Terrorists attack popular resort in Turkey

Radicals Infiltrate City Center and Attack Police Station

Terrorists attacked a popular resort in Turkey

Terrorists attacked a popular resort in Turkey

A terrorist attack occurred in the popular seaside resort of Mersin in southeastern Turkey.

On the night of Tuesday, a group of radicals infiltrated the city center and attacked the police station. According to preliminary data, the criminals are members of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, banned in Turkey, who demand the independence of the Kurds from Ankara.

One of the attackers drove up to the site in a car, but was stopped by guards. A shootout ensued, in which two more militants participated. As a result, the suicide bomber blew up the car. The police building was on fire.

One policeman was killed, another was seriously injured. One of the attackers was detained. Now law enforcement officers are looking for a third person, as well as accomplices.

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