Tbilisi in October: autumn melody of the city

In October, Tbilisi prepares no less surprises for guests than in summer. Sufficiently warm weather is suitable for walks and romantic picnics. The old center surprises with its architectural style, and thanks to the completed construction work, it looks better than a few decades ago. All those who dream of an amazing journey come here and get great pleasure from city walks. Lovers of tradition and ancient fortresses will also find both in abundance.

As for travelers with children, Tbilisi will offer them special hospitality and various interesting things. Kidpassage will tell you about all the pros and cons of an autumn vacation in the capital of Georgia.

Tbilisi in October: autumn melody of the city

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Tbilisi in October: the pros and cons of Georgian autumn

Autumn in Tbilisi is not gaining momentum immediately: nature turns into purple-yellow colors gradually, and until mid-October, due to the mild climate, there is no need for warm clothes. While dry, hiking trails in the mountains are still passable, although you already need to check with weather forecasts. Fresh fruits and vegetables are brought to the capital from the regions, and you can find a special abundance in the markets and at the Harvest Festival dedicated to the City Day.

At this time, the streets are filled with folk song and dance performers, actors and merchants. All Georgia gathers in one place and it is impossible to miss it. Good mood and cheerful atmosphere are immediately transferred to all new guests. Local residents who have already returned from vacations contribute to the flourishing of city life. New exhibitions in museums and galleries open in autumn, and those who get there on a rainy day will not regret the time spent, because Georgians love to create.

Pros of the season make Tbilisi a special place to visit:

  • along with May, June and September, October is the best time for sightseeing and long walks;
  • tourist spending in all categories of recreation is reduced;
  • tourist infrastructure is curtailed only by the end of the month;
  • significant events are taking place;
  • this is a great time to shop for next season.

The cons of the season are mainly related with observed weather events:

  • there is a high probability of rain, wind, cold;
  • it is better not to go on excursions outside the city without guides: due to the weather, route plans may change.

Reviews about the holiday in Tbilisi in October are contained in one phrase: “Cloudy, but nice.”

Weather in Tbilisi in October

Since ancient times, autumn in Tbilisi has been characterized as “beautiful and cheerful”; time, but October, along with May, belongs to transitional periods with a high index of temperature variability. Despite this, the weather in October corresponds to the warm period of the year. In November, Tbilisi and its suburbs are covered with snow for the first time, which alternates with rain.

The weather in early October is often cloudy and warm. The course of the winds does not depend much on the season: from April to October, warm winds from the southeast direction are repeated many times, which are weaker than those that blow at night from the side of the mountains.

The temperature in Tbilisi in mid-October makes you feel the approach of steady cold weather. It already, as a rule, rarely rises above +18 °C, and at night it gets cold to +13 °C, or even more. During this period, there are from one to three rains.  

At the end of October, the weather in Tbilisi is already under the influence of invading cold air masses. The degree of thermal sensation is approaching the “cold” mark.

Air and water temperature

The temperature in Tbilisi in October usually varies in the range of +7°19°C. At the same time, daily fluctuations are noticeable: the higher the daytime temperature, the more likely it will be about 10 degrees colder at night. The earth retains heat better than air.

The peculiar relief of the city forms a climate that is different for its individual corners. So, the Nutsubidze plateau warms up very well, but there is a high frequency of winds here. Ceteris paribus, it is warmer on the left bank of the Kura than on the right. The lowering of the terrain along the river increases the temperature of the surface layer of air, etc.

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Air temperature in Tbilisi in October

The average air temperature in the Georgian capital in mid-autumn is +15.8 °C for the day and +8.5 °C for the night. During the week, the night temperature can drop to +8 °C, and during the day it often (about 10 days of the month) rises above +20 °C.

Water temperature in the sea in Tbilisi in October

The water temperature in the Tbilisi Sea Reservoir, city lakes and rivers never exceeds the average daily air temperature. Swimming at this time is considered possible only by hardened people.


Of all the autumn months, October — the rainiest. In total, 28.6 mm of precipitation falls at this time, and the number of rainy days ranges from two to seven. Rains are predominantly torrential in nature. There is a small chance of snow and frost. In October, the maximum dew falls.

