Thailand in November: autumn without cold and rain

Distant countries – this is something very tempting where you can sit on the beach under a palm tree while drinking coconut juice. Yes, yes, it is very tempting, especially when you have rain or snow at home, dark evenings and accumulated fatigue. And in Thailand, the rainy season is finally over, the heat is moderate, and the beaches are as beautiful as if they had stepped out of advertising photos. And of course there is coconut juice.

How to get together for a family vacation in Thailand in November, where to sunbathe and what to watch in between trips to the beach, read the Kid Passage review.

Thailand in November: autumn without cold and rain

Holidays in Thailand in November: pros and cons

Reviews about holidays in Thailand in November are incredibly optimistic. People relax even in those resorts where there are as many rainy days as sunny days, and at the same time they enjoy it. And if you choose a completely “dry” resort, then joywill be even more:

  • warm weather is constantly kept without strong heat;
  • the sea is clean, calm and as warm as air;
  • the beaches are not yet busy, although tourists are gradually arriving;
  • water parks and amusement parks are open;
  • you can make a program of excursions to temples and museums, or vice versa , go to the jungle;
  • there are no problems with booking accommodation, and the prices are very reasonable.

Cons Thailand in November is not so significant. It is only important to remember that there are still showers in some places, and to postpone visiting these resorts until the second half of winter.

Some people are sensitive to high humidity, which makes the air temperature seem higher. Most visitors quickly adapt, especially since a light breeze blows near the sea. The stuffiness is more noticeable in Bangkok.

The length of daylight hours in Thailand varies little throughout the year and in November is about 11.5 hours. The sun rises at 6:00-6:30 and sets around 18:00. It seems not enough, but the day is noticeably longer than in late autumn in temperate latitudes.

So where to relax in Thailand in November, without precipitation and with the sun? Let's pay attention to each resort region.

Weather in Thailand in November

The year in Thailand is divided into rainy season and dry season. The weather in November-December just reflects the transition from one season to another. If in October in Bangkok, Pattaya or Hua Hin it pours like a bucket, then in November the amount of precipitation decreases sharply, and in December it almost disappears. The best weather in Thailand is at the end of November, when the days are not always clear, but mostly dry.

However, this is not true for all resorts. In Krabi and Koh Samui November – the rainiest month. Showers do not go constantly, but can sometimes charge for several days in a row. In Phuket, precipitation also somewhat corrects the plans of tourists, but still you can go there without fear.

Another feature of the – approximately equal number of sunny and cloudy days. The weather in early November is more often gloomy, but the closer to winter, the more the sun shines.

On a cloudy day, the heat may not be felt, and the sun does not seem to be burning. However, when vacationing in Thailand in November with a child, make it a rule to use sunscreen whenever you are out of the house. Even in late autumn it is easy to burn here.

Air and water temperature

Thailand is located in the zone of tropical and subequatorial climate. The hottest time here is spring, but the last month of autumn pleases with quite comfortable temperatures.

< td>+26.5°C

  Daylight t Night t t water
Bangkok +32.2° C +26.4°C +29.1°C
Pattaya +30.7°C +26.2°C +29.3°C< /td>
Phuket +30.5°C +29.3°C
Hua Hin +30.1°C +25.3°C +29.1°C
Cha Am +30.1°C +25.3°C +29.1°C

Daytime air temperature in Thailand in November averages about +27-30°C at seaside resorts and +30-35°C ;C in Bangkok. At night, the temperature drops to +25-26°C.

The water temperature in Thailand in November is usually above +28°C, sometimes the sea warms up to +30°C.

Is it possible to swim

Many tourists who first came to Pattaya or Hua Hin in autumn talk about how nice it is to swim in Thailand in November. Water and air are approximately the same temperature, and you don’t want to leave the sea at all.

Less comfortable in those resorts where the rainy season has not yet ended. At this time there are often high waves. Among the resorts where people swim in November, of course, there are Krabi and Koh Samui, but it is highly likely that due to the storm you will have to spend time on the shore.

