Tbilisi in February: waiting for spring

Winter Georgia attracts with ski and balneological resorts. February is the peak of the season, which, however, does not make the city very congested.

Tbilisi calms down for a while in February, the locals are looking forward to the arrival of spring. The capital at this time is visited by romantics and artists, there are few families with children. Excursion objects are free, and the parks are not crowded. The Kid Passage explored how intense a holiday in Tbilisi can be at this time.

Tbilisi in February: waiting for spring

Rest in Tbilisi in February: romance of beautiful streets

A few tourists rush along the streets of the Old City to see the sights, to plunge into the colorful atmosphere of the ancient streets. It takes from one to several days to study. During the rest of the vacation, sightseeing and sports activities are transferred to the surrounding area.  

In bad weather, travelers hide in cafes and restaurants, take a steam bath in the famous sulfur baths, relax in spa centers, and warm up in wine shops. Cultural leisure is pleasant to spend in the capital's theaters, galleries and museums. At the same time, the benefits of mass shopping open up.    

Pros holidays, special for this month, fit into a few phrases:

  • mild climate;
  • lowest accommodation prices of the year;
  • low tourist load objects;
  • winter sales.

Cons short list:

  • changeable weather;
  • lack of significant holidays and events.

Reviews about the rest in Tbilisi in February — these are the bright moments of what I wanted to meet in Georgia, and the capital — it is a concentrate, the quintessence of morals, customs and & nbsp; national character. The festive mood does not leave travelers the whole vacation.

The weather in Tbilisi in February

The weather in February is similar to January with its change from frosty nights to cool days. In March, the weather changes many times, but in the second half of the month, winter gives way to the pressure of spring.

The weather in early February varies dramatically from year to year: it can be both warm and very cold: it all depends on the trend laid down in the previous month. The temperature in Tbilisi in mid-February drops to +1 °C or rises to +16 °C under the influence of the sun. There are many cloudy days this month, and neither heavy rain nor snow usually falls from the clouds. 

At the end of February, the weather in Tbilisi is changeable, temperature fluctuations are sharp. For example, today it can be +3 °C, tomorrow it will be +16 °C, and sometimes — and +21 °C. It seems that all the precipitation of the month is collected by its end. There are no severe frosts, often sunny and calm.

Air and water temperatures

The temperature in Tbilisi in February varies in the average range, not taking into account rare deviations, such as from −9 to + 14°C. For half a month it does not fall below +5 °C, including eight days it stays above +10 °C.

The climate of individual districts of the city differs significantly within one kilometer. For example, strong winds and a colder atmosphere are observed in the area of ​​the Tbilisi reservoir and the surrounding green zone. 

Air temperature in Tbilisi in February

Average daily air temperature in one of the coldest months of the year is +4 °C, and the night reaches & minus 2.2 °C. 22.2 days are considered frosty, which is 3 days less than in January.

Water temperature in Tbilisi in February

The water temperature in the Tbilisi Sea Reservoir usually does not rise above +8 …10 °C, greatly changing its characteristics under the influence of external weather conditions. An ice crust often forms on the shallows in winter.

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Precipitation in a total amount of 15.6 mm falls within 6.1 days, while the number of rainy days tends to zero, and snowfall is possible from 1 to 4.3 days. 21.9 days pass without any precipitation.

Sunny, cloudy and overcast days

Half of the month consists of clear days, less than a week is cloudy, and the rest of the time the sky is completely hidden behind clouds. The average daily number of hours of sunshine is 6.7 hours and is set at a day length of 10.0 & ndash; 11.2 hours.

Excursion rest

Tbilisi in February: in anticipation of spring

Orthodox Georgia is proud of its temples and religious history. Among the most visited objects by tourists — Tsminda Sameba Cathedral, one of the three largest in the world, Sioni Cathedral, a monument of medieval architecture and the place of storage of the cross of St. Nina, the Enlightener of Georgia, Metekhi Temple, built on the site of the royal palace. In the Old Town you can find the long-lived Anchiskhati522 church. One of the best Georgian choirs performs religious chants there at divine services.