Sunny, cloudy and overcast days

Sunny Tbilisi truly remains sunny for only a third of the month, another 12 days there is partial cloudiness, and 7.5 days — overcast cloud. Daylight hours decrease to 10.4 hours by the end of the month.

Sightseeing holidays

Tbilisi in October: the city's autumn melody

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October sightseeing tours and walks, both by car and on foot, are mostly comfortable. Some calm will be observed everywhere. Due to the early onset of darkness, the opening hours of excursion facilities, including museums, parks and gardens, are reduced by one to two hours. When climbing to the highest points of the city, you can feel the wind, gusts of which in October slightly spoil the impression of the panoramas you have seen.

In the middle of autumn, the streets of Old Tbilisi retain their coziness and charm, and the Botanical Garden at this time is full of real autumn colors interspersed with tropical vegetation. It is also possible to go on a cruise on the Kura River on boats and see the main sights of the coast and new bridges. At the beginning of October, the operation of pleasure boats changes: instead of four times a day, they take passengers once a day.

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    In the evening, from the side, the city looks even more beautiful, and the sound of water under your feet makes you feel the spirit of Tbilisi. At this time, a spectacular show of singing and illuminated fountains begins in Rike Park. In bad weather, you can get carried away with popular walking tours with visits inside the old houses of Tbilisi. Some of the city's architectural gems are hidden where the average tourist won't go.

    Frequent rains and winds help to take children to museums and the theatre. For example, in such as:

    • fascinating “Experimentorium”
    • delightful Museum of Illusions, which opened in March 2019
    • Rezo Gabriadze Marionette Theatre

    And of course, this is a time of increased demand for sulfur baths, after which it is easy to feel reborn. Natural waters with a temperature of +37°C and above have a number of useful properties and warm the most chilled travelers. Children's age does not apply to contraindications for visiting baths, but it is easy to overheat here. Some rooms are designed not only for washing, but also for relaxation.

    Active holidays

    Tbilisi in October: autumn melody of the city

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    In mid-October, there is a turning point in active outdoor activities: many of them move from easy to extreme entertainment. First of all, this applies to hiking and climbing, rafting, safari tours on various modes of transport. Mountain excursions for tourists can be limited to walking around the car, so the choice for families narrows down to those offers that are “travel-free” character.

    In Tbilisi, it is easy to find year-round water parks, swimming pools and spa areas, entertainment centers for children and areas for children's creativity. In the morning, on sunny days, you can enjoy the attractions of open amusement parks, such as Mtatsminda, but some of them will no longer work. However, it will not be difficult to entertain children here, and a calm, quiet and peaceful atmosphere will leave a good impression of walking around the territory.

    All year round, children and adults ride horses at the hippodrome near < strong>Lake Lisi. And for those who love high speed, the international Rustavi autodromeoffers to test it on a closed track, located 20 km from the center of Tbilisi. Its length is 4.1 km. Jeeps, vintage and racing cars, motorbikes and other vehicles are rented here, and high-speed shows are regularly organized for spectators. For karting, children aged 6–7 years old are provided with new sodi-karts.

    An adrenaline rush is guaranteed by shooting from real or game weapons. At the Global Arms Workshopthere is a special room adapted for firing a pistol. The organizers provide all the necessary equipment and ten attempts to hit a paper target at a distance of 18 m. The target can then be taken with you as a souvenir. In a small village near the capital there is also the only paintball club in the city. At his disposal, in addition to equipment, there is a playground and a picnic area.

    At the end of October, tourists begin to be interested in opportunities for skiing — snow often falls in the high mountains.

    Holidays, events and festivals

    The holidays in Tbilisi in October provide an opportunity to feel the spiritual, traditional life of the Georgian people associated with winemaking, harvesting, and also to feel like a real Tbilisi.

    October 14 , on the feast of the Chiton of the Lord, the whole country is resting. Religious Georgians come first of all to the ancient capital of Mtskheta, to the patriarchal temple of Svetitskhoveli. After the morning service, a mass baptism of the people takes place at the confluence of the Aragvi and Kura rivers. The next day, another holiday dedicated to the memory of Saints David and Constantine, Motsametoba, continues a series of solemn services.