Beach holidays

Of course, there are tourists who are not interested in beaches, but in sights. But in autumn, there are many more people in Thailand who want to choose a resort in a warm country and escape from the cold and rain. And it cannot be said that they will have exclusively passive rest: almost everywhere there is something to see and what to do.

The beaches in Thailand are sandy, not always wide, but almost always very beautiful. However, you need to focus not so much on the picturesque view, but on whether there is a place for swimming and whether there are lifeguards there. Dangers of the sea – strong undercurrents, a sharp lowering of the bottom, stones invisible from the surface.

Beaches are generally free and you can sunbathe on the sand with your own mat. Often there is a rental service for sunbeds and umbrellas. Hotels can be engaged in the improvement of the coast.


This resort on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand is both praised and scolded, but definitely not bypassed. They get there most often from Bangkok, although Pattaya has its own international airport.

In early November, the daytime temperature in the resort is closer to +30°C, the night temperature is +23-27°C, and the situation does not change during the month. Sunny days happen more often than cloudy days, but there is about a week of rainy days. Wind speed 3.6 m/s. The sea temperature is +28-29°C.

Pattaya's beaches are often criticized for lack of free space and unkemptness. To sunbathe on a clean beach, we recommend staying in the Jomtien and Pratumnak areas. Wongamat is preferable for another reason: there hotels are on the first beach line. You can also sunbathe on the less crowded islands, where tourists get on boats and ferries.

A definite plus of Pattaya – choice of entertainment. Among the main magnets for children is the huge water park “Ramayana”; and the Mini Siam Park, and the beauty of Thailand's nature can be seen in the Nong Nooch Tropical Park.

Respectable areas of Wontgamat and Jomtien are usually chosen for a relaxing holiday. However, in any case, you need to find out if there will be nightclubs or other noisy places nearby. Travelers with children appreciate the resort's family-run hotels, where there are many services for kids.

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It rains all autumn on the largest island in the country, and therefore it is not the first on the list of places to go in Thailand in November. But the closer the winter, the better the weather, and besides, Phuket is one of the best places for a comfortable family vacation.

In the last month of autumn, the air temperature in Phuket stays within + 25-30 ° C during the day and + 22-27 ° C at night. The water in the Andaman Sea is warmed up to +29-30°C. About a third of the month is clear weather, the same amount falls on rainy days. The average wind speed is 3 m/s.

Among the beaches of the island, those located on the west coast are considered the best for families with children. There are no waves, the bottom is clean, the depth grows smoothly. The east coast has its advantages: there is a steady wind necessary for kite and windsurfing, there are also conditions for diving.

As for entertainment, their range is large and varied. The FantaSea park has not only attractions – Elephant Palace is located there. On the playgrounds of King Rama IX Park, children can play in any weather. You need to allocate at least half a day to visit the Splash Jungle water park, and for a trip to the jungle of Khao Sok – and the whole day.

Among the resorts of Phuket, the capital Phuket City is often chosen, but this is more of a place for restless tourists. A calmer atmosphere in the west, the southern part is praised for good infrastructure. There are family hotels on the island, and during the volatile season, you can choose a hotel with a pool and a covered area for children to play and walk.

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Hua Hin

Getting to Hua Hin takes a long time. But a trip with transfers will be rewarded with peace, great weather, well-maintained beaches and everything you need for a comfortable family vacation.

The rainy season at the resort is finally coming to an end. Rare showers are still possible, usually at night, but they also stop by the end of November. During the day, thermometers usually show + 28-30 ° C, at night + 22-26 ° C. There are few gloomy days, the sun usually shines, which is sometimes blocked by clouds. Average wind speed – 3.5 m/s. The water temperature in the Gulf of Thailand off the coast of the resort is +28-29°C.

The central beach of the resort stretches for several kilometers. In autumn, there are many people who are attracted by infrastructure, water activities, playgrounds for children.

There are other beaches in the city and near it, not so big and busy, but beautiful. It must be said that not all of them are equipped.

