Tenerife in April: the spring trills of Spanish birds

In the midst of the blue waters of the Atlantic, there is a green corner of the land. A huge black rock rises above the treetops — dormant volcano Teide. You, of course, have already guessed that we are talking about Tenerife — the largest island of the Canary archipelago.

Since the 19th century, a huge number of tourists have come here every year, and today the number of vacationers is about 3 million people a year. What attracts foreigners to Tenerife so much? There are so many advantages of resting on the island that you can’t even fit everything in one article, but you still need to look for the disadvantages.

Especially a lot of advantages appear after the end of winter, because it is not for nothing that Tenerife is called the “island of eternal spring”, with the advent of this time of year the island literally blooms. If you are planning a trip here in April, then Kidpassage will tell you about all the nuances of a holiday during this period.

Tenerife in April: Spanish bird trills in spring

Holidays in Tenerife in April: advantages and disadvantages of the resort

Spending time on this Spanish island is pleasant all year round, because for all 12 months it is warm and most often sunny here. However, each season has its own characteristics. April can rightfully be called the perfect month for a holiday. Unstable weather is no longer expected, the winds have weakened, and the temperature has risen.

On the net you will find many positive reviews about holidays in Tenerife in April, but what are the main benefitstourists highlight?< /p>

  • Bloom of nature. In the middle of spring, the island turns into a real garden, everything around blooms, the air is filled with intoxicating aromas and freshness.
  • Weather conditions. With each spring month, the air temperature becomes higher. And although the nights are still cool, during the day you can even get sunburned under the Spanish sun.
  • Excellent conditions for sightseeing holidays.
  • Ripe fruits. After winter, you need to replenish your vitamin supply, fresh fruits and berries will help you with this: cherries, strawberries, medlar, strawberries.
  • Rest cost. April — last month, when you can save a little on your vacation, because from the end of May until October, travel agencies will set record high prices.
  • Bonus for fishermen. In April, the marlin hunting season begins. Even tourists who are not avid fishermen will still want to pick up a fishing rod and fish on the Atlantic coast.

As for disadvantages, Tenerife in April has a few and rather minor cons:

  • Beach vacation. The ocean is not yet suitable for swimming, and the water temperature does not allow even short swims.
  • Cool nights. Twilight brings a chill in Tenerife, it’s not very pleasant to be outside without a pullover and jeans.

The weather in Tenerife in April

The island is warm all year round, so the weather in Tenerife in April — May is especially not characterized by low temperatures. On the contrary, the thermometer stubbornly strives upwards.

The weather in early April is quite windy. However, sea breezes — a frequent occurrence on the island, especially in the northern region. Otherwise, the guests of the resort do not experience discomfort from other natural phenomena.

The temperature in Tenerife stabilizes in mid-April. The vagaries of the weather, which often happened in winter, are no longer expected. Most of the days during this period are sunny, so don't forget to pack your glasses, panama hat and protective cream.

The weather in Tenerife at the end of April is best for those who want to come to the island with children. Here, the air temperature is pleasant for walking, strong winds and heavy rains are a thing of the past, and the ocean has warmed up enough that you can at least wet your feet without chattering your teeth from the cold.

For a family holiday, it is better to choose the southern part of the island, where it is always warm and sunny. Rainy days in the south can be easily counted on the fingers of one hand, while in the north, precipitation is considered quite normal and fairly frequent. It is recommended to go for a walk to the north, because this is where the most beautiful nature is.

Air and water temperature

Tenerife's mild subtropical climate has made this place famous. The weather here is warm all year round, even in winter the thermometer does not fall below +15 °C.

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The proximity of the Atlantic Ocean and the Sahara has a significant impact. The freshness of the ocean waves and the hot breath of the desert, merging together, create an amazing effect.

Air temperature in Tenerife in April

The average daily temperature in Tenerife in April is +18 °C. It gets a little cooler at night, the thermometer drops to +14 °C. It is better to take a windbreaker with you, with which evening walks will be more comfortable.

