own cinema.

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2. Saphir hotel 4*

Also located in Alanya, a hotel occupying 55 thousand square meters. m and offering guests a full range of services, including spa treatments, a mini club, a football game, water slides, a hammam and a sauna. More than half of the rooms offer sea views.

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3. Monachus Hotel & Spa 4*

One of the best 4 star hotels in Side in Turkey, located on the 1st line and designed for lovers of peace and family holidays. 424 guests can stay here at the same time.

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4. Justiniano Club Alanya 4*

In the village of Okudzhalar, which has been operating since 1992 and underwent a complete reconstruction five years ago. There is a possibility of accommodation both in the rooms of the seven-story building and in the cottages. A comfortable pebble beach is within walking distance.

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5. Maya Club Golf Hotel 4*

Five kilometers from Side is a relatively small hotel, but with excellent infrastructure. It offers free wireless Internet, volleyball and tennis courts, outdoor pools, two restaurants, a hammam and a sauna, as well as a mini club for kids, a separate pool and children's water slides.

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The second top five best 4-star hotels in Turkey: who else is in the rating

The top ten best 4-star hotels in Turkey also include:

    AKKA Claros Hotel, located in the village of Kirig; Camyuva Beach in Kemer (note that it is located on the second coastline, although it is not long to go to the sea); Club Sidelya Holiday Village in Side (400 meters to the beach); Fame Residence Goynuk – located 10 kilometers from Kemer and less than an hour from the international airport; Seagull Hotel – pleases with beautiful views from the rooms (of the sea or mountains), a large number of restaurants and bars, but there are also disadvantages, for example, paid Internet and not too lively animation.

The best 4-star hotels in Turkey: rating and hotel selection tips

We have recommended ten good 4-star hotels in Turkey , but in fact there are many more of them, so if the listed options for some reason did not fit, do not despair. Read the reviews, contact the managers of travel agencies and you will definitely find where to stay during your vacation abroad!

Also see the rating of “the best hotels in Turkey 5 stars on the first line” and plan your vacation in this sunny country.

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