If trips to the sea get bored, you can switch to other activities. In the list of serious objects – Sam Roi Yot Park, where the sightseeing trail leads through the mangrove forest. And among the favorite children's entertainment – water parks Vana Nava and Black Mountain (in the second one you can not just ride the slides, but get acquainted with wakeboarding).

There are few family hotels in the resort, but this is really a good help for parents, because mini-clubs work there , there are playgrounds and pools for kids. A much larger selection of apartments and guest houses, and every opportunity to organize your own meals.

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Cha Am

Half an hour from Hua Hin – and a completely different atmosphere. Even quieter, even calmer, no worries, even minimal entertainment. The main thing is that everything is fine in Cha-Am with beaches, housing, restaurants, shops.

It is best to come to the resort in mid-November, then the probability of rain is minimal. Thermometers almost invariably show + 28-30 ° C during the day and + 22-26 ° C at night, the Gulf of Thailand is warmed up to + 28-29 ° C, sunny weather prevails. The wind blows at an average speed of 3.5 m/s.

Cha-Am – just the resort where they come to bask on the shore. The beaches here are covered with soft fine sand, the depth grows smoothly, there are practically no waves. Almost everywhere you can count on the rental of sunbeds and umbrellas. If you like outdoor activities, we recommend visiting Chao Samran Beach. And Puc Tien can be considered an art object, because it is decorated with sculptures placed on the coast and in the sea.

During the weekend, Cha-Am becomes crowded because Bangkok people come here. If crowds don't appeal to you, move to country beaches, just bring rugs and snacks with you.

There is no entertainment at the resort, the only exception is the modern amusement park Santorini Park, which also includes water slides. If you need some time for shopping, visit The Venezia mall with rides, playgrounds and a mini zoo.

Cha Am has a good selection of hotels with good service, but note that they are often located outside the city . You can also rent apartments, guesthouses, bungalows.

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Excursion rest

Excursions to resorts are perceived as a way to diversify leisure. For a real excursion program, you need (no, it's worth it!) To go to Bangkok. The capital of Thailand can blind your eyes, or it can open quiet corners where it's good with a small child.

Blinding sights – These are, of course, temples. Incredibly beautiful Grand Royal Palace, the Emerald Buddha in the Wat Prakaeo temple, the sculpture of the reclining Buddha in the Wat Pho monastery. True, you have to stand in line to see it.

Copies of remarkable structures from different parts of the country can be seen in the Ancient Siam Park.

Among the museums, there are also real pearls. Take, for example, the science museum, a huge interactive space for curious children, or Madame Tussauds – famous exhibition of wax figures. A completely different mood is created by the doll factory-museum, which shows the entire process of creating toys. And the Batcat Museum is a must-visit for those who are crazy about comics: its collection has more than 50,000 figures.

And kids will love the Stanley MiniVenture – lovely railway layout with many details. Despite the scale of 1:87, you can see all the details on it, even count the bricks at the construction site and see the time at the station.

Entertainment for children

The best attractions – This is also about Bangkok. It is in the capital that the largest Thai amusement park Dream World is located, and another large complex, including a water park, – Siam Park City.

It is in the capital that the Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World oceanarium operates, where you can look at the mysterious and sometimes eerie inhabitants of the depths.

And it was in the capital that the Safari World interactive zoo was created, where animals feel like they are in the wild nature, and people are just modest observers.

And what does a child need, tired of excursions? Park and playground. There are several green areas in Bangkok, among them Benchasiri Park. Visit it during the day, and then also in the evening to see the fountain show.

In case of rainy or too hot weather, plan a trip to the children's city of professions Kidzania. This is a space for children who are not averse to trying on the role of adults and feel what choice and responsibility are.

There are other indoor entertainment centers in Bangkok, including playgrounds for children 1-2 years old. With teenagers, you can go to a golf club, paintball, karting or windsurfing lessons.