The widespread presence of Christianity did not prevent other cultures and religions from developing in the same territory over the centuries. While walking, you can see mosque buildings, synagogues and even the Zoroastrian Ateshgah fire temple. At the end of February 2017, it received the status of a monument of cultural heritage of national importance.

“Patchwork” the urban architecture is reason enough to visit Tbilisi. Sophisticated balconies and cobbled streets give the historic neighborhoods a distinctive look. Persian, German and Russian architectural influences mark the quiet courtyards.  Rustaveli Avenue— this is a piece of Paris. Modern objects settle next to ancient buildings.

From the observation deck of the Narikala fortress complex of the 4th century, where tourists climb by cable car, the Kura River valley and the Old Town are clearly visible. It's very quiet here.

Due to the lack of trees, it is difficult to be on a hill in summer: nothing saves you from the heat. In February, there are no obstacles to its inspection. The illuminated fortress looks impressive from the Meydan Square.

In cold winters, you can see an unusual sight in Avlabari, the so-called “weeping wall”. These sulfur springs freeze beautifully on the rock. What happens in winter in the botanical garden with a waterfall will open if you go down the stairs from the Narikala fortress. Subtropical plants of the park at this time are carefully wrapped in agrofibre.

A strong and cold wind prevents riding a Ferris wheel on Mount Mtatsminda. In winter, the park of the same name is a little dull and boring. Near it is the Pantheon of most famous Georgian scientists, writers, national heroes and artists. Rarely sees visitors to the Georgian Stonehenge on the outskirts of the city. On the surface of 16 columns made of copper and bronze 35 m high, the history of the country is carved in faces.

In early February, the Tbilisi Zoo was founded. On one of the warm Sunday days, he invites children to an entertainment program on the occasion of his birthday. It includes racing on wooden horses, making masks, figures from balloons, and communicating with animals.  

On Shavteli Streethides a handmade clock tower, where at 12:00 and 19:00 there is a small puppet show called “Circle of Life”. This theme is continued by the Museum of Dolls collected from different countries of the world. Mechanical exhibits “come to life” for a while: they inflate soap bubbles and play the piano. There is an art therapy room for children.

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Active rest

Tbilisi in February: waiting for spring

In the vicinity of Tbilisi, above the Mukhran Valley, balloons fly with passengers aged 8 to 100 years. Even light rain and clouds do not interfere with extreme flights. Winter is the best time for them — lunch, on clear, fine days. From clothes you will need a sweater, a warm jacket, waterproof high shoes and a hat. At the end of the journey, participants are solemnly dedicated to balloonists.

Another version of the air adventure — paragliding with an instructor. It goes well with a jeep tour to the place where the descent is planned.

A 6 km hike with a picnic in the picturesque Birthvissky Canyonis undertaken by adults and children from 12 years of age. Throughout the year, rocky trails lead through the subtropical forest past stone pillars and ancient towers. Groups are delivered from the city to the place by minivans.

The Tbilisi Zoo has a riding school. Horseback riding is also provided at the new city hippodrome. About 90 of his horses are in comfortable stables. An indoor arena, an irrigation system and other facilities have been built for holding international equestrian competitions. The view of Lake Lisi and the plains is amazing.

At 120 and 180 km from the capital, life is in full swing in the ski resorts of Gudauri and Bakuriani. Bakuriani is better suited for a family holiday. In Soviet times, its tracks hosted competitions in winter sports such as slalom, bobsleigh, biathlon and ski jumping. This resort was a favorite vacation spot of the Russian royal family, and the royal palace still exists.

In Dedaen Park, you can comfortably ride skateboards, roller skates, bicycles. In bad weather, sports entertainment offered by numerous children's centers, indoor pools, the Astra Park karting center, billiards, bowling clubs, tennis schools “City Sport” are suitable. and Leyla Meskhi.

Holidays, events and festivals

The holidays in Tbilisi in February are dedicated to love.

Valentine's Day (February 14) — memorable date for many couples around the world. Realizing his alien character, at the initiative of one Georgian figure in show business, April 15 was appointed as the unofficial Day of Love in the country. Thus, one feeling was awarded a double holiday. On this day, private events are held in clubs, theaters, concert halls. Lovers give gifts to each other.