Sea temperature in Tenerife in April

On average, the water temperature in the ocean reaches +19.5 °C. Beach season is getting closer and closer. Even now, several hardened bathers can be found on the beaches.


With each spring month, bad weather covers the island less and less. So, in April, only one rainy day is expected. The average rainfall for the entire month is about 25.4 mm. Tenerife has one unusual feature — it rains here mostly at night, so vacationers do without umbrellas.

Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

The number of sunny days in Tenerife in April — 53% (16 days). Cloudy weather takes a little less time, namely 37%. Sometimes cloudy days are possible, part of which is 10% of the time of the whole month.

Beach holidays in Tenerife

Tenerife in April: spring trills of Spanish birds

“Wild” beaches with pristine nature, areas for relaxed bathers who do not recognize clothes, comfortable corners of the coast with developed infrastructure, places for family and outdoor activities — in Tenerife, everyone will choose the perfect beach based on their individual preferences. There are 14 Blue Flag beaches on the island.

Most beaches have one distinguishing feature — black volcanic sand. The appearance of such territories is striking, but from a practical point of view, there are inconveniences — small black grains of sand get into clothes and dye them gray. It is quite difficult to wash swimsuits from volcanic sand, so we recommend taking non-staining and inexpensive things.

There are also artificial beaches with imported white sand. Such territories are characterized by a developed infrastructure, which makes them a good option for a family vacation. Among these beaches, it is worth mentioning Las Teresitas, El Camison and Los Gigantes.

In the northern part of the island, there are mainly territories for the “wild”; recreation. Due to weather conditions (it is very windy here, so there are often big waves), these places are also chosen by surfers. The beaches in the north of Tenerife are incredibly beautiful, as the black coast is surrounded by rocks and is simply immersed in vegetation — in other parts of the island you rarely see such a variety of flora.

All the beaches of the island are municipal, so you can get to any area for swimming completely freely. Payment is charged only for an umbrella and a sun lounger.

Sightseeing holidays in Tenerife

Of course, the main attraction of the island is the dormant volcano and the Teide National Park, on the territory of which it is located. This place — in the list of must-see locations for every tourist. Surely you yourself have planned an excursion here. It is better to see such a curiosity as the Teide volcano once than to read about it a hundred times, so we will tell you about other, less popular, but equally interesting corners of Tenerife.

  • Than playing with the kids in Tenerife
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Basilica of Candelaria

Tenerife in April: Spanish bird trills in spring

If you are tired of strong winds that annoy tourists in early April, take cover from them within the walls of the main religious attraction of the island — Basilica of Candelaria. The Catholic Cathedral with a high bell tower was erected in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Our Lady of Candelaria).

The temple has been standing in the city of the same name for almost half a century. Connoisseurs of beauty will appreciate the interior decoration of the basilica. In front of the entrance there are ancient statues of great historical significance.

Teno National Park

Tenerife in April: the spring trills of Spanish birds

Gorges, mountains, cliffs and a huge amount of green spaces — this is what awaits visitors to the Teno National Natural Park. There are several hiking trails of different difficulty levels, and five authentic villages are located nearby, where you can make a halt.

Fans of outdoor activities are offered to go down into the canyon gorge or raft down a stormy mountain river. Teno Park — one of the best hiking spots on the island. By the way, at the end of April, excellent weather conditions are created for this.

Park of the Eagles (Jungle Park)

Tenerife in April: Spanish bird trills in spring

< /p>

Although the large complex is called the Park of Eagles, not only birds live on the territory, but also lions, crocodiles and other representatives of the fauna. Visitors can enjoy a show of trained eagles, fur seal performances, animal feeding and other interesting spectacles. In addition, a real bobsleigh track has been laid here, where you can make an exciting journey through the park.