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Holidays, events and festivals

Everyone knows that Thailand lives according to its own calendar, and important dates for the country are not are the same as those common in Europe. But some holidays are known far beyond the borders of Tai, and one of them – Loykrathong. This is the day when people float boats along the rivers, decorated with flowers and leaves, among which they set a lit candle. Also, on the occasion of the holiday, solemn processions are organized, and in the north of the country it is customary to launch paper lanterns into the sky.

Another of the peculiar holidays of Thailand in November – kathina, or the offering of robes to monks. The ceremony is held at the end of the rainy season and the end of the Buddhist fast. Clothes are bought from donations, and it is considered very noble to donate to kathina.

Rest prices

Prices in Thailand in November seem to be waiting for the moment when the rains end and it will be possible to climb up. There is no significant increase in price yet, but it is worth buying tickets or booking accommodation as early as possible.

Air tickets

The price of tickets to Bangkok does not fluctuate significantly throughout the year and rises only during the Christmas and New Year holidays . In November, the flight will cost approximately the same amount as in October, and from the second half of December, the price increase will be at least 5-7%. Flights to resorts are getting more expensive by 2-5%, and in December the price increase can reach 30%.


The price of rooms in hotels and apartments is still changing insignificantly. A noticeable increase begins in December, first due to the growing influx of tourists, and then because of the holidays.

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The onset of the dry season is most noticeable in the price of a package holiday. In November, the cost of the tour is 15-20% higher than in October. At least 10-15% more will be added to the price in December, and closer to the new year, prices may increase by one and a half to two times.


In most cases, hotels do not include meals included in the room rate or offer only breakfast. And since tourists often rent houses or bungalows, catering falls on their shoulders.

It is safe to visit restaurants in Thailand, especially if it is in a tourist area. But I must say that in such places prices are almost twice as high as in cafes for local residents. Lunch for one person will cost about 100 baht in a tourist place, but in an institution for locals for 60-65 baht you will get a hearty meal, which can be enough for two.

It's just as easy organize self-catering. The choice of products in supermarkets is very large, the prices do not go off scale. Fruits and vegetables are often bought in the markets. There are almost no imported fruits, everything is local.

Bananas, guava, papaya are sold all year round, and in autumn the season of watermelons, coconuts and citrus fruits begins, you can try carambola, sapodila and langsat. The price of 1 kg of bananas is approximately 10-20 baht, papaya – 30 baht, watermelon – up to 30 baht, langsata – 30-50 baht, mango (in November they are usually imported) – 90 baht, passion fruit – 120 baht. Coconuts are sold for 30 or more baht for 1 piece

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There is still a month before the start of winter sales, but judging by the reviews about holidays in Thailand in November, few people go home without shopping. Traditional acquisitions – jewelry made of silver and local pearls, silk and cotton clothing, leather goods. Bargaining is allowed both in the markets and in shops.

Fruits can be carried on the plane, with the exception of durian, watermelons and coconuts. Usually the fruits are packed in a special basket.

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Recommendations for holidays with children

Go on vacation in Thailand in November with children – one of the best solutions. Preparation is minimal, and there will be a lot of joy. We will only remind you of the most important points that you need to keep in mind.

  1. Sunscreen and a hat are a must, even if the day is not hot and cloudy. When swimming, a waterproof product will protect better.
  2. Wear loose clothing that covers the body when walking. Light natural fabrics do a good job.
  3. Sand fleas can spoil the rest, but a rug or beach towel will help protect you from them.
  4. Always use an antiseptic, treat not only your hands, but also cutlery.
  5. To avoid poisoning, do not buy cut fruit from street stalls, drink only bottled water.
  6. Do not rush to feed your child “vitamins”. Give unfamiliar fruits in small portions, dose the daily amount of fruit.
  7. Sun exposure should also be limited, especially at first. This makes it easier for the body to adapt to climate change.

If, nevertheless, the virus finds a loophole and your child has a fever, it is important to have a first aid kit on hand. Kidpassage has prepared a detailed article on what drugs to take on the road. Stock up on everything you need and travel worry-free.

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