Tenerife in August: in the warm embrace of the outgoing summer

The unique climate of Spanish Tenerife has never ceased to amaze and attract travelers for many years. It is incredibly clean, spring-like fresh. And even when all the seaside resorts are languishing in the heat and heat, Tenerife is doing well in August: in the hottest month of the year, it pleases with morning coolness and does not allow the daytime sun to heat up the air too much.

Kidpassage will tell about the peculiarities of weather and recreation on the island at the end of summer and answer the question of whether it is worth coming here in August with children.

Tenerife in August: in the warm embrace of the passing summer

Tenerife in August: advantages and disadvantages of the trip

Amazingly beautiful landscapes, the majestic Teide volcano and bewitching beaches with dark sand — all these are just additional bonuses to your trip to the sunny Spanish island. Reviews about holidays in Tenerife in August are always positive: a warm ocean, no scorching heat and an incredible number of places you want to visit. Let's add a few more "for" in favor of the trip.

  • End of summer — the hottest time on the island, however, there is no abnormally high temperature here, usually it does not rise above +28 ° C.
  • Tenerife has a huge selection of attractions and excursion sites for travel lovers.
  • In August, most fruits ripen; they are incredibly juicy, fragrant and tasty here. In addition to traditional watermelons, melons, oranges, bananas and mangoes, you can try unusual exotics.

Disadvantages travel has almost none, except perhaps increased tourist activity and the associated price increase. In addition, sometimes cold currents come into the ocean, and then it can be cool to swim, but it will be possible to visit the natural attractions of the island.

The weather in Tenerife in August

It is interesting that the end of summer is the island only opens the high season: the ocean warms up well only by the beginning of autumn. Weather in August — September is consistently warm, without sweltering heat, allowing you to take walks and excursions, alternating them with a beach holiday.

The weather in early August is usually not hot, but very sunny, with temperatures not exceeding +25 °C. It gets cooler at night — up to +16 °C, so for an evening walk you should wear jeans and take a light jacket or windbreaker with you.

Daytime temperature in Tenerife in mid-August ranges from +23 °C to +28 °C ;С, occasionally rising above +30 °С. Night coolness on the island — it is a common thing, so the temperature is about +16 °C does not surprise anyone. However, it happens that at night the thermometers rise to +25 ° C, although this is rather an exception to the rule.

The weather in Tenerife at the end of August remains the same warm, without much tendency to decrease in temperature. During the day it can be from +20 °C to +26 °C, at night the thermometers do not fall below +15 °C.

Air and water temperature

Due to the unique climate of Tenerife here there is no sharp change of seasons, there are no critical cold snaps and there is no winter in the usual sense. The beach season is shifted to the end of summer — autumn, which ensures the influx of tourists to the island at this time.

The air temperature in Tenerife in August

The average daytime temperature in Tenerife in August is +25.7 °C, and the nighttime — about +19.7 °C, so both beach and sightseeing holidays will be comfortable. The weather at this time is so versatile that it can be difficult to choose between a beach and an excursion.

Tenerife water temperature in August

The average water temperature in the Atlantic off the coast of Tenerife is +23.1 °C by the end of summer and remains at the same level until November, so the beach season on the island lasts quite a long time.

Swim even the smallest travelers will be comfortable in warm waves, except for those days when cold currents come to the coast.


By local standards, August — a rather rainy month: at the end of summer, about 83.5 mm of precipitation falls — largest number of the year. However, only three days are rainy, so excess moisture will not spoil your plans, but only slightly refresh the lush island vegetation.

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Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

< p>Duration of daylight hours in Tenerife in August is 12.7-13.5 hours. At the end of summer, the island enjoys the sun for 25 days (83% of their total). There are a little more than four days with variable cloudiness (13%), and there is only one day overcast during the month (3% of the total number of days).

Beach holidays

Tenerife in August: in the warm embrace of the passing summer

Despite the fact that Tenerife is surrounded by the waters of the Atlantic, not every beach is suitable for a safe holiday. Do not forget about the strength of the ocean current and waves. Although this is remembered by those who took care of the improvement of the beaches. Usually, all places for recreation are equipped with powerful breakwaters or are located in bays in order to protect vacationers as much as possible.

