Tenerife in February: wintering on the “Island of Eternal Spring”

Not every person manages to get a vacation in the summer, but this does not mean at all that you need to wait a whole year for the next opportunity to relax. There are a lot of places in the world where even in winter you can have a wonderful time basking in the sun. If your holiday falls in February, Tenerife is a great idea.

This largest island in the Canary Islands archipelago is said to have eternal spring. And indeed it is. Landscapes of Tenerife create a strong contrast with the picture in the homeland of our tourists. At the end of winter there is no dull dullness here, instead of it — only picturesque fragrant nature. Read about all the nuances of visiting the island in this Kid Passage article.

Tenerife in February: wintering on the Island of Eternal Spring

Holidays in Tenerife in February: advantages and disadvantages of the resort

Tired of the cold and cloudy weather, people enjoy every sunny warm day, and there are many of them on the island. For this reason alone, reviews of holidays in Tenerife in February are mostly positive. Let's look at other benefitsof wintering on an island:

  • Rest cost. Prices in the Canary Islands “bite” at any time of the year, but since much fewer tourists come here in winter, tour operators and hotel owners reduce their prices a little.
  • Santa Cruz Festival. At the end of winter, an enchanting action takes place in the capital of the island — carnival in Santa Cruz. You can read more about the holiday below.
  • Air temperature. Of course, you won’t have to languish in the heat here, but the thermometer marks in Spain are pleasing with their positive indicators.

As for the cons, then Tenerife also has them in February. First of all, it is rainy and windy weather in the northern part of the island. Most tourists choose the south, as it is warmer there, and the tourist infrastructure is more developed.

Some are frustrated by the impossibility of a beach holiday (ocean waters do not please with warmth). However, there is always an alternative in the form of swimming pools and water parks operating in Tenerife all year round. In addition, it is pleasant to spend time on the beaches of the island, even without making long swims. Visitors relax under the sun on sun loungers and enjoy the clean sea air.

Tenerife weather in February

There are more than 20 climatic zones on the island, so the weather conditions here vary depending on the region. In general, the weather in Tenerife in February — March is warm, moderately rainy. At the end of winter — the beginning of spring pleases with an abundance of greenery and flowers, this is a very beautiful period.

The weather in early February is so warm that tourists can even get sunburnt. But it’s unlikely that you will be able to swim — The average water temperature is about +19 °C. If you are not engaged in winter swimming, then swimming in the ocean during this period is not for you.

The temperature in Tenerife in mid-February fluctuates between +15…20°C. However, the weather is quite changeable, so even if the sun shines brightly during the day, it is better to take a jacket for a walk just in case. In the evening, you shouldn’t go out for a walk in T-shirts and shorts at all, because with the onset of twilight the thermometer falls rapidly.

As we have already said, the island is warm all year round, but the weather in Tenerife at the end of February is already 100% pleases tourists with sunny hot days. In addition, at this time, numerous flower beds and gardens begin to bloom here, turning the island into a fabulously beautiful place.

Air and water temperature

The mild subtropical climate of Tenerife has created here ideal living conditions for all categories of people: couples with babies, the elderly, as well as those suffering from heart disease, blood pressure and asthma — Absolutely everyone is comfortable here.

In summer, the air temperature is quite high, but due to the level of humidity and the cold Canary Current, the heat is quite gentle, the heat is easily tolerated. In winter, there is never snow here (except in the mountains and on the top of the Teide volcano) and severe frosts.

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Air temperature in Tenerife in February

The average day and night temperatures in Tenerife in February are +15.5 °C and +12.4 °C, respectively. Evening walks invigorate, so stock up on warm clothes. In the southern regions of the island, the temperature is several degrees higher than in the north.

Sea temperature in Tenerife in February

The average water temperature in the ocean is +19 °C. For children, this temperature is definitely not suitable, but some adults still risk plunging into the waves. The local beaches are never deserted, there are always a couple of bathers and a lot of sunbathers.


In February, the amount of rain is significantly reduced compared to autumn. So, 48.9 mm of precipitation falls per month. Tenerife has an average of two rainy days at the end of winter.

Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

It cannot be said that it is clear on the island for the whole month, but still there are definitely more sunny days here than gloomy ones. Their number is 46% (13 days). Part of the cloudy days takes 32%, cloudy — 21%.