At any time, exhibitions, congresses, are held in the capital at any timeperformances, concertsandtheatrical performances, open sports, dance and creative lessons, children's show programs. For example, on Valentine's Day, culinary experts hold workshops on making chocolates and cupcake bouquets.


Tbilisi in February: waiting for spring

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In mid-February, the sales period ends in the Tbilisi shopping centers East Point, Tbilisi Mall, Galleria Tbilisi, Karvasla. and stores of popular European retail chains. Discounts on clothes of the season reach 30 & ndash; 50% of its original cost. The only outlet in the country, Tbilisi outlet park, is located in the Axis shopping center and occupies three floors of the building.

The list of fashion stores presenting products from eminent Georgian designers includes: F-Labour, Samoseli Pirveli, Atelier 10a, Diana Kvariani, Keti Chkhikvadze Fashion House, Eloshi, Nino Babukhadia and others. The price level is high. For example, outerwear from Aki Nanitashvili costs from 350 to 670 euros, and decorations — from 45 euros. The cost of designer clothes is comparable to the cost of woolen and silk carpets in the Caucasian and Oriental Carpets Gallery (300-800 euros per item).

From the list of inexpensive traditional souvenirs, one should single out ceramic dishes (from 3 euros), daggers (from 8 euros), horns for wine (from 30 euros). All this can be found in souvenir shops on Leselidze Street, at a flea market near the Dry Bridge, on layouts at the exit from the city.

Svan salt is included in the list of the country's intangible cultural heritage from food (from 2.2 euros), churchkhela (1 euro), Lagidze water (0.3 euro per 300 ml), Tenili cheese (from 5.3 euros), several dishes of Georgian cuisine.

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Rest prices

Tbilisi in February: waiting for spring

Prices in Tbilisi in February allow you to significantly save on accommodation, but excursions, tour packages and meals are charged at a level comparable to Mediterranean countries.


Tours in February rise in price by 8% compared to the previous month. Unlike hotel offers, tour operators do not set the lowest prices of the year for their services.  


Along with November, the cost of living in hotel rooms in February is the lowest of the year. This is especially true for the second half of the month. Compared to January, prices decrease by 35-40%, and in March they will rise again by 15%.

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  • < /ul>


    Air travel in February is only a few percent cheaper than in January. Compared to March, there is a positive difference of 5%.


    Tbilisi in February: waiting for spring

    Georgian cuisine is represented by meat dishes in large quantities, salads, bean soups, cheeses and pizza. For vegetarians, the choice is large and varied. Eating in an inexpensive restaurant forces you to leave there from 3.6 to 5.4 euros at a time. A bottle of inexpensive wine costs about 5 euros.

    The cost of one-way public transport is 0.18 euros, and 1 km by taxi — 0.25 euros. The price of a city tour in groups starts from 18 euros, with an individual guide — from 50 euros. With children, it is more profitable to buy individual tours for the whole family.

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    Recommendations for holidays with children

    Stake on excursion programs and active, moderately extreme rest in this time of the year  forces to recommend Tbilisi to families with children over 6–8 years old. Unfortunately, studying at schools does not allow you to realize a full-fledged vacation. But even a few days spent in Georgia give a positive change of impressions and a new experience.

    • Holidays with children in Tbilisi: Tips Kidpassage

    Clothes for a child, properly selected for low air temperatures, will reduce the likelihood of colds. Playing sports in the fresh frosty air will strengthen the immune system and harden. Sulfur springs and mineral water will have a beneficial effect on overall health.

    Of course, as in any capital, the list of entertainment for all ages is huge. But climbing hills and mountains with kids, walking along cobbled streets will be uncomfortable. And this limits the impressions, first of all, for moms and dads.

    But otherwise, Tbilisi has all the conditions for a good time. City — cozy, intimate. From it it is good to make day trips to the surroundings and explore them endlessly. Low seasonal prices at the end of winter in hotels and hotels have a positive effect on the family budget. Therefore, Kidpassage recommends Tbilisi in February, because it is equally magnificent at any time of the year, and at this time you can also save a lot.

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