Las Teresitas Beach

The most beautiful, comfortable and clean beach, located near the capital of the island, is popular with vacationers for a reason. Parallel to the coastline, along its entire length, there is a large breakwater, ensuring the absence of waves. The entrance to the water is gentle, but the depth increases quickly. The sand on the beach is light yellow, imported, the resting place is located in a bay, surrounded by rocks.

The infrastructure is not particularly developed: on the beach you will find only a couple of bars and free parking. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants in the nearby small village. The road from here to the best viewing platform will take no more than five minutes of driving up the serpentine.

Fanabe/Torviscas beach

This coast is considered the longest on the island — about a kilometer. In fact, this is one beach, divided into two parts, smoothly turning into each other. The sand near the coast is gray, the oceanic power is tamed by a breakwater. This place is quite crowded and suitable for any category of vacationers.

There are enough bars, restaurants, children's water activities, souvenir shops, kiosks with local sweets and soft drinks. Shower, toilet, sun loungers and umbrellas are paid, there is free access to an open shower.

Sightseeing holidays in Tenerife

The main attraction of the island — its unique nature, captivating with its originality, lush vegetation and real Martian landscapes of volcanic landscapes. It is impossible to be bored on the island — here you can easily find something to your liking.

  • Entertainment in Tenerife for children and adults

Teide Volcano

Tenerife in August: in the warm embrace of the passing summer

The majestic mountain, crowned with a crater, is visible from almost anywhere in Tenerife. No wonder the Teide volcano is considered the highest point in Spain. The unusual nature, the combination of solidified lava, molten rocks and incredible cypress forests make this place truly unique. In early August, the weather for such an excursion will definitely be comfortable.

You can choose an easy, but no less picturesque option for climbing to the crater — cable car ride. The route from the foot of the volcano to its summit takes about 10 minutes. During this time, two funiculars with a capacity of 22 people overcome the path of 2 km, revealing all the beauties of the island.

Siam Park

Tenerife in August: in the warm arms of the passing summer

The real pride of Tenerife, Siam Water Park, occupies 18.5 hectares and is the largest in Spain and Europe. Here you will find an incredible number of Thai-style buildings, the longest “slow river”, rides that made it into the record book, and artificial waves up to 3 m high, which attract experienced surfers.

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The founder of Siam Park was so passionate about Thai culture that, among other things, he even recreated the famous “Floating Market” here. The smallest visitors will be delighted by the mini-city of attractions built for them.

A ticket to revisit the park can be bought on the spot, then it will cost a quarter of the price. In addition, you can save money if you buy a Twin ticket to Siam and Loro Park.

The park is open throughout the year, and if the weather is very warm in mid-August, then in winter both the artificial beach and the pools are heated to a comfortable temperature.

  • Siam Park Water Park: description and photos

Loro Parque

Despite the fact that the name means “Parrot Park” in translation, in fact, Tenerife invites you to a huge zoo with an area 13.5 ha. This place is more like a subtropical garden, which has become home to more than 4 thousand individuals of various representatives of the parrot family and other animals collected from all over the globe.

Tenerife in August: in the warm embrace of the passing summer

The park hosts four shows featuring parrots, killer whales, dolphins and fur seals. In order to be in time for everything, use the map and move along the most profitable route, moving from one performance to another. Such a walk will be an excellent alternative to a beach holiday at the end of August. Expect to dedicate at least half a day for excursions.

  • Loro Parque: features of the park, photos and opening hours

To visit from We also recommend for children:

  • Park of the Eagles
  • Dolphin show at Aqualand
  • Auditorio de Tenerife
  • Museum of Nature and Man
  • Monkey Park

Holidays, events, festivals

Canary Islands — this is the place where you will not leave a good mood, not only thanks to the sun and the warm ocean. Holidays in Tenerife in August will not let you get bored, they will swirl in a whirlwind of hot dances, surprise with fireworks and definitely create an atmosphere of uninterrupted fun.