Beach holidays in Tenerife

Tenerife in February: wintering on the Island of Eternal Spring

Feature “Islands of Eternal Spring” — spacious and well-equipped beaches, and their highlight — black sand of volcanic origin. There are so many swimming areas here that everyone can find a suitable place based on their individual preferences. Outdoor enthusiasts, connoisseurs of solitude and tranquility, “savages” and even nudists — Tenerife has its own beach for everyone.

All the beaches of the island are free, but this does not apply to additional services, so be prepared to pay for the rental of umbrellas, sun loungers and the opportunity to enjoy other benefits of civilization. Almost all beaches have well-developed infrastructure (except, of course, areas for “wild” recreation), and offer a lot of entertainment for every taste.

Southern part of the island

The best beaches of the resort are located in the southern part of the island, where most of the tourists come. It is much warmer and less windy here, so there are no strong waves on the sea (a big plus for families with children). In addition, there are beaches with white imported sand (in Costa Adeje and Los Cristianos), which is also liked by many people, because black sand stains swimwear.

Many southern beaches have playgrounds and attractions (Playa de La Pinta in Playa de Las Americas and Playa de Los Cristianos).

Tenerife North

As for the northern regions, because of the cold winds, the sea here not only warms up slightly, but also constantly storms. However, if these places for swimming are not suitable for children, then surfers and windsurfers — just right. In addition, this part of the island is much more picturesque than the south, as frequent rains contribute to the lush growth of green spaces. We can safely say that the north has the most beautiful flora in all of Tenerife. There are also many outdoor pools where swimming is much safer than in the open ocean.

The best beaches of the north are located in the cities of Bajamar and Punta del Hidalgo. The most sparsely populated and at the same time the most exotic are the territories of Los Patos. Here is incredibly beautiful black sand, merging with dark blue waters. It's completely “wild” a place where you can fully experience the unity with nature.

For a family holiday, you should choose the beaches in the south of Tenerife. This part of the island is warm, sunny and almost windless. In addition, it is in the southern regions that the beaches with the most developed infrastructure and a large number of various entertainments are located. The disadvantage of the northern region is bad weather and lower temperatures. The beaches of the north are recommended for surfers, as well as for lovers of “savage” relaxation.

Sightseeing holidays in Tenerife

The number of local attractions is so great that tourists even get lost when choosing must-see places. There are a lot of interesting things in Tenerife, but there is too little time for excursions. Even before the trip, make a route for your walks: you can climb to the top of Teide, go on a mini-hike in the mountains, walk through the Botanical Garden and laurel forests, visit museums and local basilicas… There are just too many options!

  • Tenerife entertainment for children and adults
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Teide National Park

Tenerife in February: wintering on the Island of Eternal Spring

The real pearl of Tenerife is the Teide National Park, which is divided around the volcano of the same name. Teide is the highest point in Spain and stretches upwards for more than 3500 m. Tourists love to meet the sunrise here and say that this is just an unforgettable sight.

On the territory of the park you can see volcanic bombs and the remains of lava, which have taken bizarre shapes. The largest formation, called the Finger of God, is considered to be one of the symbols of Spain. In early February, the weather is conducive both to walks in the park and to climbing to the top of the volcano. There are several ways to climb: on foot, by car or by funicular.

Guimar Pyramids

Tenerife in February: wintering on the Island of Eternal Spring

Not only Egypt is famous for its pyramids — Tenerife also has a similar curiosity of ancient architecture. The pyramids are located in the village of the same name in the southeastern part of the island. The origin of such an unusual structure is still not known for certain, scientists put forward several versions, but so far they have not agreed on a common opinion. The mystery of the creation of the pyramids of Guimar makes them even more mysterious and attractive for travelers.

An ethnological park has been created nearby, where there is a museum dedicated to the research of Thor Heyerdahl (he was one of those who tried to unravel the mystery of the origin of the Guimar pyramids).

Wind Cave (Cuevo del Viento)

Tenerife in February: wintering on the Island of Eternal Spring

The seismic origin of the island is its unique feature. In addition to the dormant Teide volcano, Tenerife has many lava caves, the most famous of which is Cuevo del Viento, which means “Wind Cave”. Visitors can see underground lakes, stalactites, side terraces. The cave is located in the north of the island, where at the end of February it is windy, rainy and not hot, so take a warm sweater or windbreaker for the tour.