    On one of the weekends in October, depending on the weather, Tbilisi celebrates City Day. Tbilisoba — it's a big outdoor picnic with apomat smells of shish kebab. For a festive mood, winemakers offer heady drinks of their own production. Georgian peasants demonstrate their success in agriculture, filling the capital with delicious fruits of their labor. Folk festivities are held not only on the central streets and squares, but also in cozy alleys: here, songs are sung with barbecue and wine, and a random tourist who has looked here is not left without friendly attention.

    At the end of October, Tbilisi hosts International competition-festival Fiestalonia Georgia, designed to unite performers of songs, music and dance. The winners will get free participation in other European competitions, cups and awards. The brightest performances can be seen at the final concert. The event is held under the patronage of the mayor of the city, the UNESCO International Dance Council, the International Federation of Choral Music, etc.

    In October, Tbilisi — not just the capital of the country, but the regional capital of fashion. On the catwalks are shows of eminent Georgian designersfor spring/summer next year. Fashion fever lasts a week, travel agencies and magazines organize special fashion tours for this occasion. The week starts with the opening of showrooms where you can buy designer clothes and accessories.

    Rest prices

    Tbilisi in October: city's autumn melody

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    Prices in Tbilisi roll back in October, opening up great opportunities for the budget tourist. Housing is not so affordable, but in other areas you can save a fifth of the budget by refusing to travel here during the high season. Inexpensive and plentiful food is a nice feature of Georgian gastronomic tourism.


    October captures the beginning of the lowest tourist season and brings 15% savings compared to September. A weekly budget tour in Tbilisi costs an average of 250–300 euros.


    In October, the cost of living in an average hotel room in the capital becomes cheaper by 5% compared to September. Prices will decrease by 8–10% in November. The quality of Georgian service and the level of amenities in hotels can be estimated at an average of 80 euros per day.

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    Mid and late autumn — it's time for the most budget tickets to Georgia. In October they are 5% cheaper than in September and 30-35% more expensive than in November. November is generally not a typical month of the year when prices drop to a minimum.


    Adhering to reasonable savings, daily food expenses can be limited to 50-70 euros for two. At the same time, you will have to cook something (for example, breakfast) yourself or manage with ready-made products from the supermarket. The average check in a cafe or restaurant for two is 50-60 Georgian lari. In prestigious restaurants of the city, the average check starts from 120 GEL for two with wine.

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    Transfer from the airport by taxi costs from 30 GEL, and one-time trips by public transport will cost about 1 GEL. For entrance tickets to museums and to visit attractions, you will have to pay from 3 to 20 GEL, for the services of a guide — from 30 lari and above. Visiting the monasteries is free.

    Recommendations for families with children

    Tbilisi in October: autumn melody of the city

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    For traveling with children, give preference to the beginning of the month: the farther, the more difficult the weather conditions and, accordingly, the conditions for recreation. Among the things of the travel wardrobe should be a warm jacket or coat, a raincoat, waterproof comfortable closed shoes, hats and scarves to protect from the sun, wind, cold, and in the mountains — and from snow. An umbrella will also come in handy.

    Given the climatic diversity of the country in the shortest stretches of the landscape, you need to be prepared for any weather and, of course, check with weather forecasters for each settlement or region. When choosing where to stay, prioritize hotels over guest houses and apartments, which may not have a heating system or may not be able to provide enough heat for a relaxing stay.

    Check in advance for availability of cots, high chairs and child car seats if needed. Moving with a stroller can limit your ability to visit some of the sights of the capital, so it is worth taking carrying backpacks for babies. Summer pushchairs may not be suitable.

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    Get ready to deal with baby food: fatty and spicy local food is unlikely to be healthy for children as a daily meal. Feel free to order dishes without the addition of red pepper, children's khinkali adapted to taste and size, and similar local delicacies. Perhaps all of this can be found. Canned purees and blends are sold in pharmacies, but they are usually closed on Sundays. In case of any problems that arise, Georgians are happy to help guests “with the whole world.”

    October is suitable for avid travelers, because the beautiful Georgian capital does not get poor at this time in sights and hospitality. You can take advantage of the last warm rays of the sun and enjoy excursions and walks, as well as study Georgian culture “from the inside” — in cozy cafes, museums and theaters. A slight reduction in prices allows you not to feel constrained by additional desires, in addition, many entertainments are available all year round. About the latter, you should read the author's reviews on the Kidpassage website. and create your own plan for the perfect trip.

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