Fiesta de la Candelaria

At a time when the island did not yet belong to Spain, the locals once found a statue of the Virgin Mary carved from dark wood on the ocean shore. In honor of this event, every year on August 15, the islanders celebrate the Fiesta de la Candelaria. It begins the night before with a costumed procession to the coast and a performance. All night the gates of the church are not closed, so that those who wish can honor the Candelar Mother of God. During the festive day, theatrical performances, fairs and folk festivals take place on the streets. By tradition, an impressive evening fireworks display awaits guests and participants.


Throughout the year, except for November and December, the island hosts romeria — festive processions in honor of one of the saints or the Virgin. So, in the middle of the month, the Canarians honor Saint Roch of Montpellier, who protected the city from a rampant plague in the 16th century. And on the last Saturday of August, locals thank St. Aurelius Augustine, who once saved an entire city that was left without water.

Traditional street festivities, wine tasting, free refreshments, noise and fun — essential attributes of these amazingly atmospheric events. All you have to do is join them to feel the local color and enjoy the holiday.

Prices for holidays in August

Tenerife in August: in the warm embrace of the passing summer

“Island of Eternal Spring” It’s not hot only in relation to the weather, but you can’t say the same about tourist activity. The end of summer is considered the beginning of the high season, and its peak is in the first autumn months, so prices in Tenerife in August behave accordingly — sometimes going down, then going up depending on the calendar time of the year.

Price of tours

By the end of summer, tour operators slightly reduce the cost of tours in order to increase it again by September. So, compared to July, the price of travel becomes 6% less, but grows again by the beginning of autumn.

Flight price

Airfare prices are also dropping slightly. Compared to July, tour operators reduce the cost of flights by 4% and maintain this trend in September. However, this is due more to the end of the active vacation period than to a decrease in the tourist influx.


The average cost per person per night drops from 117 euros in July to 74 euros in August, a difference of 37%. If you want to save even more on your vacation, it is better to buy package tours to reduce the total cost of accommodation.

Meals and transfers

Local cuisine is extremely diverse and represents a mixture of Spanish, French, Portuguese and even North African. The geographic location also made a direct contribution to its formation, and therefore seafood in Tenerife is always fresh and tasty.

Be sure to try wild sea bream, large tuna, marlin, vieja — they are boiled or fried and served with various sauces. However, it is worth noting that the prices for fish dishes are an order of magnitude higher than for meat dishes.

Sweet lovers should try fig jam, palm honey and the local frangoyo dessert, which is prepared by brewing flour, milk and eggs.


British and Norwegian breakfasts are popular here. The former includes eggs, bacon, juice, coffee, toast and jam, while the latter comes with salmon or smoked sausage and costs three times as much.

Transportation in Tenerife is well developed and is represented by buses, and in the capital — and trams. It will not be difficult to get anywhere on the island if you know some of the nuances.

  • Tickets are bought from the driver, and if you buy in two directions, you will receive a discount.
  • If you are afraid that if you can’t explain which stop you need to get off at, write its name and show it when you enter the transport.
  • Many of the island's streets are one-way, so buses in opposite directions can depart from the same stop. Pay attention to the names of the routes.

Recommendations for families with children

Tenerife in August: in the warm embrace of the passing summer

When planning a vacation, it is worth considering all the factors so that both you and the baby are comfortable. But if you chose August for your trip to Tenerife, then you don’t have to worry — the weather will not bother you with heat, and the ocean will not upset you with storms. Long walks can be combined with a beach holiday and sightseeing.

Don't forget to put some warm clothes in your suitcase for evening walks — nights are cool at this time. But you should not refuse sunscreen either: ultraviolet combined with a light breeze can easily burn the delicate skin of a baby.

There are enough children's entertainments on the island, you will not be bored. On the contrary, you will have to plan your holiday program in such a way as to have time to visit as many interesting places as possible. You can find our selection of family entertainment in Tenerife in this article.

We hope that the tips and recommendations from our portal will be useful to you and help you organize your trip as comfortably as possible. It only remains for us to wish you a pleasant stay and unforgettable impressions from a trip to the largest island of the Canary archipelago.

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