The island is famous not only for its natural attractions. There are just a huge number of places from which children of all ages will be delighted. The most popular locations for families are:

  • Loro Park (“Parrot Park”)
  • Monkey Park
  • Eagle Park
  • Siam Park Water Entertainment Center
  • Aqualand Water Park

Holidays, events, festivals

The Canarians are very fond of having fun and celebrating something, so on the “Island of Eternal Spring” There are more holidays in a year than in all of Spain. Holidays in Tenerife in February are local, taking place only in some provinces, and massive — these are spectacular shows, which gather not only all the islanders, but also foreign guests, as well as Spaniards from other regions.

The main event of February is the capital's carnival in Santa Cruz. Its program is so extensive that the holiday lasts a whole month. The highlight of the carnival — costume procession, at the beginning of which the queen is chosen. All month long entertainment events, exhibitions, concerts are held on the streets of Santa Cruz and other large settlements of the island.

The holiday ends very spectacularly — traditionally, the islanders organize a “Sardine Funeral”, burning a huge cardboard effigy of the hero of the occasion. After the burning, a night extravaganza begins with music and dancing until the morning.

February 2 — a big holiday for the religious part of the population. On this day we celebrate Day of Our Lady of Candelaria. Hundreds of pilgrims flock to the city to take part in solemn services.

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February holiday prices

Tenerife in February: wintering on the Island of Eternal Spring

Holidays in the Canary Islands can hardly be called budget, but in winter tourists save a little on the trip. In the summer, during the holiday season and school holidays, when you can comfortably swim in the ocean, much more people come here, so during this period, tour operators increase the cost of their services. Prices in Tenerife in February are lower than at other times of the year.


February — the cheapest month for travelers compared to January and March. At the end of winter, passengers pay 13% less for flights than in January. At the beginning of spring, prices increase by 9% compared to February prices.


In the same way as with the flight, the situation is the same with the prices of accommodation. In January, the owners of local hotels charge 5% more per room than in the last month of winter. In March, guests pay 17% more than in February. The average cost of living in January is 110 euros, in February — 104 euros, and with the advent of spring it rises to 126 euros.

  • The best hotels in Tenerife for families

Food and transfer< /h3>

Even if you have settled in a hotel with an all inclusive program, be sure to visit local restaurants to get acquainted with Spanish and Canarian cuisine. The cost of lunch in a middle-class cafe costs about 15-25 euros for visitors. But in a restaurant, prices for the same set of dishes can reach 70 euros.

TITSA buses run around the island. Fares directly depend on the duration of the route, on average it is 2-10 euros. Comfort lovers can order a taxi. Usually a kilometer of the way costs 1 euro, landing — within 3 euros. Night and country trips are more expensive.

How to dress in Tenerife

Despite the fact that it is not cold in Tenerife throughout the year, warm clothes in February still won’t hurt you, those more if you have chosen a vacation in the northern part of the island. It gets especially cool in the evening, when the thermometer drops a few degrees.

Your suitcase should contain a windbreaker, jeans, a warm sweater, as well as closed practical shoes that will be comfortable to climb to the top of the Teide and walk along the mountain paths. Summer clothes are useful for daytime walks and beach holidays. Shorts, T-shirts and light sundresses — a great option for warm winter days in Tenerife.

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Recommendations for holidays with children

Tenerife in February: wintering on the Island of Eternal Spring

It is comfortable to come to the island at any time of the year, winter — not an exception. The weather conditions are ideal for children, as there is neither extreme heat nor severe cold. True, swimming in February will not work, but you can always take the children to the water park or swim in the pools. In addition, even if you exclude a beach holiday, Tenerife has many interesting places and activities that children will love and leave an unforgettable experience.

If you are focused exclusively on a beach holiday, then it is better to come with children in April — November, when the water temperature is ideal for swimming. In general, at any time of the year on the island there is optimal weather for a family holiday. A huge plus is the variety of the excursion program: here you can find entertainment for children of all ages.

After visiting Tenerife, tourists have only pleasant impressions and unforgettable emotions. To share them a little with your friends and family, bring them presents from your vacation, and Kidpassage's article “What to bring from Spain as a gift: 31 souvenirs from the homeland of flamenco and bullfighting” will help you make a choice. Buying a February tour in Tenerife — this is a great opportunity to change a boring down jacket for a summer T-shirt at least for a while and thereby give yourself a few warm days in the middle of winter.

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