  • Park of the Eagles in Tenerife: photos, description and opening hours

Where else to go for tourists with children? Here are some places to visit with the whole family:

  • Siam Park Water Center
  • Aqualand
  • Loro Park
  • Monkey Park

Holidays, events, festivals

The island's spring calendar is not full of “red dates”. Official and secular holidays in Tenerife in April are mostly not celebrated. But sometimes the main religious event of the year falls on the second month of spring — Easter.

Easter is celebrated on a grand scale not only on the island, but throughout Spain. The celebrations last for a whole week. Festive processions and processions pass through the streets of large cities. In addition, concerts and theatrical performances are organized during Easter celebrations.

Music lovers and lovers of noisy discos have a great chance to visit the music festival in Costa Adeje — I love Music. A large number of DJs and famous performers delight the guests of the festival with tracks in different genres.

Prices for holidays in April

Tenerife in April: Spanish bird trills in spring

Not everyone can afford a vacation in the Canary Islands — after all, this direction is in the TOP of the most popular holiday destinations for foreigners. Prices in Tenerife begin to rise in April, as a real flow of tourists will soon flood the island.

Tour prices

In April, travel agencies raise prices, the cost of services is 6% higher than in March. Compared to May prices, buying a tour in April will be 34% cheaper.

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In the middle of spring, the prices for a flight are not yet the highest, but you should hurry if you want to save money on the road. In April, travelers pay 4% more than a month earlier. In May, the cost of air carrier services increases by another 15% compared to April prices.


Starting from March, local hotel owners reduce the cost of accommodation. In April, the average room rate is 41% lower compared to March prices. At the end of spring, guests pay 31% less than a month earlier. In the spring, prices are distributed like this: March — 168 euros, April — 99 euros, May — 80 euros

  • A collection of family hotels in Tenerife

Meals and transfers

From one type of Spanish cuisine, many wake up with a feeling of hunger, and the tantalizing aroma from local cafes makes even well-fed tourists involuntarily turn towards the institution. Lunch in an inexpensive cafe will cost an average of 10-15 euros, but prices in a restaurant start at 70 euros for three courses, without wine.

Transport links are well developed in Tenerife. Buses between the resorts run regularly and often, and the fare is quite affordable (about 2-10 euros, depending on the distance). Vacationers also often use taxi services (landing — 3 euros, each subsequent kilometer — 1 euro). At night, the cost of taxi services increases slightly.  

How to dress in Tenerife

Tenerife in April: Spanish bird trills in spring

In the middle of spring, the island is quite warm, so in the daytime it is quite possible to get by with summer clothes (t-shirts, shorts, sundresses). But in the evening, jeans, long-sleeve shirts and even windbreakers will come in handy. Although the air temperature drops not so critically with the onset of dusk, the winds add discomfort.

Do not forget swimsuits, flip flops and pareos, because in the last days of the month it is sometimes possible to open the beach season. If you are not a seasoned swimmer, then beachwear will come in handy for relaxing in the pool.

As we wrote above, the weather in April is great for sightseeing holidays. For hiking and sightseeing, please bring comfortable shoes (sneakers, moccasins, etc.). It also does not hurt to wear a headdress, which is generally not recommended to be removed during the day.

Recommendations for families with children

Family holidays in Tenerife — these are unforgettable impressions, colorful photos and interesting stories that your children will enthusiastically tell their friends upon arrival. In April you won't have to stay in your room due to bad weather — during this period there are warm sunny days.

  • Family holidays in Tenerife: Kidpassage tips

Even the cold ocean water does not darken the mood , because there are so many entertainments here that it would be a pity to waste time lying lazily in a sun lounger. Therefore, if you still have doubts about whether it is worth coming here with kids in the middle of spring, then feel free to discard them — definitely worth it! However, for a family holiday, it is better to choose the southern part of the island, where it is much warmer and it rains less often.

If you have not yet finally decided on the place of your vacation, we recommend that you read the Kid Passage article “Travel Calendar: where to go with children in April. Small spoiler: vacation on the “island of eternal spring” is one of the most suitable options for those who love outdoor activities and vivid emotions.

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